Virgo - Sign of Mutable Earth

The Sign of Virgo in Astrology


The Virgo sector is located between the meridians 150 to 180 degrees in the ecliptic reference system, so it has nothing directly to do with constellations, as do the other signs of the zodiac.

The image of a girl as a symbol of this place is due to the allusion to the annual activities of the Mesopotamian societies. It was the final month of summer in the northern hemisphere and the last month of the two productive seasons. There was the harvesting and threshing of wheat that required concentration and sophisticated levels of fine adjustments of the hands. Delicate hands were needed to make the most of the harvest. Even today, women are chosen to do the fine welding, weave silk carpets, and work with delicate and sophisticated components for their character.

Virgo is the second sign of the Earth element (mutable earth) and has Mercury as its ruler, being the star of greatest similarity in terms of observed effect. If in Leo there is the need to discover and develop the individuality of the Being and its creative potential, in Virgo there is the need to make the best use of individual talents.

Moving from the realm of discourse, from the fiery narrative of Leo to practice, there is concretization, dealing with frustrations, losses and adversities. Thus, overcoming becomes one of the observed characteristics. This is why Virgo is known as a servant sign.

It is the last of the personal signs, the one that can discriminate, separate and select what is ready to be used or improved for new and better experiences. Conservation, maintenance, cleanliness and routine are characteristics very much observed in this component.

It is the typical and functional characteristic that reflects and analyzes the Being's relationship with the world and makes him understand things in a more rational and pragmatic way, improving and getting the most out of things and himself.

Instinct bends or in some way is affected by the zones of consciousness and thus self-criticism and discriminative criticism of the external world become commonplace.

In Virgo, the direction is reflexive, critical, and reaches all the capacity of analysis and synthesis in the details. The Virgoan characteristic observed and documented in countless treatises in ancient Greece and in the European Renaissance, shows us that this component is responsible for the organization of matter, of what is real.

It is order acting on chaos, the imposition of logic on reality once the environment becomes more stable and predictable. Working hard and with commitment means productive accomplishment, a way to arrange life. The sign of Virgo carries this dedication and humility at its core. And for this, you do not need to boast about it and be the center of attention like your previous sign Leo. The security of your work done in a careful and meticulous way is enough for you.

This component brings with it a reflection and helps us to rationally understand our relationship with the world. Everything that the Being is and possesses can - and should - be better utilized with your help. The improvement, the step by step, day by day improvement is a modus operandi of the functional model.

It is the characteristic that can be observed as attentive to the minutiae, the between the lines, the defects, what is wrong, out of position and disorganized following its own evaluation criteria, that one seeks perfection, that one always wants to achieve the best through practicality, persistence and determination. This need for a job well done makes room for all kinds of criticism, usually constructive. Nothing seems to satisfy this component, which seeks perfectionism and excellence.

An enormous energy coming from Mercury helps you to analyze situations in a more concrete way, noticing their differences, discriminating, giving them their due importance, and finally finding their usefulness.

Reality is the Virgoan focus, without beating around the bush or overwhelming emotions: what matters is finally, the practical value, the best result that can be achieved, the maximum benefit that can be extracted from each thing.

The apparent practicality and pragmatism of this component can lead to hasty conclusions. Many may understand it with a materialistic nature, shallow and insensitive in many cases. After all, it teaches how to fish and denies the easy fish out of mere pity or compassion. The concept is not assistentialist, but rather educating, rescuing the other. However, it sets limits to this assistance and does not allow itself to be exploited.

This component brings empathy if evidenced in the maps. Therefore it can be caring, zealous, helpful, supportive, helpful and attentive.

Helping, serving, and caring brings pleasure. It wants to be useful even if discreetly. It wants to teach individuals how to live as pragmatically and efficiently as possible.

It is a sign that when it appears in emphasis rarely gives value to hedonism (cult, philosophy, or set of them that gravitate to the central theme "pleasure") and seems to have the need to analyze everything in a detailed way, as if taking out the colors to scrutinize, taking some of the fun out of creativity in a broad and colorful context.

The more admirable side of Virgo is methodical, altruistic, demanding, studious, organized, and punctual. Its darker side is stingy, skeptical, pedantic, and fiercely critical - the thrifty individual can become a miser, the studious person can become narrow-minded, and caution can turn to inhibition.

Managing this component well means achieving a more open mind, accepting other opinions and being more tolerant, always serving with common sense and without inconvenience.

To you, Virgin, I ask that you undertake an examination of all that men have done to My Creation. You will have to observe with insight the paths they travel, and you must remind them that their mistakes make Me suffer. Through your critical eyes, My Creation will be seen and perfected. In order for you to do so, I grant you the Gift of Purity. And Virgin returned to her seat.

Characteristics of Virgo:

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Solar period: +/- from 24/08 to 23/09
Ruling planet: Mercury
Natural of House 6
Principle: Reactive | Female - yin
Keyword: Practicality
Key phrase: I analyze
Glyfo: Spelling of the word virgin in Greek
Opposite sign: Pisces
Anatomy: Small intestine, duodenum, spleen, enzyme production, pancreas, gallbladder.

