House 4 and its meaning in Astrology

House 4 - Roots, Foundations and Private Life

The House 4, which has its cusp (initial line) in the so-called "Ground of Heaven", is the second angular house in the birth chart and basically represents our origins, our past, our emotional, psychic, genetic roots, family and physical, the habits and perceptions formed early in life, and some personality traits that come from within, from our roots. The complete analysis of the house complements the analysis of the Fundo do Céu (house cusp 4), just as the complete analysis of what happens in House 1 complements the indications given by the Ascendant (house cusp 1).

It is located at the bottom of the birth chart, in the south quadrant, opposite the 10th House (Middle of Heaven) and deals with the two types of personal residence: Our house (physical and material aspect) and our home (emotional aspect of refuge and shelter). In it, we deal with the emotional experience related to everything that was lived in the three previous houses. We analyzed the so-called "childhood memories" and that feeling of belonging to a home. It is in this mundane house that the integration of mind, body and feelings together as one thing takes place.

Themes ruled by the House 4 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

Tradição Atitude em casa Habilidades maternais e de nutrição Imóveis Fim das coisas Experiências emocionais Vida privada Abrigos Herança cultural Vida em casa Família Ancestrais Orígens Passado Propriedade privada Sentimento Influência do pai ou da mãe Vida em família Lar Início e fim da vida Primeiras experiências no lar Memórias Senso de pertencimento Segurança emocional Um dos pais Nossas raízes Padrões inconscientes Nossa base interna de operações Raízes e Herança Primeiros condicionamentos Visão sobre valores familiares Fundações internas Fundação psicológica Árvore genealógica Patriotismo

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