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Capricorn Rising in the BirthChart

Discover how having Capricorn as your rising sign can influence your personality and life journey. Learn more with Astrolink.

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Capricorn RisingHaving their rising sign in Capricorn gives these natives a welcome disposition for fulfilling their duties, paying their debts (not necessarily financial ones, but promises as well), performing tasks with respect to the method, and continuing to work toward something greater, especially if the positioning of Saturn on the map helps and serves as confirmation of this. They seek to maintain unquestionable conduct, with a strong notion of ethics and actions guided by seriousness. In fact, they may have a more serious tone at first.

They tend to be more tense people who rarely relax, especially when it comes to matters that relate to their life goals. Inwardly, they may be insecure people, but their determination and focus drown out those feelings and hide them from others. Even at times of deeper relaxation, they manage to maintain an air of seriousness. The image they put across is one of competence. They generally tend to be deeply concerned with the first impression they make, giving more importance to the clothes they wear and how they behave socially. When they want to appear successful, they usually pull it off.

To achieve their goals, if necessary, they may even relinquish things that give them pleasure, jumping headlong into their plans and not letting anything or anyone get in the way of their ascension and their life directives. Also, they have good social skills, giving off an image of someone who is always doing well. Such and image is perceived not only through words, but mainly through actions, the spin of the wheel, because what really matters is the ability to persist in the face of the challenges and obstacles that appear along the way. Thus, given that Capricorn is a cardinal sign, spearheading new projects is favored, but so is the completion of long-term activities. It’s necessary to avoid procrastination and unproductivity, but this doesn’t mean giving up all distractions.

No mountain is high enough when this energy is used well. Until they get things done securely, they aren’t satisfied. They are typically more critical and their temperament is sometimes mistaken for coldness. But, they do this because they believe that in this way they are being responsible and fulfilling their duties (although being a little more sociable, relaxing a bit, and letting oneself go certainly won't hurt). They may have had communication problems early in life, or have feelings of inadequacy. If such problems exist, they overcome such feelings through their need and desire to achieve their goals and purposes in life.

Responsible and cautious

The Rising Sign has to do with how people see us and how we are seen in the eyes of the world, our identity, demeanor, and appearance. For example, parents may label their children as "well-behaved", while others as "brats", etc. Throughout life, we end up accepting and adopting these adjectives given by family members or by others, and we often use them for the rest of our lives.

Anyone with Capricorn Rising sign is generally seen as responsible and mature. They often look around themselves and feel the need to be the well-structured, reliable and responsible ones of the family, adopting a strong sense of responsibility from an early age.  Because of this, they tend to worry a lot about the future. Some make sacrifices, cutting shallow endeavors out of their day-to-day life. They often have success stories and even though their childhood may have been more difficult, they can safely transform their lives over the course of time.

Rising sign ruler

Saturn is the ruling planet of the rising sign in Capricorn. Analyze the quality of Saturn in your birth chart, as it is a relevant star in your astrological experience. In some people, they oppose marriage, while favoring marriage earlier in others. With Saturn as the ruler, it is as if life could be lived in reverse: as children, they are more serious and bear many responsibilities; as they grow up, they age very well, learning to relax. Saturn shows where the person has their attention and their focus, as well as their structure, responsibility and dedication, in addition to indicating in which situations they are able to commit themselves and open themselves to new outlooks with seriousness and dedication.

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