House 7 and its meaning in Astrology

House 7 House - Partnerships and Societies

The 7th house, the third angular house of an astrological chart, is the first house above the horizon on the west side, and is commonly referred to as the "House of Partnerships". It deals with our serious relationships, our agreements. The cusp (initial line) of the Seventh House is the location of the so-called "Descendant Sign", i.e. the zodiac sign that was setting on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth.

It defines the relationships we have with each person, our commitment to each other, and how we view Society. We can often see the Sun or the ruler of the Ascendant positioned in the seventh house of famous people.

This sector therefore relates to relationships of greater complicity and interdependence, representing all the kinds of associations we make during life, and speaks to our attitude toward everyone we meet and come into contact with, including marriage, long-term romantic partnerships, committed relationships, business relationships, partnerships, contracts, negotiations, diplomacy, agreements, and declared enemies - those we know who they are. It is a mirror in some cases of our own self reflected in other people.

It can be related to activities that can only be done together, like music groups, theater groups, etc. Without others, the interaction, the rehearsals, and the processes don't happen. It is related to the concept of synergy.

It is the house of our experience through "the other" and shows the kind of help we dispense, exchange, support and share with the other. Depending on the astrological configuration of our 7th house, we can see whether we will cooperate to a greater or lesser degree in these varied partnerships. We can also see how we will perceive these interactions and our willingness to deal with them.

The quality of this cooperation, and how we relate to others, can be discovered by a complete analysis of the astrological dynamics that occurs by studying the luminary (Sun and Moon) and personal (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) stars as a complement to look at the components contained in the seventh house. It gives hints about what kind of relationship we have with our closest associates and partners.

It is in the 7th house that for the first time, the Ego, initiated in the 1st house (the opposite house, of the "I") has the opportunity to surrender to the great unifying force of cooperation, being able to visualize, find and value the existence of the "Other", allowing the act of sharing and understanding.

The seventh house hints at how we dedicate ourselves for the greater good of all. It is social consciousness manifested through the individual and politics. Likewise, this sector can become sources of extreme tension where partners fall out and become enemies, opponents, and the situation moves toward divorce, litigation, and corporate dissolution.

It also shows what attracts us in others, the qualities that we admire in people, especially those with whom we have relationships. Many times, this is due to the projective nature. What we cannot bring out so easily, we are attracted to in the people with whom we are close.

We usually relate to others for the purpose of achieving some specific goal. In this case, clarity of partnership or relationship roles is essential to avoid breakups.

But with this comes the recognition that when we cooperate, interact, partner, and help people, we also help ourselves. Through the associations we make, we have the notion that it is not possible to live alone or to progress for a long time just on our own, without anyone's help. The sum of the parts generates more value than the separate parts when this is working well.

By maintaining contacts and making agreements and partnerships, we fulfill part of our essence. It is through our partners that we work, play, love, create, learn, help, complete, and are completed. By working together, with our different abilities, we gain additional strength and characteristics that are impossible to achieve individually.

The way we relate to others will help define us as human beings and mirror our desires.

The delineation of the seventh house world chart prompts questions such as, "Why do we choose this or that type of partner often?", "Is it for love, money, practical reasons, or social considerations?", "What kind of relationship do I attract?", "Why can't I make sustainable or meaningful partnerships?", etc.

The links we form throughout our lives can teach us a lot, and a full analysis of the 7th house can reveal the quality of our partnerships and how we can make them improve our lives, making them richer, fuller, better, and as special as possible. In this way, we gain the chance to do the same thing for the life of the other.

The 7th house has some characteristics reminiscent of the sign of Libra and the planet Venus.

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Serious relationships

While the fifth house rules the more casual ephemeral relationships, the 7th house deals with our more serious partnerships, such as marriages, partnerships, and long-term agreements, whether in love or business. The 7th House rules all official associations, as well as the confrontations arising from these partnerships, including litigation, as we have already discussed.

In an even antagonistic way, strange as it may seem, the seventh house also deals with our "sworn enemies," the people we can most clearly identify as our adversaries. After all, love and hate are polarized emotions, but opposites touch at some level.

These states can emerge naturally in very intimate relationships, of complicity and partnerships where partners can complicate our lives and vice versa. Likewise, from this closeness, a knowingness can emerge so real and repetitive that the other becomes a mirror of ourselves denouncing us all the time. Thus, they may oppose what we are saying precisely because they know us too well.

The 7th house also indicates what kind of qualities we look for in a partner, our model of the "perfect partner," our fantasies of completeness, and people who work together to do great things like companies or whole families, for example.

Because it is the stage of our strongest bonds, whether romantic, societal, or political, it involves unions that are together in both pleasure and pain, in victory and defeat, in peace and war, tied to that famous phrase "in sickness and in health".

Dealing with confrontations and enmity

No matter how much we project our idealizations and expectations onto others, crises and realities out of line with expectations can arise through behavior such as betrayals, insults, clashes, disagreements, or challenges. All partnerships and contacts are subject to this during life. Thus confrontation is something inevitable, and that is why the 7th house refers to direct confrontations and partnerships at the same time.

The 7th house deals with ties with those who openly disagree with our personality, ideas, actions, ideologies, or choices, and these are the known and direct enemies, those with the potential to come into conflict.

Tensions occurring within our partnerships also serve to teach us lessons, giving us more experience. Therefore, the 7th house also deals with the more tense side of our relationships, as in divorce actions, lawsuits, and unresolved treaties. It is in the 7th house that we can detect which are our political flaws, those that can even lead us to wars and serious crises.

The 7th house of a politician, for example, refers to the party. From there emerges the support and also the so-called "friendly fire", the internal disputes, to rise and capitalize politically.

Many times we find or project onto other people characteristics and defects that we cannot see in ourselves. This is what usually creates enmities and confrontations. In the same way, we can look to the sign opposite our ascendant (who we are) for the concept of who others are.

In this way, we can have the feeling that the person we are married to, for example, may be confused, sensitive, and a bit lost, if we have the ascendant in Virgo (constant, rational, organized, etc.)

The 7th house represents "The Other" both in the sense of complementarity and in the sense of confrontation, such as contract breaks due to divergent positions, and official disputes.

When we relate to people, there is an exchange. We give, receive, and agree on some basic rules so that there are no conflicts, although sometimes some are inevitable until we find some legal, family, or political preferred solution.

Extra Interpretations

For interpretations beyond the birth chart, as in horary and mundane astrology seeking answers to specific events, places, governments, or situations, the 7th house basically means business with foreigners, relations with other countries - friendly or hostile, political or commercial, marriages, divorces, disputes, and diplomatic affairs in general, as well as the organizations with which we are associated, such as Mercosur, the UN, Human Rights, the security council, etc.

Themes ruled by the House 7 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

Mutual commitments Spouse Associations with each other Equal relationships Declared enemies Best friends Contracts and Agreements Share and share Way of relating to others Approach to the relationship Cooperation Concern for others The You instead of the Me Politics and diplomacy What do we project onto others? Partnerships and Societies Socialization Disputes Public relations Serious relationship The others Diplomacy Alliances or conflicts Legal issues Marriage Unions

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