Scorpio - Sign of Fixed Water

The Sign of Scorpio in Astrology


The Scorpio sector is positioned between 210 and 240 degrees ecliptic. As the images of the zodiac came out of collective activities or social organization, this image was placed to represent the slow and painful death (as when one is stung by several scorpions) of nature in the central month of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

In its characteristics, it is composed of cold and wet principles (the last remnants of the last two seasons). Thus, the element of water is a characteristic. The two closest stars in terms of observed effect are Mars and the recently discovered in the 20th century, Pluto. Thus, looking at these three signs together in a chart is important to see if these components are ostensible and these natures are evident.

Scorpio symbolizes the conflict between the human psyche and instinct, death and desire. In Freud, it would be a great clash between the Managing Ego (I) and the Id (instincts).

It is a sign that rules the darkest and unknown depths of our nature and therefore, threatening, but also the highest heights, if we manage to integrate the shadows, the ancestral memories present in our instincts.

Observations on this component show typical characteristics of the Being's concerns with an emotional development that goes beyond those more easily observed, such as family ties and protection as we see in Cancer, for example.

Scorpio's emotional involvement is based on the attempt to control and understand human emotions and the role they play in the mysterious process of the cycles of life and death.

The astrological images of Scorpio are the Scorpio and in some zodiacs, a tormented and suffering man, struggling against death and its fears, which represent the potency and achievement of the capacity for power, observation, regeneration and control.

The man in conflict represents the capacity for regeneration, overcoming, and a progress made through immense adversity to achieve great things, if he can master his shadows and fears.

The Scorpio, however, represents the side that has not yet understood the power of the psyche to "realize itself by realizing", to self-regulate, to resignify, to slow down instinctive impulses in order to better ascertain more basic actions and instincts, intensely satisfying the most urgent passions regardless of the consequences.

There is therefore a clash of forces, memories and very distinct characteristics in the psyche that often force people to live on the thresholds of their structures, creating a certain discomfort.

There is great depth, intensity and passion involved when this component is present in an ostentatious way, involving themes such as transformation, regeneration, sex and death, being a sign often pedagogically associated with the phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from its own ashes.

This sign shows the presence of extreme and conflicting inner voices with to defend or to love, to surrender affectively or to fight. A conflict between the reptilian brain, the automaton central nervous system inherited from the reptile phase (defending territory, not failing, not making mistakes, not exposing oneself, etc.) and the paleo mammalian brain (developed in the mammalian phase), where protection means physical contact, trusting, protecting, and wanting protection.

In Scorpio he also wants to make contact with others, because of the defensive nature of the component, but in a much more intimate way. He needs to discover what is hidden in the other, he needs to experience the transformations that a relationship with other people brings - he needs to satiate his deepest desires.

He seeks to understand and control human emotions and discover what role they play in the mysterious cycle of life. With an ingenious, curious, and investigative nature, the sign of Scorpio has a real fascination for how the cogs of the universe work. Discovering the deeper mysteries of yourself and the universe are part of your fabric.

The relationship with other people will broaden the concepts of the Scorpio Self, or else it will make it difficult for you to relate to your surroundings and people.

In some cases it needs control and can challenge everything for the sake of its survival to the ultimate consequences. After all, it is a struggle for life, for existence, and therefore mobilizes the oldest and most primary mechanisms for this.

They can defy even death itself, real or imaginary, persecutory, in some cases taking certain positions by force, sometimes quite rigidly.

Not being afraid of death, or even being fascinated by its power, or going to the ultimate consequences makes Scorpio transcend, intensify, and rescue the primordial meaning of death, which is transformation. In many cases, coming face to face with death and making it intimate is a way to come to terms with it, so that the so-called Freudian "death drive" becomes bearable.

Survival and possession are the guiding principles of the sign of Scorpio, and this happens through a sometimes irrational, blind, almost animal strength. The impulsiveness of Mars finds in Scorpio its most intense form, obstinate and with a powerful and intense introversion. It is also a force capable of overcoming immense adversity, possessing a high power of regeneration.

When the internal conflicts of people with a Scorpio emphasis are better understood and well elaborated, the subject relieves himself of his most intense internal tensions and starts to accept, as much as possible, his contradictions, intensities and voices that emerge from his most unconscious side.

Accepting their inevitable destiny, people with emphasis in Scorpio reach a manageable way of survival and relax their internal and external control persecutors, reaching another level of their consciousness, accepting life without reservations, accepting the affection, the opportunities, pleasures and displeasures possible within the limits of existential possibility. Thus, he comes to understand himself better with the natural world.

