Cancer - Sign of Cardinal Water

The Sign of Cancer in Astrology


The Cancer sector is located between degrees 90 and 120 of the ecliptic reference system, beginning at the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere. During this period, the heat and humidity are intense and favor the emergence of generations of species that are waiting for this moment to emerge.

Fruit flies, winged ants, wood flies, molds, tree fruits, and the abundant crustaceans in the oceans appear, hence the image of a crab, a lobster, even a beetle, or any other emergence of the heat and humidity relationship.

The name Cancer comes from "cancri", from Latin, meaning "purulent wound", very common in the Mediterranean during this period. This is why the name and the image of this sector are incompatible.

It is always important to keep in mind that the meanings (signs, signals, symptoms, characteristics of a period) are greater than the possibility of being represented by a simple image or name. For this reason, one should never compare the images used to represent the cycles of nature directly in studies of human behavior and vocations.

To say, for example, that people of the sign of Cancer like to live near the sea, or walk sideways in life, like crabs, are generally errors in the logical syntax of signs/signs.

Cancer is an astrological sign linked to the water element (wet and cold) and cardinal quality (begins a season). Ruled by the Moon (the Moon's characteristics in astrology are very similar to those of this sector) and being the first of its element, this sign symbolizes nourishment, emotional protection and the act of caring.

Nature is in the process of manifestation and at this moment with the predisposition to generate, to gestate, to manifest. What is born under these rhythms has the tendency to introject these principles.

Here, there is no need for individual survival, as in the first three signs of the zodiac. What exists is survival through the perpetuation of the species, tradition, and culture. One seeks to give and receive protection from the family, from fellow human beings, from those who have reciprocal feelings.

This is the sign of fertility, nutrition, the beginning and the end, and has strong identification with these issues. Cancer also represents the memories of what has already been lived, the nostalgia that moves and connects past experiences to the present.


Past, present and future

After being born (Aries), settling (Taurus), and learning (Gemini), Cancer invites us to reflection, grouping, the notion of ancestry, and a remembrance of the past. The observations made for this component show us interests focused on the ideas that the present is a gift from the past, in which the memories of what has already been lived are fundamental to strengthen roots and move forward.

The before is as important as the now. There seems to be a strong presence of limbic activities (paleo mammalian brain in neuroscience) that store subjectively charged emotional, childhood and family memories.

Such unconscious records of the past are the basis of the characteristics of the Cancerian nature (or emphasis of this sector in the birth chart), and this includes all the information from the various generations that have already passed. The past is a matrix of learning, giving the present meaning and sense to move forward, and people with an emphasis in this sector can understand this in a more natural way.


At this stage, the Being then seeks to establish itself, to nourish and be nourished. The intention is to "grow", like a tree reaching for the sky but without leaving the roots on which it stands. An emphasis in this sector, creates a sense and need for the family support necessary for the leap into the future.

A certain conservative outlook, intuition, sensitivity, nostalgia, memory, and caring instinct are part of Cancer's luminous characteristics.

However, the unmanaged management of this component has shown itself to be childish, manipulative, and overly sensitive characteristics. These characteristics seem typical of a certain refusal to accept the end of childhood and the narcissistic phases of the child.

The characteristics with potential for generosity can turn into domination and possessiveness, as if the parents and other family members owed an eternal dedication, where the native demands and requires emotional demands incompatible with his or her biological age.

Dreams can turn into delusional fantasies, and romanticism can become emotional blackmail. The internal world of emotions seems to override the possibilities of the external world.

Cancer in the Birth Chart

Cancer in the Birth Chart

The Moon as ruler gives the sign sensitivity, fragility, fears, and fluctuations. In a chart, any planet that is positioned in Cancer will show where the person is emotionally more sensitive, will have mood fluctuations, and is always changing and oscillating. Even those who don't have Sun in Cancer or another planet in this sign, know that it is in everyone's birth chart. It may not be in planetary placement, but it is there in some House, which represents the area of life in which you manifest Cancerian characteristics.

To you, Cancer, I assign the task of teaching men emotion. My idea is that you provoke laughter and tears in them, so that everything they see and feel will be transformed into joy and inner fullness. For this, I give you the Gift of Family, so that your fullness can be multiplied and lived out among others. And Cancer returned to its place.

Characteristics of Cancer:

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Solar period: +/- from 21/06 to 23/07
Ruling planet: Moon
Natural of House 4
Principle: Reactive | Female - yin
Keyword: Devotion
Key phrase: I take care
Glyfo: Claws of the crab
Opposite sign: Capricorn
Anatomy: Chest, stomach, breasts, uterus, ovary, mucosa.

People with sun in Cancer

What Astrology says about Cancer.

People with the Sun in Cancer often need to feel part of a family, creating or maintaining stronger bonds with others and with their home. Such ties need not necessarily be blood ties, but something that can convey a sense of belonging and fellowship. They like to nurture others as much as they like to be nurtured, always ready to provide support in caring for those in need. Even so, in this sense, they can also be a kind of emotional sponge, feeling the emotional energy of people and their surrounding environment. This is why more harmonious people do you good, while the most depressed ones can drain your emotional energy.

