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The Planets in Astrology and Their Meaning | Astrolink

Planets in astrology represent energies of our life. They channel the zodiac signs and bring relevant information about us!
Mars Action, aggressive impulse, initiative


Discover the influence of Mars in your horoscope and how it affects your personality and relationships. Get in...

Venus Affective impulse, values, attraction


Venus governs love, beauty, and pleasure. Learn how its position in your birth chart can impact your relations...

Mercury Intellectual drive, communication


Mercury: The planet of communication, intelligence, and adaptability. Discover how Mercury influences your com...

Moon Emotional side, sense of protection


Learn about the planet of emotions, intuition, and nurturing. Discover the Moon`s astrological significance an...

Sun Boost of power, vitality, ego


Understand the influence of the Sun in your astrology chart. Learn about its placement in your chart and how i...

Pluto Deep changes and reforms


Discover the transformative power of Pluto in your astrology chart. Learn about its placement and transits and...

Jupiter Growth, luck, opportunities


Learn about Jupiter`s influence on your astrological chart. Discover its meaning in the houses and signs and g...

Saturn Challenges, limitations and rules


Learn about the planet of discipline, responsibility, and limitations. Discover Saturn`s astrological signific...

Uranus Freedom, revolutions and crises


Uranus: The planet of rebellion, innovation, and freedom. Learn how Uranus astrological energy impacts your pe...

Neptune Dreams, imagination, sensibility


Neptune: The planet of imagination, intuition, and spirituality. Explore how Neptune`s energy affects your cre...

Chiron Wounds and Heals


Uncover the secrets of Chiron, the "wounded healer" asteroid in astrology, and learn how it can affect your li...

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