It is a characteristic that is involved in the fuller processes of change and transformation, clearly understanding the cycle of destruction and reconstruction, life and death.

"I wish", "I dream" are common terms used by people with this component in evidence. They are often magnetic, independent, intense, and courageous, especially in situations of cornering and intimidation, because they are involved with survival.

In pre-process elaboration and inner work, they are usually obstinate, destructive, arrogant, manipulative, and need in some cases to emotionally exert an intimidating role to control the risks involved.

The persevering one can become destructive, the deep one becomes obsessive, and the powerful one becomes an emotional controller. Balancing these energies means achieving truth, serenity, emotional balance, self-control, confidence, and clarity of purpose.

A text that can help bring some thoughts about this component is:

To you, Scorpio, I will give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of men, but I will not give you permission to talk about what you learn. Many times you will feel hurt by what you see, and in your pain you will turn against Me, forgetting that it is not Me, but the perversion of My Idea that makes you suffer. You will see so much of man as an animal, that you will often fight the instincts in yourself. You will lose your way, but when you finally return, I will have for you the supreme Gift of Purpose and Purpose. And Scorpio returned to his seat.

Characteristics of Scorpio:

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Solar period: +/- from 24/10 to 22/11
Ruling planet: Mars
Natural of House 8
Principle: Reactive | Female - yin
Keyword: Intensity
Key phrase: I desire
Glyfo: Scorpion`s tail and sting
Opposite sign: Taurus
Anatomy: Genitals, rectum, anus, urethra, prostate, large intestine.

People with sun in Scorpio

What Astrology says about Scorpio.

Although always involved in some way in everything that is hidden, interesting, profound or mysterious, not even Scorpios spend their whole lives reflecting on such things, although they have a special talent for psychology and research. They are endowed with powerful intuition, great personal magnetism and tremendous awareness of human nature. With more restrained, internalized and intense feelings, a Scorpio’s energy is externalized through their solar archetype with great obstinacy.

At first glance, they prefer to conduct their objectives in a secretive, intense and focused manner, controlling (or manipulating) the things around them. The sincerity and openness of a Taurus find in Scorpio their antagonistic energy. Scorpios can often be attracted to what is strange and hidden, generally being  more observant, curious, resourceful and investigative individuals, fascinated by the way things work. Their recovery powers can also be remarkable, and they can learn to use them to help and inspire others to also be able to regenerate when needed.

The lives of Scorpio natives are made up of many stages. If at any time they are at the bottom of the well, it is there that they are most likely to find their powerful regenerative abilities. They have extremely powerful wills and rarely fail to get what they want in life. Their desires move and stimulate them, but once conquered, they tend to lose interest in the fruit of desire, an attitude that is shared with Aries by the division of their ruler, Mars, who thinks that hunting can be more exciting than what has been conquered.

They know how to say “no” like anyone else and move on without looking back when they have in fact decided. They often find it easier to control or manipulate others than to dominate themselves, even though this is true of human beings in general when they have power in their hands. And Scorpios can have a lot of affinity with (and desire) for power at its various levels.

On the surface, Scorpios may seem easy to deal with, but they can be extremely obstinate people with a tendency to control others. The keys to their success are willpower and the ability to get to the bottom of the things in which they are involved. Give a Scorpio a difficult task so that, if he feels motivated, he will be able to complete that mission regardless of any difficulty that may arise.

Naturally suspicious, when they want answers, they persist until they get them. They want to know everything and, when they do, they can remain mysterious. When things get out of balance and they do not get their way, they can be jealous, sarcastic, spiteful, stubborn, possessive and vindictive, using their cunning to attack when least expected. They generally like what is difficult, impossible tasks, jobs that require continuous effort, determination, investigation and concentration. They have a good ability to plan ahead.

They generally have very well-defined opinions. Such opinions can be so rigid that, at first, nothing and no one makes them change their mind. They like to know what other people's plans are, but because of their secrecy, they do not want them to know what they are planning.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

They also tend to be capable of making extreme sacrifices for those they love. If any of their loved ones are being threatened in any way, they feel that they are also being threatened and this causes them to attack instinctively. In general, they need to learn to forgive more. It is often more difficult to deceive a Scorpio, as their strong intuition allows them to understand and grasp other people's internal motives and their potentials. It is this notion of capturing human potential that often increases their distrust. They know, instinctively, what they (and the other people) are capable of, for better or for worse.

