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Aquarius Rising in the BirthChart

Explore the astrological significance of Aquarius Rising. Discover how it affects your personality, relationships, and life path.

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Aquarius RisingWith the sign of Aquarius coloring the rising sign, the Native's worldview is amplified, allowing them to see the processes of all things from a higher viewpoint. Perception of details may not be a strong advantage, but to offset this, everything will be integrated and learned in a more holistic way, in different sectors of life. Therefore, every effort to become more intellectual, and to overcome ignorant or extreme prejudices and perspectives, is an advantage to be used and an excellent point of evolution. They can be a bit withdrawn, and at the same time kind and humane.

With a more eccentric temperament, and a projected image of someone who is, at least, different, the native might get involved in several projects at the same time. Their opinions tend to be more independent and detached from imposed paradigms and fashions, which is especially important for these natives to always eschew restrictive beliefs. Their sense of community and keen curiosity can lead them to learn about various subjects, from simple things to the greatest compendiums about humanity and the future, which gives them an aura of a sage. Because they are so open, they end up becoming empathetic and understanding with everyone. They like to incite reactions through their opinions, and sometimes they may seem to live somewhere off this planet, in another time and space. So, it’s not uncommon to feel out of place.

Some people with this rising sign can be quite provocative and irreverent, also prone to being impulsive. They are also more intuitive in relation to the collective subconscious, having a good organizational capacity and being more practical in their primary guidance. They tend to give the impression of being friendly, nice, and pleasing to the eyes of others, and their more impersonal opinion on everything can generate a certain power of attraction through the curiosity of those looking from the outside.

Greater intellectual power

Aquarius' co-regent, Uranus, provides natives with a certain facility for having certain talents, such as good observation skills, and the ability to make things work as they should. As a result, they can be sought out for their advice, due to their sound judgment on different things.  Since they are open to new ideas, it can be quite surprising when we stumble upon their stubborn side. After all, Aquarius is a fixed, invariable sign, and there may be resistance toward change that seems to go against its generally progressive nature. When this stubbornness really takes hold, people with such a stance can become inflexible, imposing their opinions on others.

Interpersonal relationships

They are very fond of their freedom, and generally give others the same freedom they crave. With this, they may distance themselves in relationships since the semi-automatic guidance is to not tolerate possessiveness and jealousy. Rising sign in Aquarius natives may seek greater respect for their space.

They are driven to relate to people from all social classes as equals, and tend to be attracted to partners who have self-confidence, a gleaming personality, and lots of enthusiasm. With their attention focused on the future, they often ignore the personal needs of those closest to them. Depending on the strength of Saturn and Uranus on the map, excessive caution and aloofness may be present (this is stronger in the case Saturn) or there will be more altruism, unpredictability, and a desire for freedom (which is stronger in the case Uranus). In short, there may be a tendency towards materialism (Saturn) or higher things (Uranus). A good lesson is to be a bit warmer, using emotion and reason in equal proportion.

Rising sign ruler

The ruling planet of the rising sign in Aquarius is Saturn, and the co-ruler is Uranus. Analyze the quality of Saturn and Uranus in your birth chart, since they are relevant stars in your astrological experience. Saturn shows where the person has their attention and their focus, as well as their structure, responsibility and dedication, in addition to indicating in which situations they are able to commit themselves and open themselves to new outlooks with seriousness and dedication. Uranus puts the native in contact with that which makes them able to break paradigms to launch themselves freely, unpredictably, where they make sudden changes.

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