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Scorpio Rising in the BirthChart

Learn about the traits of Scorpio rising and how it impacts your personality, relationships, and life path. Discover your strengths and challenges.

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Scorpio RisingPeople who have Scorpio as a Rising sign can give the impression of being more standoffish, observant, mysterious, and as having a more internalized demeanor at first sight. Such control over one’s feelings can generate a greater risk for these natives to take things in life more seriously and make their day-to-day life denser than necessary.

They tend to not like exposure so much, and therefore it can be more difficult for them to talk about their life so much, remaining more on the defensive (at least for as long as they don't trust the people around them). In fact, they tend to value their privacy a great deal, and in some cases this may even border on paranoia.

They are more enigmatic by nature and seem to be able to penetrate down to the core of others, as if they could read the human soul. For this reason, their mere presence in a room can often be a bit inhibiting. It may be difficult to understand them based on rather superficial analysis, as their personality is striking and even if the person is in fact more discreet, their personal energy can be intense, thus attracting attention and arousing mixed feelings.

They feel that looking into the depths of their own soul is essential for being able to deal with any hidden and callous forces that may arise. The danger is to fall into the traps of this perception that the person may unconsciously set for themself as a way of attaching themself to that which is predictable and can be controlled. 

They tend to be people who are more involved with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of human existence – all at once. They may appear calm on the surface, but they are extremely emotional on the inside. "Still waters run deep", as they say. Pluto, as co-ruler of Scorpio, bestows a more passionate nature to these natives.

They are able to transform themselves in specific situations, through their inner strength, and tend to be more headstrong, persistent, steadfast, self-reliant, self-controlled (except perhaps with passions and desires) and calmer in their primary guidance. They tend to consider moments of transformation as very important and nice solutions for there to be greater insight regarding their deepest desires and fears throughout life.

According to some astrologers who make use of spiritual doctrines, no underdeveloped soul is born with Scorpio rising sign. In this configuration, the lower Self must succumb and obey the higher Self. On account of the fascination and interest with what’s concealed, the primary guidance that reflects in all areas of life is based on proper management between light and shadow, being at the same time an eagle that ponders low flight – or a scorpion that stings by instinct.

Their temperament is also more prone to extremes, making it harder to deviate from their desires once they truly commit. They also tend to give of themselves in an intense and passionate way when they believe the cause is worth it.

The seduction of having control

When they spend time with someone, they usually read between the lines of the relationship. They may want to know everything and – not unlike those who have the Sun or Mercury in Scorpio – they may have a strong need to control their environment or create strategies for it. They usually won’t let themselves get carried away by impatience, as they tend to plan their initial movements in a more careful and observant way, relying on their ability to read others and the situations all around them.

Whereas they may be a bit uncompromising, they are also determined – the kind that will go to great lengths to get what they want, even if it’s necessary to constantly get involved in disputes. They may often want to know the "how" and "why" of things.

When looking for a romantic relationship, they want someone stable and to round them out, so they look for a partner who doesn’t live in a dream world. They are intense and passionate, but if someone lets them down, it’s difficult to regain their trust and passion. They usually look for commitment and stability, and have little patience with fickle people. They tend to be attracted to more down-to-earth partners, because being able to trust their companions is very important to them. Because of their greater need for control, they may need to overcome possessiveness, resentment and jealousy in order not to alienate others.  A good lesson is also to learn how to forgive more easily.

Rising sign ruler

The planet ruling Scorpio rising sign is Mars, and the co-ruler is Pluto. Assess the quality of Mars in your birth chart since it is a relevant star in your astrological experience. Mars shows how a person handles their impulses, their courage and their strategy. It also shows what happens when they act without thinking and how they may transform. This also indicates where they invest their most passionate desires. Pluto leads the individual to deeper and more intense experiences. The energy of this planet leads to great transformation, rebirth and healing.

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