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Saturn`s cycles in our lives

Saturn - the lord of time and karma

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The seven Hermetic Laws, a set of principles that bring together the basic teachings of all manifested things, are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and were compiled in the book Kybalion (a word that has the same root as kabbalah), which basically means reception, in Hebrew, or "precepts manifested by superior beings."

These laws have a cyclical character, as well as the very existence of human beings, which is also based on cycles. Mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, gender, and cause and effect are all contained in cycles.

It is evident that there are cycles in our lives. We are constantly reliving events that are repeated at a certain time interval, which have already occurred, occur and will continue to occur. Through cycles we learn, we develop and repetition makes us reflect, mature, grow. "Everything that has a beginning has an end."

Cycles (as well as circles) permeate our entire existence since the beginning of time. The astrological mandala itself is a circle just like our solar system, with the Sun in the center (star represented in astrology by a circle with a point in the middle), the planets in circular orbits - which cause repeated events in a cyclical way.

Therefore, the planets end up forming aspects and are in certain positions when we are born, indicating the energies that will influence us during our life cycle. There are harmonic and disharmonious aspects - or resonant and dissonant energies.

Jupiter and Venus, for example, generally bring positive and expansion cycles, while Saturn and Uranus tend to bring considered cycles of retraction, restructuring and limits. Some cycles can still be both positive and negative. For example, if we have a bad aspect of a benefic planet in an astral chart, like Jupiter, for example, its cycle of approximately 12 years will not be so positive.

The same can be said of Saturn, which despite being considered a malefic star, may not bring anything negative if it is not badly aspected in a chart, or even if the person does not find difficulties in dealing with its energy.

A Capricorn would not have too much trouble dealing with this Saturn energy, as they are familiar with it. However, this cycle, which for Capricorn tends to be more peaceful, can be complicated for an Aryan. Always keep in mind that aspects like sextiles and trines are softer, while squares, oppositions and some conjunctions are more tense, difficult. Conjunctions also represent critical moments in a cycle.

To form a conjunction with itself, Saturn takes about 29 years to complete its cycle around the Sun. In other words, it is a planet that has a slow, time-consuming cycle, which forms major aspects every 7 years. It would be the equivalent of saying that every 7 years we experience significant events in our lives. The most conscious beginning of school at age 7, adolescence at 14, in short, 7 is an important number within the Saturnian rhythm.

Saturn will always act in a catalyzing manner, requesting from time to time that the person keeps a close eye on himself and operates the necessary transformations. In addition, it will also work as a thermometer of our conscience, making us permanently analyze our actions.

Like a "judge", if the person refuses to do a self-analysis and proceed with the necessary changes, Saturn will give a nice push so that what needs to happen in our lives happens. For better or for worse. It will always be challenging, but without effort there is no personal growth.

Therefore, the way in which the person will deal with the steps proposed by Saturn will be decisive for him, because depending on how his cycles will be worked, he may incur great personal success or frustration due to lack of awareness and self-analysis.

Hence the great importance of knowing when these cycles will happen in our lives, so that we can prepare ourselves in a more adequate way, searching our interior in search of sincerity about what we have done, about how our existence is going and what we can - and should - do to improve it.

Saturn represents the master, order, authority. When Saturn's opposition at age 14 hits, for example, Saturn helps the child to question the authority of the parents, trying to break free. It can be a complicated period, permeated with rebellion and anti-social actions. The child tends to alienate himself, seeking to somehow assert himself and free himself from parental authority. However, in the third cycle of 7 years (at age 21), a final square, the adult person tends to adapt to society's standards. Pressures and obligations take over, inserting the person back into society - college, work, marriage, children...

With this cycle of 7 years, which goes from 21 to 29, comes possible independence, the conquest of your own space. The person defines his path in life, creating his own identity, pursuing his desires and aspirations. If you fail to reach your goals by the age of 29, crises may arise in the so-called Saturn Return, which is where the planet returns to the initial position it was at the time of birth, ending 4 cycles and restarting its operations already in a new stage.

It's as if the planet came to judge the person, wanting to know what he's done with his life so far. Have you graduated, are you working, are you well off, are you married, are you happy, have you become more aware, in short, have you evolved or stagnated? People tend to charge themselves more and more with each passing year from then on. The more difficult the aspect of Saturn in a chart, the greater the charges and crises.

Example: Saturn forming tense aspects with tense planets, such as Mars or Uranus, will make the individual suffer even more, as well as forming aspects with the Moon and Sun, which will make these crises more felt. The trend is for individuals to increasingly seek a stable life, thinking of a solid foundation that will guarantee their peace in old age.

In the next cycle, at the age of 44, Saturn will be in opposition to itself, so its influence will be more tenuous. The fear of growing old can arrive, the famous midlife crisis. The man, now more mature, can start to behave differently, looking for younger women, buying sports cars, everything to feel younger. The woman begins to fear wrinkles, the decline of her body and everything that aging brings. Plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments are common for them, in an attempt to freeze time. During this cycle it is very important to mature wisely, creating a new relationship with yourself and the world.

It is not possible to turn back the clock, so it is necessary to know how to age gracefully, getting the most out of life, using everything you have learned so far.

When Saturn returns before the age of 60, the person must already be in a positive moment of life - that is, if he is not still fighting with his aging. If you have reflected well on life, feel good about yourself, you will have learned invaluable lessons since the last cycle. If you lived a correct life, worked, learned and emotionally adjusted through a journey of self-knowledge, you will certainly be reaping the positive fruits of a lifetime. The fulfilled person becomes confident, managing to remain productive for much longer, fully enjoying life.

Another important cycle occurs around age 74. Saturn opposes itself again, so the planet's energies are in evidence. Jupiter's energy flow, which helps a person around 70 years old, decreases. Consequently, physical energy and disposition diminish and decay begins to show its signs.

At that moment, it is necessary to have a young spirit, in a good mood and with a good head to compensate for this, otherwise this low energy could trigger a complicated spiral. Some go through an old-age crisis and indulge, others try to stay active and with a happy heart. It is not uncommon to see 80-year-olds more active than many young people.

Saturn's cycles are of enormous importance in our life cycle. It doesn't matter if they are difficult, favorable or unfavorable, the fact is that they represent milestones in our existence and are part of our development as individuals, in addition to making our development and spiritual growth very necessary.

Saturn represents each one's conscience, our limits and rules, what we are going to do with life and what we will reap by the end of it. Energy, which at first glance can be destructive or restrictive, actually propels us throughout life to be creative, furthering our evolution. We learned to be independent, to assume responsibilities, to constantly rethink our role in society, making us reflect and grow.

Because of Saturn's energies we are concerned about our future, working in youth to reap the rewards in old age. Not taking advantage of Saturn's cycles would be the same as denying our own existence in the world around us


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