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Understanding the Qualities of the Signs

Cardinal, Fixes and Changeable

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The 4 elements, which form the backbone of the study of Astrology can be expressed in different variations. The first is the division of the 12 signs by the 4 elements, which is called triplicity, that is, for each element we will have a group of 3 signs. The second is the division of the 12 signs by the 3 expressions of these elements, where the result is called quadruplicities - or modes, qualities. Thus, we will have a group of 4 signs for each expression.

Like the elements, these qualities have values ​​and characteristics of their own. Each of the four elements will display a cardinal expression, a fixed expression, and a mutable expression. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are nothing more than names for this combination of element + quality.

The energy that contemplates the Fire element in its Cardinal expression is called Aries. The energy that contemplates the Earth element in its Fixed expression is called Taurus, that of the Air element with Mutable expression is called Gemini and so on, following the zodiacal order.

Astrology basically follows the dynamics of the seasons, where each of these three-month periods is composed of a beginning, middle and end. Every month, such periods manifest themselves in nature in a variety of ways. The beginning of winter, for example, is not as cold as the middle. The middle of summer is usually a little warmer than the end. The three qualities represent the three parts of the seasons and the way the signs interact with the elements.

No quality is better than the other, they are just complementary and interdependent. Cardinal signs tend to initiate things and take the first step. The fixed signs maintain and sustain what was started, concretizing and managing things. Mutable signs work with transition, flow, release, transformation and adaptation of things. It is always good that an astral map has a balance between qualities so that the person has the innate ability to manage their projects and carry out their coexistence in an easier, more independent and pragmatic way.


The CARDINAL quality marks the beginning of the season and the power of initiation, being the hallmark of the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They tend to be direct energies, action-oriented, progress-oriented, direction-oriented. They welcome the tendency to change and approach things impatiently, having an affinity for leadership and self-assertion.

Innovation is another positive characteristic of the cardinal expression, but at the same time that a force to start things is generated, it can bring difficulties to continue and maintain what has been started, thus needing the combination and help of other sustaining energies.

The cardinal signs

Aries (fire), Libra (air), Cancer (water) and Capricorn (earth) have a tendency towards impulsiveness in their actions and have the audacity and courage to take a stand wherever they wish, something that can also attract precipitation and impatience. Activity, creativity and entrepreneurship are also part of its range of possibilities.


Is the cardinal type that asserts itself through its impulsiveness, vitality and great assertive energy. Is very good at coming up with ideas and initiating things;


Is the cardinal type that progresses more slowly, in a more measured way, walking sideways, manipulating and circumventing situations, using its emotions to open the way;


Is the cardinal type who tends to use his thoughtful side to attract the people and situations he wants, paving his way with people's help. Thanks to his temperance and apparent kindness, he generally manages to be well received. Has a certain inherent indecisiveness, reflecting and making plans so that the best decision is made rather than going too thirsty for the pot;


Is the cardinal type who moves slowly, discreetly and cautiously, yet is endowed with great ambition. As a result, he usually manages to pave the way with his resilience and experience going almost unnoticed, taking advantage of this advantage to advance and exert dominance over people and situations.


FIXED quality corresponds to mid-season and sustaining power, underlining TaurusLeoScorpio and Aquarius. They tend to be energies that like routine, not having as much affinity for change or spontaneity in their approaches, clinging to their ideals and defending them to the end.

The etymology of the word "fixed" comes from the Latin "fixus", which means "stuck", that is, stopped, difficult to move, "attached to something", and in this case, to its own way of being and acting. They are support pillars, each one using the expression of its element.

The fixed signs

Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water) and Aquarius (air) have a tendency towards preservation, hardly deviating from their purposes, maintaining habits and choosing what is already known and established. From this, characteristics such as stubbornness and stagnation may arise, although they usually have a lot of willpower to work in search of their livelihood or stay focused on tasks, demonstrating tenacity, moral strength and completing their projects (although they may take some time to start them) .

Their desires and emotions tend to be intense and they may like to hold on to things for a long time, be it material possessions or relationships.

They are the stabilizers of the zodiac and act in a more focused, concentrated way with a tendency to do things more solidly and well-done, with discipline and in a well-defined internal rhythm. They continue what was started and deepen, steadily, steadily and often for long periods. They rejoice when they are sustaining something, solving some problem that needs concentration or that inspires challenge.

One of the advantages of fixed signs is being able to sustain something until the end. This has pros and cons, as it can also be difficult to "let go of the bone" even when there are apparent signs that it is no longer worth investing effort in it or that defeat is imminent. Inflexibility, stubbornness, rigidity and difficulties in making changes and adaptations tend to be things that are more possible wherever the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are positioned or act.


Is the fixed type with a more material and visible footprint, needing to obtain his comfort in the physical and sensorial realm. Doesn't let go of things easily and tends to focus on one subject at a time;


Is the fixed type centered on himself, on his own authority and enthusiasm, being endowed with great physical and moral energy. Thus, manage and complete your projects with firmness and determination;


Is the most emotional fixed type and does not usually vary his emotions, always keeping them in a deeper and more passionate way. He loves or hates more easily, his feelings are rarely in the middle. He knows perfectly how to control his emotions, appearing quite reserved;


Is the type fixed in his opinions, he can be intellectually rigid and intolerant. This can even be a bit paradoxical, as it is the most original and unpredictable energy, yet it seems to have difficulty changing its mind in a more fluid way.


The CHANGEABLE quality represents the end of the season and the power of change and adaptation, being the hallmark of GeminiVirgoSagittarius, and Pisces. They tend to be more flexible and adaptable energies, like a chameleon, which changes to adjust to the environment where it finds itself and is always looking for new learnings and new airs. It is oriented towards learning, adaptability, and new experiences, welcoming variety.

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The mutable signs

Gemini (air), Sagittarius (fire), Pisces (water), and Virgo (earth) have a tendency towards volatility, change, speed, and haste and inspire a certain superficiality. However, they tend to adjust very well to all situations. They are more complex and have a dual nature that can be confused with instability. They also tend to be more flexible, tolerant, and astute because of all this mutability.

On the other hand, this same mutable action can also bring doubts and indecision. Underneath all this possible alternation and fluidity, there is an enormous driving force to adapt to any situation.


Is the mutable type in your mental domain. From one hour to the next, you can change the subject, with a tendency to have less depth and talk a lot;


Is the mutable type in the practical areas of life, being quite a perfectionist and constantly looking for new ways to improve himself and the processes he proposes to do;


Is the mutable type in their ideas and activities, wanting to practice several at the same time and being the most enthusiastic sign, always looking for new discoveries and adventures;


Is the changeable type in the field of emotions, changing quickly from the highest emotional ecstasy to the deepest melancholy. It is the most difficult type because it has such a rich and complex inner life.


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