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Jupiter in House 12 of the BirthChart

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jupiter in 12th house

Just like the sixth house, Jupiter in the twelfth house will not be full of strength to assist you in the most diverse tasks of life. In this sector, it can strengthen the protection of your unconscious against many adverse forces, since house 12 carries the meaning of the hidden enemies, “demons” and plagues of the world, opening your eyes to betrayals, conspiracies, and robberies.

The sixth sense becomes more acute, and natives tend to be able to perceive the bad intentions of others more easily as if the gods blew in their ears what needs to be avoided, or as if there were “invisible protections” throughout life, a help that appear out of nowhere, as if they have been sent through a kind of superior guide, and such situations are likely to happen in periods of greater difficulty in life, that is, there are more chances that there are hidden energies that balance and help in eventual periods of misfortune.

It is not uncommon for a friend, a priest, or an astrologer to play this role, so you need to listen more to advice, but also trust your own intuition. You must also willingly find ways to protect yourself against the negative charge of the environment, so your opponents’ chances of annihilation will be enhanced. Always pay attention to your health and avoid vicious habits.

The twelfth mundane house is also where we build our inner strength to overcome limitations, sorrows, and fears. It means self-effacement, where our mind can be our own enemy, getting in our way and imprisoning us.

With this positioning of Jupiter, there is a tendency to interact with philanthropic situations more naturally. Natives may cling to some kind of spirituality or have a greater sense of connection with the Whole, feeling more comfortable when dealing with mystical or more ethereal matters.

With this positioning, oddly enough, natives may obtain gains through their enemies throughout life, which may even be converted into friendships eventually. They can also excel in careers in health care, large institutions, psychology, counseling, personal guidance, and research. There may be a keen sense of compassion as well as a greater willingness to sacrifice and care for others in a more impersonal way. In fact, part of their happiness may depend on the happiness of the less fortunate, as they feel fulfilled when they realize their contribution to the world.

Success tends to come without much fanfare and many beneficial things can arise more subtly as well, as this energy is very much associated with hidden issues that can suddenly emerge. Natives can be more idealistic and find it easier to confuse reality and illusion, where sometimes such confusions can be ways of escaping from reality, different escapisms. In this case, it is important to think carefully about all the details of any action before executing it, leaving it very concrete even in the world of ideas so that there are no further mistakes.

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