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Uranus in House 4 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Uranus in House 4 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Uranus in House 4:

  • You want everything to work well at home;
  • Emotions are expressed more spontaneously;
  • Sensitive to the renewal of forms of relationship in the family;
  • You may like to promote family gatherings and celebrations;
  • Parents are seen as special people and a bond of friendship is created with them;
  • You like to renew the private environment;
  • Family education may have been received differently, with the inclusion of more human or spiritual values.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Uranus in House 4:

  • Sudden changes can occur in your family life, as well as sudden changes in mood;
  • Breaks with emotional involvement can be uneasy;
  • You want one thing now, soon after you may want something else;
  • You may feel a certain misfit in your family or not identify as much with your biological family as you would like;
  • Tendency to leave family life prematurely and move several times;
  • There is less chance of being a very emotional person;
  • Tendency to feel that you are being controlled, that they are invading your life or your space.

Possible challenges of Uranus in House 4:

  • You must look for your “family by affinity”, not being limited to your biological family;
  • You must recognize yourself and, if you feel the need, assume the right to be different from the standard;
  • You must learn to ask when you need something.
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