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Part of Fortune in the Birth Chart

The Sun and the Moon in extreme harmony

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Much is said about the Part of Fortune in Astrology (also known as the Point of Fortune or Wheel of Fortune). This placement of the birth chart is part of the so-called Arabian or Arabic parts, different placements that are obtained based on the calculation of three points of a birth chart, such as planets or angles. The distance between two of the points is added to a third, usually the Ascendant, to obtain the position of the parts (which are many, such as the part of the spirit, of marriage, of wisdom, among others, the most used being that of Fortune).

The Arabic parts are part of very old techniques within astrology and have been around since the beginning of the study. Its origin is relatively obscure and goes back to the time of the ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians and Persians, millennia ago.

Specifically on the part of the fortune, this represents a point in the birth chart of an individual in which the Sun and the Moon find an extremely harmonious aspect. It is at the last point where sunlight reflects on the Moon that the Part of Fortune will be on the birth chart, attributing to each one - randomly and individually - the yearnings and concepts of fulfillment and happiness.

This location shows us a little of the things that bring us joy in life and also what can bring us luck. However, the very name "Part of Fortune" can lead to misinterpretations about its real meaning. Therefore, we list the main myths and truths about this area of ​​the map.

Is the Part of Fortune a dot in the sky?

Be careful not to get confused: the Part of Fortune is not a star, sign or zodiacal house. As we said, it is a virtual point in the birth chart that is able to show where each of us will find the purpose of the relationship between the Moon and the Sun at the time of birth.

Why Fortune?

Fortuna was the Roman goddess responsible for destiny, she was the one who boosted the Part of life and led people to their fate. In Greek mythology, this deity is called Tyche, being represented with blindfolded eyes to demonstrate that luck is attributed to people by chance.

There are some divergences between the Greek and the Roman interpretation. The first considers Tyche to be a very powerful goddess who spins the Part of Destiny, offering people the ups and downs of life; the second considers the goddess Fortuna, first daughter of Jupiter, also responsible for chance, but generally linked to positive events: good luck, fertility and prosperity. This is what gave rise to many more "lucky" interpretations in 20th century western astrology, always associating this placement with abundance and good luck.

It is worth remembering that one of the most ancient meanings for the word "fortune" is "Destiny". With that, this area of ​​the map is also linked to things that we cannot fully control and a lot of movement happening there all the time. In the birth chart, fortune will not mean material wealth or prosperity only. The meaning will be much broader, as it is related to the notion of destiny that each person will have and the emotions arising from these events.

What are the benefits? Will it bring me money?

Not necessarily. Despite the name bringing a reference to money, the Part of Fortune helps clarify what wealth really is for you, not always representing a material value. This will directly depend on the position of the Part in your birth chart. For example, a person who has the Part of Fortune in Taurus will possibly be happier to earn money than someone who has it in Sagittarius. However, both can reach the same level of personal satisfaction when they know what really brings them happiness.

One of the things that the Part of Fortune will emphasize is the purest essence of each person, as it is at this point on the map that each person's motivation and life goals will be kept. It is not about temporary goals, those that can change according to the situation, but the goals that concern the true "I" of each being and what makes people really happy.

The sign in which she is positioned will be responsible for some characteristics of individual maturation, respecting the life story of each one during childhood and adolescence. As we know, it is in childhood that our personality is built and it is also in this period that we have our first impressions of the world, as well as in adolescence, when our character begins to be formed.

Therefore, if the person has a repressive upbringing, the relationship with the world will be different from someone who grew up in a more structured and free environment. The experiences lived as a child determine whether the energy received from the Moon - which is basically the same as the Part of Fortune - will be good or bad.

It is necessary to observe that the Part of Fortune will act together with the energy of the solar sign in which it is positioned, intensifying the primordial characteristics of people. So, both the qualities and the defects inherent to each sign will be highlighted by the performance of this placement.

It can also serve as an amplifier for other planetary influences. Thus, we must observe which are the natal planets apart from the fortune and others that transit through it, creating conjunctions and other aspects. It can also give clues to find a more complete and fulfilling path in our lives, showing a little of what really matters to us, the things that are able to bring us joy.

Each person must identify this location on their chart to observe what happens there. It is a point where many energies can be at work at the same time, where you can have a lot of turmoil. The more you become balanced and centered in the energy there (ie, more in the middle of the wheel), the more you will draw in its benefits.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Is the position of the Part of Fortune in the sign the same as the houses?

This is another myth that surrounds the Part of Fortune in Astrology. The houses in which it is located do not necessarily need to have a relationship between number and sign. For example, a person may have the part in the 2nd house and the sign of Aquarius. It doesn't have to be in the same house as the sign (but obviously she can be).

Is the Birth Chart the tool used to calculate the Part of Fortune?

Yes. For this, it is taken into account whether the birth was daytime or nighttime. If it is daytime, the location is calculated by adding the position of the ascendant to that of the moon and subtracting the position of the sun. If it is nocturnal, add the ascendant to the sun and subtract the moon. In this way, the house and the sign in which your part of the fortune is located are found.

Is the Part of Fortune in Astrology the same as in Tarot?

Although both knowledge, astrology and tarot, are related to each other in their fundamentals, they have their differences. The only similarity between his Part of Fortune in astrology and the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot lies in the name and in the fact that, for both, fortune is related to one's destiny.

For Astrology, this meaning is extremely interesting, as it is linked to the concept of prosperity. This explains why it is a part, a dynamic item, which can change according to the period of a person's life. That is: what brings you happiness today may not be the same as tomorrow, because the Human Being matures and his perspective changes.

Can the Part of Fortune form aspects with other stars?

Regarding the aspects of the birth chart, there are controversies among astrologers. From a technical point of view it has many similarities with aspects, since it is calculated from the position of the Sun and Moon. However, there's not much point in evaluating this angle unless it overlaps a planet or focal point. Planets that form natal conjunctions with the part of Fortune can have quite significant influences and the intensity of these influences depends on the proximity of the conjunction - the closer the orb, the stronger it will be.

When it comes to transits, planets that move slowly, like Saturn, can perform during conjunctions and other aspects close to the fortunes part for quite some time. The transaturnine (or transpersonal) planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also exert influence. The effects of these planets can be felt more intensely during certain periods, as they form lasting conjunctions. Some of these influences can pose challenges, others can bring unexpected luck, the kind that makes things happen without so much effort on our part. It can be seen as a positive part of the chart, amplifying the subjects dealt with in the house where it is located.

Other important transits of planets can aspect this area, changing influences during our lives and literally opening the chest of fortune, bringing benefits and softening house characteristics considered negative. They can even bring that stroke of luck in the area of ​​life that the house represents, when everything seems to conspire in our favor and we cannot understand the reason.


The Part of Fortune, the signs and houses

Now that your main doubts about this astrological topic have been clarified, we can focus on its basic influence on the houses or related signs.

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