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Pisces Rising in the BirthChart

Learn about the traits of Pisces rising and how it influences your personality, relationships, and life path. Discover your strengths and challenges.

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Pisces RisingHaving the sign of Pisces coloring the personal rising sign is an invitation to work on sensitivity in a more mature manner, dealing positively with the different emotional feelings without ever underestimating the more sublime and sincere ones. It indicates a maturing of the soul, using sensitivity as a way to understand the world, and not to lose control when facing it. Remember that this is the last water sign of the zodiac, so internal vulnerabilities have to be overcome, and they must be capable of controlling and enhancing the energy you absorb and emanate back into the environment.

Somewhat sensitive, they have a rather peculiar way of relating to the world, and are able to understand very well the subtleties of the human soul.  Their more introspective aura, together with a creative and dreamy guidance, bring about a more timid, mysterious, and equally charming personality. Being more intuitive and having insightful perception, they may feel compelled to interact with transcendental activities at some point in life.

And being more nostalgic, they also tend to be resigned, procrastinating, flexible, idealistic, indecisive and sentimental, generally being people with a more pleasant demeanor, the type who get along with just about everyone and show a strong tendency to daydream. Their appearance and gestures are often rather intriguing.

Perhaps, throughout life, natives find themselves in situations in which they want to give of themselves, in a genuine way, without worrying about their image, or rewards. Therefore, it is likely that they will eventually question times when they may have taken things too far, or their consumerism, or their disbelief, and realign themselves with the Whole, with brotherhood, generosity, and compassion, and with advanced ideals. Reflection can be a constant in their life, as well as a more philosophical and artistic stance, serving as fuses for greater contact with music, painting, poetry, and other forms of expression.

They walk through life in a subtle way, giving the impression that they are nearly aimless, being highly changeable and not wanting to feel entrapped by very limited labels. There is a restless nature that always drives them in the quest for something more. They tend to prefer peace, quiet and contemplation instead of running wild. Neptune, as co-regent of Pisces, can elevate the native's spiritual understanding capabilities as well as facilitate atypical experiences.

They have a somewhat chameleon-like, flowing demeanor and mien – the type that seems to adapt easily to different situations. Therefore, they often confuse others, as they don’t know who they’re going to encounter from one day to the next, whether a more talkative and expressive person or a quieter, more introspective one.

Guided by dreams

Without even realizing it, they may always be projecting an image of sensitivity to others, being more impressionable people and avoiding realities that are too harsh or cruel. They may not have a decisive and objective plan for the future (maybe not even for today), preferring in principle to keep things within the field of endless possibilities. They can change their minds frequently, and like to gradually feel their way through life. Thus, they can foster the opinion that environments based on extreme organization and structure can be limiting and, in principle, be neglected (unless a good supply of energy from the earth element is present on the map, primarily through Jupiter).

Even when you have their attention, their daydreaming can be visible. The tendency is not to pay much attention to the common and routine matters of life at first, as they always seem to be looking for something amazing and out of the ordinary. They may be susceptible to the conditions of their environment and they can become like a psychic sponge, absorbing everything around them – not only good things but harmful things as well. Therefore, whenever possible, it is advisable to be in pleasant environments.

They must be careful not to let malicious ill-intentioned or opportunistic people into their lives, as terribly negative charges and unruly behavior can drain their energy. On the other hand, they may have a strong tendency to play the victim and even manipulate others to feel sorry for them. Moreover, they may eventually be affected by a feeling of existential emptiness, even a certain degree of desolation, although they manage to get through these periods calmly and without demanding attention.

They usually look for practical, stable, upstanding and methodical partners to balance themselves. They gravitate towards people who keep them on the alert and will often leave the details up to them. Actually, they seem to need to have someone who is more realistic at their side; therefore, in relation to romantic relationships, to seek a partner who makes practical decisions, but with whom they can also establish a deep and loving relationship, as a link that keeps their feet on the ground.

Rising sign ruler

The ruling planet of Pisces Rising Sign is Jupiter, and the co-ruler is Neptune. Analyze the quality of Jupiter and Neptune in your birth chart, as they are relevant stars in your astrological experience. Jupiter indicates how the person deals with their material and spiritual abundance, as well as their abundance of ideas. It is also revealing regarding the willingness to travel, opportunities to expand in life, ideas, and higher education. It shows a willingness to open oneself up to all the potential that the world has to offer. On the other hand, Neptune takes the individual where they feel connected to what is divine, to new heights. They relate to everything that is intuitive, as well as being associated with the sea, the arts, illusions, healing, and spirituality.

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