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Midheaven in Scorpio in the BirthChart

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Scorpio is a powerful sign in Midheaven, endowing people with this positioning with a public image of determination and mystery. Like Aries, Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars, so these people tend to be more competitive. Their curiosity can be more acute, making them pursue the path of research and other such careers linked to science or investigations.


Scorpio is also associated with finance, as its opposite sign, Taurus. Having such a sign on the cusp of House 10 can also point to a career in accounting, investment, brokerage, banking services, taxes, and taking care of other people's assets. There is a certain flair and ingenuity for business and orientation toward understanding what motivates each person to know what they want or seek. Therefore, they may also pursue careers as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or a counselor, for example. These individuals tend to understand quite well the deepest longing of the soul, the dichotomy of light vs. darkness; with that, they can help others do the same.


Safety is important


Primary Taurus concerns about money and possessions can manifest as one of these people's psychological bases. If they are not balanced and understood, they can fuel envy, where such individuals begin to worry if others have more power than they do.


Their lives are full of fears, anxieties, victories and defeats. It can be an excellent lesson for them to understand that money and power are not the most important things in life. There are also their family, work and friends... In addition to very subjective small pleasures, which only we know. Each one must take care of themselves and seek their fulfillment without thinking about what others have or do not have. When all is said and done, everyone can share when there is trust and goodwill.


When such people are sure of the stability of their Taurus base and also reconcile their spiritual and material possessions, they can unleash the full potential of their MC in Scorpio. And thus be able to understand the fears and weaknesses of other hearts, sharing with others the wisdom they have gained in their careers.

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