House 1 and its meaning in Astrology

House 1 - Identity, Vitality, Appearance...

First House

Generally referred to as the "House of Self," the cusp (initial line) of the First House in the birth chart is the location of the Ascendant, that is, the Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon or was in the absolute east at certain latitudes above the polar circles at the exact moment of birth.

Like all the other houses of the birth chart, it can be empty or contain several stars. This is the only house of the chart that deals exclusively with ourselves, being the space of the "I", giving hints about the way we initiate things, the quality of our initiatives in life.

It is the bridge that connects the Self to everything outside and defines the basics of an individual's appearance in the world: their body, strengths and weaknesses, as well as their most primordial personality, and is considered the gateway to life's experiences. It reveals our most evident, exposed temperament, the image we try to convey.

The first house can bring us information about our self-image, or even the "avatar" we create to present ourselves in social networks and in our internet profiles.

The 1st house has the potential to affect the entire chart. In a practical sense, it means that the planet ruling your Ascendant sign, the stars located there, as well as the aspects that the Ascendant receives, and also the sign at the beginning of house 1, represent a good part of your personal characterology.

When analyzing the 1st house in an astrological chart, we find some of the innate characteristics we are born with, and it is perhaps the most important worldly house. Not only because it is the first house in the chart, but it is that the planets contained in this house, as well as the ruler of the ascendant (planet ruling the sign on the cusp of House 1) and the aspects formed with other stars and points in the chart, provide a unique insight into the most original modus operandi that a person uses as the basis for his or her actions, those that are strongly felt and expressed - for good or ill. Thus, it is always a set of factors that determine an interpretation, and never a position isolated from context.

In other words, the Ascendant, its ruler, and aspects found there form a cog that guides us and helps us navigate through life, successfully or not, depending very much on our self-awareness and ability to manage ourselves in psychological terms. House 1, therefore, refers to initiatives and the affirmation of personal individuality.

Our beginnings and worldviews

The conjunction Ascendant / House 1 constitutes one of the most important points in the birth chart, because it is part of the cardinal cross, together with the Descendant (cusp of House 7), the Bottom of the Sky (cusp of House 4) and the Midheaven (cusp of House 10).

The effect of House 1, goes from 12 degrees above the horizon until approximately 5 degrees before the beginning of House 2, when its effect begins to diminish in terms of positioning for the stars in this sector.

The angular houses show how we deal with the "here and now", how we face reality. Planets located near these points tend to potentiate a lot the astrological dynamics of a birth chart. They can thus interfere in the way we judge relationships, choose a career, make friends, manage money, etc.

On a higher level of understanding, the Ascendant is the exact moment when a person begins their journey through life, the cutting of the umbilical cord, and independence from the mother's womb (a 12th house theme). This is why the first house represents the struggle of life, how we face adversity and individuality.

Our appearance and interaction as individuals in the world is something very important. Because they are naturally linked to birth, the Ascendant and the 1st House as a whole are recurring energies whenever we start something. When we take initiatives and start some project, for example, it is as if we were "born again" in some activity or action, so the whole complex composed of the stars used in astrology that interact with the 1st House is important in this sense.

It determines many characteristics that we spontaneously demonstrate, and shows our natural reaction to new people and situations, so the sign on the cusp of the first house can bring a lot of important information, as well as the location of the ruler of this sign.

It symbolizes our spontaneous response to stimuli in the world, being our "autopilot" mode when facing a new environment or situation. The typical characteristic that in general is related to this house also helps to deal with the other characteristics coming from the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and their positions, because they can compose a mix of different possibilities, creating counterpoints, different reflections, or even reinforcing positions in our primordial essence with important and complementary characteristics.

Thinking in terms of sunrise, for example, the 1st House symbolizes the beginnings centered around the individual. Complementing the interpretation of the Ascendant (which is the sign on the cusp only), the complete view of the 1st House gives us more information about the characteristics of birth and the first phase of childhood. From our first steps to our primary view of the world can be considered a 1st House theme. It is our first identification with life and incites questions such as, "Who am I?", "How will I move in the world?", "How do I best perceive my Self?", "How will I develop?", "What is my first view of life and the situations that present themselves to me?".

It all starts in the 1st House and it, as a very important corner house in the delineation of an astrological chart, will shape our basic temperament during life. It is the quality of the newborn baby's first vision and perception, his first energetic exchange with the environment.

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Discovering ourselves as individuals

The Ascendant symbolizes what we project naturally and unnoticed when we meet others, the "mask" we wear in public when greeting the world and people. It can also represent our colloquial politeness, our good manners, the way we behave at the table or at parties for example.

It often shows how others perceive us as soon as they meet us, that is, the image that others have of us at first, and it is the filter through which everything first passes before reaching our real essence, acting as a lens through which the rest of the map is interpreted.

The scope of the first earth house also tells us about the realization of a person's potential, worldview, ego action mechanism, and the process of becoming a unique individual. This process is, in fact, one of the greatest contributions we can make to the world in which we live. Our manners, style, temperament, physical energy, libido, disposition, strength, and physical characteristics (such as the shape of our head and face, for example) as well as basic weaknesses, likes and dislikes fall under the scope of house 1.

The way we dress, our adornments (or lack thereof), hair style, tattoos, and the colors we wear, can also be shown in this house.

The planets that interact with the 1st house can help to describe a little of our way of being or appearance: With Venus in the 1st house, for example, the tendency is to be more attractive, or to act in a more "light", beautiful, soft and Venusian way.

With Pluto transiting there at the moment of birth, the person tends to be more Plutonian, heavy, controlling, and suspicious. With Saturn in the first house, a more Saturnian behavior can be perceived, making the person more rigid, serious, frowning, discreet, quiet, polite, very formal, with sober clothes and neutral tones.

Of course, we must also look at the positions of the luminaries to understand the totality of the characteristics and the effects of the 1st house.

Extra Interpretations

For interpretations beyond the birth chart, as in horary and world astrology, aiming answers to specific events, places, governments or situations, the 1st house basically means the place, country, state or city in question and its inhabitants, its general conditions of prosperity and health.

Themes ruled by the House 1 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

How we started things Personal style Basic disposition and temperament Mannerisms The first impression we make The initiative, the first attitude Primary expression How we perceive the world Appearance Birth Me How we respond to the immediate environment Our primary effect on others Basic attitude towards life Basic personality Approaching new situations Self-awareness Mask It's Jung's Persona archetype. Personal image Beginnings Vitality How we approach others Personal identity Spontaneous behavior Fisic body

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