With their guiding essence (being cardinal, but temperamental, under the sway of the moon) and a modus operandi more pegged to emotions, they place great value on the past and traditions. As a result of their desire for ties, they may develop a certain interest in genealogy, patriotism, historical objects, traditions, antiques, photos, souvenirs, or history in general. They have a strong need for security and, as the themes of home and family usually bring greater personal protection, they always rise in their life stations, making them want to always be around those they love. Some may even suffer from the absence of loved ones, so the ideal would be for them to let go a little since after all, everyone needs space now and then.

Because it is a sign ruled by the Moon, a satellite that governs emotions, the lunar rhythm, that is, the phases of the moon each day, are important indicators to be considered by Cancerians as they can directly affect their mood.

Their appreciation for their loved ones is something remarkable, but the taste for the tranquility of home life does not prevent the Cancerian from enjoying travel and adventures as, after all, it is a tenacious sign with a cardinal, i.e. ambitious nature, which guides them. But, regardless of the time and distance from where they are, they need to know and feel internally that they have a home to return to. Even if they cannot stay at home much, it feels good to have this notion of homecoming always present in their hearts.

Cancerians probably find it more difficult to untie feelings from thoughts. They can live so immersed in their emotions that sometimes they do not realize how this can be considered a little self-centered because with this they can become over-sensitive. They are also quite determined to achieve their goals and, despite this sensitivity, they have willpower (another inheritance of the cardinality of the sign) and see no difficulty in expressing their desires and pursuing their goals. They usually find a way to get what they want and work hard to achieve it, ensuring not only their well-being but that of the people who orbit them.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

Its main astrological symbol is the crab, and there are certain behaviors associated with it. Just as the crab walks sideways instead of walking forward, people with the Sun in Cancer can use an indirect approach in achieving their goals. Instead of directly confronting or asking for something, they are more likely to resort to using emotional appeal, skirting around the bush, in that special way of theirs. For example, they can get collaboration from others by making them feel loved, caring, intimate and comfortable, for example.

Another factor that we can associate with Cancerians is self-defense. At the slightest sign of provocation or threat, the crab hides quickly in the sand or in a shell until it feels safer or puts itself in a defensive position. Thus, Cancerians who feel threatened or suspect that their goals may not be successful, often hide what they really want until a moment more conducive to success happens.

They tend to react emotionally to what happens in their lives. That is, before they decide to act and even before reflecting on any situation, they need to express their feelings as a priority. Their mood swings can sometimes be difficult to understand for others who do not relate to their high level of intense inner emotional flow. Hence, they can be just fine one minute and down the next.

There may also be a natural tendency for them to keep their problems to themselves. Most of the time, they have an excellent memory, and this makes them remember the past, as things were in a certain era. They may also enjoy collecting things, especially if they have some sentimental value. This further increases their sense of security and makes them put down roots. They also tend to be more conservative and intuitive. Many Cancerians are successful in life because of genuine care for the well-being of others, something that inspires loyalty, cooperation, and compassion.

How to become a better Cancer?

  • Give more space for loved ones;
  • Be more direct with people;
  • Balance reason x emotion;
  • Do not live so long in the past;
  • Be less emotionally demanding;
  • Balance your emotions.

Homens de Câncer

What to expect from Cancer men?

A deep connection to home, family or a select core of friends can make a Cancerian a person who enjoys routine and cultivating habits and hobbies.. More reserved and generally more sensitive, the Cancerian likes relationships where he is responsible for most things, playing the role of protector. Pay the bills, divide your time between the various tasks, etc. But even though he wants to take care of everything, he usually prefers that his partner be mature, and may even be an older or more experienced person.

The greatest difficulty may be to practice detachment. Their assets bring security, even for those who have great control over their feelings. This same control, incredible as it may seem, can make the Cancerian seem distant, but in fact he is being introverted and internalizing his emotions.

Mulheres de Câncer

What to expect from Cancer women?

The Cancer woman tends to cultivate habits and roots, but unlike Cancer men, she may love to change the look of her home, redecorating and renovating whenever possible. This reflects their inner changes, where hormones will also play a prominent chemical role. She usually tries to find her ideal match. Whoever has a relationship with a woman with the sun in Cancer tends to leave the relationship a changed person. They are born therapists and like to protect their partners. Remember the nurturing thing? Yes, while trying to nourish, Cancer women also nourish themselves. And there is no problem if the relationship does not work out, she may even be sad for a while, but she will soon be ready to have another relationship again. After all, perseverance is a striking feature of theirs.

What can get in the way a little bit is possible shyness. She may even internalize her feelings, but that does not make her an empty or distant person. On the contrary, there are so many feelings that her mood may fluctuate more than normal, depending on the moment they are living. One moment she is happy, the next a little sad... This person can go from extrovert to introvert in the blink of an eye!

A woman with the Sun in Cancer usually achieves professional success and financial stability using her tenacity, willpower, and determination.

The other stars when positioned in Cancer

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