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The Planets in Astrology and Their Meaning | Astrolink

Planets in astrology represent energies of our life. They channel the zodiac signs and bring relevant information about us!
Mars Action, aggressive impulse, initiative


The position of Mars in the Zodiac signs provides information about the person´s usual way of acting when infl...

Venus Affective impulse, values, attraction


Venus in astrology represents sensuality, seduction, power of attraction, joy, pleasure, our affective capacit...

Mercury Intellectual drive, communication


Mercury in astrology represents our intelligence, our intellectual capacity, the way we gather and process inf...

Moon Emotional side, sense of protection


The Moon in astrology represents the reality of the present, interiorized and instinctive. In our birth chart,...

Sun Boost of power, vitality, ego


The Sun in astrology has the potential to bring out what we have and what we do best. The house it occupies in...

Pluto Deep changes and reforms


Pluto in astrology is the planet of rebirth and transformation. The force behind it can be seen as a powerful...

Jupiter Growth, luck, opportunities


Jupiter in astrology brings luck, protection and the ability to rise, as well as social integration, optimism,...

Saturn Challenges, limitations and rules


Through work and discipline Saturn in astrology teaches us to deal with the difficulties and obstacles that we...

Uranus Freedom, revolutions and crises


Uranus in astrology represents the force of change through progress and innovation. Its task is to destroy the...

Neptune Dreams, imagination, sensibility


Neptune in astrology is about releasing the emotional, overcoming our frustrations and suffering. It brings in...

Chiron Wounds and Heals


Chirons´s influence in astrology can indicate problems, wounds that are always open in a certain personal area...

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