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Uranus in Scorpio in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Scorpio: 1891 to 1897 | 1975 to 1981 | 2060 to 2067

Generations that tend to deal well with deeper emotions can naturally go through transformations along their lives, besides having more potential to develop innovative ideas, which generate collective transformations.


Times of provocation, belligerence, uncovering what's been hidden for a long time and breaking barriers imposed by societal conventions. It adds a feeling of uncertainty toward the future and occasional revolutionary attitudes to discover and transform themes that are considered taboo. In Scorpio's last transit, for example, Uranus interacted with themes such as sexuality, life after death, government conspiracies and the occult. This is also a trademark of individuals who share this positioning, who are drawn to these subjects and can propagate them throughout their lives.


It was a time when the definition of a relationship was going through a new phase: all that excitement about free love, idealism and peace from the decade before began to wane. These natives would later be invited to reach a new understanding and conceptualizing of how people relate to each other at any level. Psychoanalysis became more popular at the time and was no longer considered taboo, marginalized, or "only for lunatics." It started being considered a valuable type of therapy to treat many mental conditions and everyday neurosis.


Birth Chart Interactions


Uranus's and Scorpio's energies deal with change, transformation, death and rebirth. For Uranus, this is a birth chart positioning that warrants more power and intensity in its natives' actions, with a chance to be braver or to dare more, but also to avoid showing emotions (or even reject them, eventually).


It offers opportunities for introspection and unusual sexual explorations (especially with Uranus in houses 5 or 8), as well as a stronger desire to free people from their fears and help them overcome their limits. Natives usually find ingenious and constructive solutions for emotional tensions along the way.


It can also influence a greater need for power or control over things, especially if Uranus is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon or Midheaven. This energy needs to be used wisely, helping its natives to achieve incredible feats.

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