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MoonMoon in House 7 of the BirthChart

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If your Moon is in the House 7, this can awaken in you a greater need to be accompanied, where nothing is much fun at all if there is no company present. However, this need is not only to share moments, but also emotions. You tend to seek emotional support through relationships, discovering more about yourself by sharing feelings. Thus, you tend to enjoy being around people, be it contacts, family, friends or romantic partners.

However, you need to be careful not to jump quickly from one relationship to the next, trying to find that so-called “right person”, that "canned happiness". Since your tendency is to want to receive more than you can give, you can stifle your partners or become highly influenced by them.

There is a tendency to fill your emotional gaps and find security through partners but leaning too much on others is never a good deal. Your emotions must be worked on from the inside out, without crutches or illusions. Thus, it is possible to make the best of your relationships without over-burdening your partner, hoping that your mate will be your savior. The goal is to exchange experiences, support and grow together. Otherwise, you will continue to seek relationships by impulse, such that you may be able to live together, several times, while looking for a new "mom" or "dad".

You may be interested in areas where you can work for the public, knowing what the public expects and providing this in a more precise manner, so that your work can be recognized by many. Having a stable relationship can be important so that you do not lose focus.

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