In their goals, once their course of action is defined, it is difficult for them to change their focus. Very trivial things bore them and they prefer to delve into something specific rather than several other things superficially. They have an immediate reaction to things and people, be it love or hate, through powerful instincts, and they want to feel absorbed in what they do. They make a strong first impression on others: who like or dislike them right away. Middle ground is definitely not for them, either something is or it is not!

There are strong emotions and desires working under the Scorpio’s surface. Sometimes, in their internal battles, they step on other people along the way, so they can be classified as either great saints or great sinners. They consider themselves as their own judge, jury and executioner and, sometimes, they punish themselves. They rarely want to appear or be the center of attention. Due to the regenerative context of energy, they are generally healthy, but they may overeat with food, drink and sex.

In terms of love, they are loyal and like to show affection, but have a tendency towards possessiveness, jealousy and control of their loved one. They tend to be happier and more satisfied with a partner who knows how to nurture a constant emotional and sexual link. They have a soft side that they keep very well hidden and there is an innate need to connect with another person on a more intense and deep level. But to achieve this, they know that they need to let the other person succeed, at some point, in seeing that softer side so as not to scare them off. The problem is that with this comes the fear of revealing their sensitivity and losing control, becoming vulnerable and this is one of the internal conflicts that they must deal with constantly.

They are quite good at keeping calm in emergency or crisis situations. Having a Scorpio as a friend can be an asset to help with finances. They are great at managing resources and, when they like someone, they are captivating and very loyal. When they make friends, the friendship is usually very solid, because they can see when the friend is not well and needs that strength of theirs. But if honesty is lacking or the Scorpio feels betrayed, friends become enemies a little more easily.

How to become a better Scorpio?

  • Do not be so adamant;
  • Be more confident;
  • Be less jealous and possessive;
  • Control your impulses;
  • Avoid being vindictive;
  • Remember that not everything in life can be all or nothing.

What to expect from Scorpio men?

As a controlling personality, Scorpio tends to be fearless, even being able to choose careers that flirt with danger, in addition to being obstinate. Being more reserved and intuitive, they may spend much of their time alone, but they can prove to be true friends. But not of those types who are brown-nosed or lean on them, but the kind who keep what they have done and give back at some point. However, they can foster both sympathy for and aversion to people, as they love extremes. If they believe that someone has upset them, they can hold a huge grudge. Nor do they forgive an offense so easily.

Scorpio are always evolving, so their lives are made of ups and downs, where they are always reborn and reinvent themselves, no matter how far down they may fall. Building and rebuilding are watchwords, whether in their professions, personal lives or relationships. It is the energy of rebirth in the most varied scales. They tend to get headlong into love relationships. Since they are intense, they can also be mysterious and arrogant. They are influential and can manipulate and modify people through their psychological, persuasive and magnetic power.

However, the reserved manner of Scorpios goes down the drain in love, as they are incapable of hiding their emotions. They demonstrate their feelings and cultivate solid love, but without furies, always in their own fashion and calmly. The only outbursts they may have are jealousy, possibly followed by implicit claims of revenge if they detect betrayal. Driven by sexual motivations, they tend to have compulsive desires, which can cause them to get involved in relationships that are sometimes inappropriate. They have incredible willpower and self-control to fulfill their desires and goals. Platonic love is considerably difficult for Scorpios, as they much prefer love that is more physical and intense.

What to expect from Scorpio women?

Fascinating, magnetic, mysterious and with a certain sensuality, a female Scorpio tends to be fearless and never lets herself be controlled or conditioned by anyone. Always looking out for her desires, her plans are calculated in a crafty manner. They fear exposing themselves or opening up completely, for which reason they are more reserved. They can almost read your mind and want to know your secrets, but they do not reveal much about themselves. They are masters at hiding emotions and reactions, but if their needs are suppressed, they can become possessive, envious and vindictive.

When they are upset, they get hurt, but a little affection and ego massage are usually enough to calm things down. But anyone who thinks a Scorpio woman is naive is mistaken. Naivete and ingenuousness are not words in her dictionary, so it is not easy to deceive her. When she gets involved in a relationship, she wants it to last and will do anything for it. She is usually loyal to, supports and defends her partner. Infidelity is usually not part of a female Scorpio's menu, so when her partner gets involved with someone else, she can be devastated. But only for a little while, because soon she rises from the ashes and starts all over again. That same determination is applied to her relationships. She can move worlds to make her relationship work.

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