People with sun in Virgo

What Astrology says about Virgo.

People with the Sun in Virgo are generally more methodical, analytical, systematic, servile and punctual, with tremendous (and nervous) mental energy linked to their essence. When operating in harmony, such energy pushes the natives to distinguish everything more precisely, usually with a great deal of common sense and humility, in addition to making them more practical, detailed, hardworking and helpful.

Mutable signs, like Virgo, are the most flexible and adaptable people of the entire zodiac. Virgos have a natural talent for understanding what needs to be done, being very detailed and good at jobs that require multitasking. They are instinctively more sensitive to the needs of others and tend to adapt well to different people and situations, always trying to find ways to feel useful.

Many Virgos help people without the need to get a reward for it; however, some can play the martyr and even cry when they feel their help or advice is being ignored. Occasionally, they tend to act with a certain inconvenient helpfulness. It is good to stick to this detail, because helping someone does not mean that you must force them to achieve a Virgo native’s concepts of perfection.

The need to make things better can be met by Virgos who pursue career paths in areas such as healthcare, veterinary work, education, human resources, environmental protection, social work, organization, cleaning or anything that needs a well-defined routine or improvement and maintenance work, in other words tasks that are able to convey a better notion of usefulness. The most complete expression of this sign is through humility and service, and its biggest flaw can be criticism. It's necessary to make an observation in this respect: self-criticism and getting on one’s own case can also be potent and an anxiety factor.

Everyday things and the routine of life also tend to be extremely relevant for Virgos. As their essence is mastery of details, they are usually overly concerned for their own good. They are often asking themselves: “What if this does not work out?”, “What if that exclamation gives the wrong impression?”, “Have we thought of everything?”. Therefore, they are better able to anticipate problems, preventing them from happening. They worry and suffer if they feel they have not done a good (or excellent) job.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

In relationships, they may have some difficulty in expressing themselves, as they may be more introspective, if in case other aspects of their astral chart do not have a direct influence in this sense. They can also be very self-reliant, but they are most happy when they have someone to add to their life. The negative side of the Virgo energy can make a person more indifferent, skeptical, demanding, sarcastic, overly critical, pessimistic and complaining all the time. They will also have to worry about paying too much attention to details.

People with the Sun in Virgo can also be very dynamic in some situations. For example, when the focus is not directly on them, but on a service they offer, they can be excellent salespeople and marketeers. They are happy when they can work on something where various details must be considered, such as services of a more technical, analytical nature or quality control. Serving can be more pleasurable than leading.

They usually keep their promises and have a natural talent for organization, following well-defined schedules and having more affinity for order and harmony. The natives of this sign can unconsciously seek perfection in everything they do, but as they strive so hard to do things right, they generally want others to do it too, and can criticize them whenever failures are noticed.

They are endowed with curiosity, which is (a characteristic of their ruling planet, Mercury), and they can be constantly asking about something. As they tend to worry more than they should, (they are always thinking about how they can improve something), so they may have to deal with anxiety sometimes. Many Virgos need a daily period of relaxation to calm their nerves, though it can be a little more difficult for a Virgo to relax, as they cannot stand boredom for long. They always want to be busy, whether doing something, learning about some matter, or just having fun. If you can have fun with things that have some practical use or help with personal improvement instead of just trivialities, that is precisely where they will be.

They usually look for new ways to take care of themselves, either through better nutrition or through natural ways of healing. An interesting curiosity: many people with a Virgo Sun or Rising Sign, (or with this strong sign in their birth chart), may look much younger than they really are and have a greater appreciation for pets.

How to become a better Virgo?

  • Rest your mind more;
  • Understand that nobody is perfect (not even Virgos!);
  • Express yourself better in relationships;
  • Be less pessimistic and complain less;
  • Make punctual and constructive criticisms.

What to expect from Virgo men?

Generally willful, the Virgo usually helps people who are in trouble, but they must think that the person deserves their effort. Life for the Virgo man is generally not a bed of roses, so it is difficult to be caught off guard by some disillusionment. He tends to be practical, intelligent and thinks that nothing falls from the sky. Money is the result of their work, so they tend to be workaholics. Virgo embraces work, as they tend to think that dreams are only possible if they commit themselves to practical reality.

They are good companions when they manage to control this critical impulse and the habit of scolding people. Virgo rarely lets emotion overwhelm logic.

What to expect from Virgo women?

The symbol of the sign of Virgo already says a lot about Virgo: a woman doing the harvest. This symbolizes the knowledge and wisdom received from the Earth. Because of this contact with the land, female Virgos are usually down to earth and very practical. Working is important, as are their assets and financial success. However, she is usually not greedy, just determined to fulfill her desires. You just must be careful that such determination does not become selfish, cynical or just desire without effort.

Although she needs passion like anyone else, in relationships she tends to want her partner to be equally dedicated and helpful. Therefore, anyone who relates to it can be constantly reminded of reality. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to constantly idealize the partner, always seeing a positive side, even if he has a pile of defects. In general, the Virgo woman is self-reliant in her relationships. This happens a lot because of their intellect, which allows them to analyze people and situations and deal with things in a practical way.

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