Taurus - Sign of Fixed Earth

The Sign of Taurus in Astrology


Taurus is the first sign of the earth element on the zodiac wheel and symbolizes matter, the primordial form of life, material resources. Ruled by Venus, a planet linked to beauty and love, Taurus has an energy that connects the Being to the world, which makes possible the knowledge of what is tangible, provides a sense of value and helps in the identification through the senses. The physical world is the focus here, the direction is on owning, enjoying, and maintaining through what is tangible, concrete, secure, fixed, grounded. In Taurus, we have our first contact and we know the potential of what can be touched, of the food that is provided for us, of stability and the power to materialize.

It is the energy that is wrapped around the feet on the ground, which connects to matter. This is when the baby takes its first steps to touch, smell and feel everything around it. Eating, dancing, feeling, in short, absorbing stimuli physically is intimately linked to Taurine energy. As it is an energy focused on what is concrete, it vibrates in a heavier, denser, and more fixed way. All this material direction can even bring limitations, but it also brings security, appreciation, and the power to perform and maintain.

Patience, practicality, and sensuality are also part of Taurus’s range of qualities. However, its dark version can open doors to stubbornness, rigidity, and possessiveness, transforming a feeling of loyalty into jealousy and heightened materialism. Balancing Taurine energy successfully provides harmony and stability, confidence, self-control, and greater clarity of purpose, which, although they can be achieved more slowly, will certainly be more solid.

To you, Taurus, I bestow the honor of turning seeds into substance. Great is your task, it requires patience, as you have to germinate everything that was planted so that the seeds are not dispersed by the wind. You must not change your mind along the way nor depend on others to carry out what I ask of you. For this, I grant you the Gift of Strength. Try to use it wisely! And Taurus returned to its place.

Characteristics of Taurus:

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Solar period: +/- from 21/04 to 21/05
Ruling planet: Venus
Natural of House 2
Principle: Reactive | Female - yin
Keyword: Stability
Key phrase: I have
Glyfo: Bull`s head and horns
Opposite sign: Scorpio
Anatomy: Neck, throat, ear, vocal cords, thyroid, tongue, mouth, tonsils.

People with sun in Taurus

What Astrology says about Taurus.

When we are born, the first thing we use is our physical senses. What we can see, touch, and physically hold represents our immediate reality. For this reason, the astral heritage of people born under the sign of Taurus is affinity and the conservation of material resources, in addition to a certain attachment to the people they consider closest. People with the Sun in Taurus can accomplish many things because of their solid ability to continue projects or actions where others have lost their patience or energy to continue. Since they usually tend not to blindly trust people as soon as they meet them, they are very dependent on themselves.

They can be careful and patient when they try to do something they believe in or when they deal with people they care about and feel comfortable with. They are not very prone to surprises or changes all the time and like it when they have enough time to prepare, following a practical and well-planned agenda.

One of their strongest desires is that of safety. For example, broken promises or betrayals can pose direct threats to their security, so they tend not to respond well to such disloyalty. Those who seriously betray their trust usually do not gain another chance, either that or forgiveness takes a long time to obtain.

Being a Fixed Earth sign endows Taurus with a sharp business sense, as they know the value of things, have a talent for gardening, have a great appreciation for food, for the physical nuances of love, art, nature, and beautiful things in general. People with their Sun in Taurus are more likely to know what is good - and when it is good.  They also always need to express negative emotions instead of holding them back, as unworked anger and resentment can accumulate and one day explodes in a very exacerbated way.

Anyone who has the misfortune of bashing heads with an angry Taurus bull will not at all like what they encounter. Not that it is easy to irritate them, but when they do get riled, they can be very blunt and tend to need a little extra time to cool their heads. That is why the best thing to do is leave them alone. It takes some time for them to reflect on what happened. When they are disappointed, they tend to isolate themselves. A good suggestion for Taurus people is to deal better with life's disappointments and accept setbacks with the same patience and sobriety they use to achieve their goals.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

They can also be more stubborn and resistant to changes that are not proposed by themselves. Their opinions change gradually, but when they finally change, it is difficult to turn them back. They react to what they experience by evaluating the possible value or benefit of the situation, that is, before they act and become emotionally or intellectually involved, they check to see what the advantages are that some experience can provide. At first, very abstract or vague things do not attract their interest very much, as they need to have a more defined purpose in what they do and in the relationships they develop. Material goods and possessions are usually important and bring emotional security, but they must be careful with excessive consumerism and materialism.

They may work at a slower pace than others, but they always finish what they start. They are meticulous, firm, don't like to feel pressured, and prefer to continue what others have started instead of starting something themselves.

People tend to feel safe around them and their calm nature. In times of turbulence, they are generally the calmest and the ones who transmit security (along with Capricorns, their Earthbound partners). They have patience and the ability to find practical solutions to problems, being a little stronger, calmer, more practical and persevering.

Usually, Taurus people like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty by building or fixing things. They are good at maintenance and work does not bother them, provided the result is useful and serves a specific purpose. They love harmony and beauty and can be extremely affectionate, a legacy of their ruling planet, Venus. Many have a strong tendency to appreciate music, enjoy singing or dancing, and generally tend to have charming, well-tuned and gentle voices.

How do I become a better Taurus?

  • Avoid excessive materialism;
  • Be more flexible to changes;
  • Do not treat people with a sense of “ownership”;
  • Be less jealous and possessive;
  • Be less lazy and stubborn;
  • Trust people more.

Homens de Touro

What to expect from Taurus men?

They always tend to look for the best in life, generally aiming for social and material success. Some seem calm and controlled, but inside they want to make the most of their lives, seeking all kinds of experiences. However, they can curb their desires until they find a way to fulfill them more solidly since they also crave safety and a comfortable life. They are owners of a very practical, efficient, and organized nature, with common sense and pragmatism. They tend to be responsible and can take on heavy burdens, which can bring on anxiety, although they stick firmly to their goals and usually manage to achieve them.

They begin to reap the rewards of what they planted around middle age and, once married, tend to stay that way due to the fixed side of their sign. The physical and sexual parts of the relationship can be important. Usually, a Taurus person has nothing hidden under the image you see.

Mulheres de Touro

What to expect from Taurus women?

A Taurus woman is great company, tends to value the people around her, and cherishes peace, security, and good and pleasant relationships. Like men, they like good food, wear sexy clothes, and always try to indulge their sensual and sexual nature. She tolerates some “slips” when she is in love, seeming to have unusual self-control but she tends to be a little jealous and if something goes beyond the limits, the Taurus anger can take over.

With her strong willpower, money, resources or assets can be an important part of her life. Strong and stable as a bull, she can progress slowly in life, but it depends a lot on her good health, which is one of her most precious assets. Taurus women can give a lot of importance to values and most of the time they have no problem in pointing out their defects. Usually secretive, they only reveal their secrets when they think it's absolutely necessary. They tend to choose passionate partners, who may even carry some burdens, but who are generally willing and friendly.

The other stars when positioned in Taurus

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