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Astral travel - an out of body experience

The amazing phenomenon of projection of consciousness

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Have you ever heard someone say that they had an experience of dreaming that they were out of their own body, with the feeling of seeing themselves lucidly while sleeping? If this subject seemed crazy to you, know that it could be something much more common than it seems. In fact, this is a subject studied by science and goes by the name of astral travel or astral projection.

But what is astral travel?

According to the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC), astral projection or travel is a popular term for what, technically speaking, is called consciousness projection. This phenomenon consists of an experience in which the individual has the perception of being outside his physical body.

When a person goes through an astral journey, he is still able to perceive the environment around him and even interact with other people who are also projected at that moment.

This phenomenon is studied by a specialty called projectiology, which tries to understand everything that is involved with manifestations that occur outside the biological body. According to reports by anthropologists, these trips have already been reported by different peoples over the years, with no distinction made between sex, age, religion or ethnicity.



How does astral projection work?

Projectiology explains that the individual's full consciousness (also called holosoma) is composed of 4 elements: the physical body (soma), the energetic body (energosoma), the emotional body (psychosoma) and the mental body (mentalsoma). So when astral travel takes place, there is a separation between these components.

And it's simpler than it looks. During projection, the emotional body separates from the physical body, forming an energetic connection between the two, which is called the silver cord. It is exactly this connection that keeps the physical connected to the spiritual.

Usually, people report that astral projection happens during sleep. However, it is possible to make the journey through meditation, a state of coma, in near-death experiences or even using specific techniques to achieve the goal.

Techniques for astral travel

Sometimes, it may be that the individual wants to make an astral journey voluntarily, that is, without being asleep or in any other unconscious state. In this case, a lot of preparation is needed. In addition, psychological and physiological health, determination and patience are other essential requirements.

Keeping all this in mind, it is possible to start practicing some techniques that make it possible to carry out an astral projection. But don't forget to be in a comfortable environment and, preferably, recording the whole event. See some techniques to do astral travel?

  • Projective self-image: to be able to perform this type of technique, it is necessary to have a comfortable chair and a mirror. With these objects in place, the person should sit in front of the mirror and observe his own reflection very carefully. Paying attention to features and details is fundamental, and this should be done until you get sleepy. The central idea of ​​this technique is that the emotional body adapts to the image of the physical body, trying to match its image when the individual is sleeping. In this case, the achieved projection is considered conscious.
  • Fragmented conscious projection: here, the emotional ends up gradually detaching itself from the biological body, so a lot of patience is needed to achieve the goal of astral travel. To perform it, the person needs to close their eyes and concentrate on individual parts of their physical body, such as hands, feet and arms. At the same time, little by little, the parts that surround the emotional body must be manifested. With this, the intention is that the individual has the perception of a second hand or arm, for example.
  • Opening the door: the individual must sit in a comfortable chair inside a closed environment. The next step is to imagine a door in the wall, containing a symbol, design or inscription. From there, while meditating, the person should think of an opening in the door and imagine going through to the other side. With each new attempt, it is necessary to do the process with more intensity so that, over time, there is more freedom to project the emotional body.
  • Mental concentration: to project, the person must focus their attention on a specific object, whatever it may be, always with their eyes open. It's worth a chair, a vase, a painting, a towel... The next step is to try to approach that object without moving your physical body from the place. By doing this, the person forces the emotional body until it displaces the biological body naturally.



Risks vs benefits of astral travel

At this point, you may be wondering whether astral travel is safe. According to an article published by the Institute of Projectiological and Bioenergetic Research, the practice should not be considered dangerous. That's because it's something that often happens naturally during sleep, without harming the person's day to day. However, it is worth mentioning: individuals with serious psychological problems should avoid voluntary astral projection.

On the other hand, it is possible to list some benefits that astral travel brings to people, such as:

  • Serenity: the experience of experiencing a state of existence free of a physical body can bring a certain calm in relation to earthly life, since it gives life a sense of continuity and evolution.
  • Fear of death: by doing astral projection and being able to detach from the physical body, the person can demystify death, that is, by realizing that he remains conscious outside the dimension of the physical plane, he becomes more optimistic about death.
  • Knowledge: astral travel allows people to have a greater awareness of themselves, in addition to understanding the world more deeply. With that, many times, he starts to face the day to day in a lighter way


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