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Saturn in Taurus in the BirthChart

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With Saturn in Taurus, individuals get more patient, practical, determined and discerning, with the ability to build and apply their resources better. Tasks can be more naturally accomplished. Once a goal has been set, it is consistently pursued until it is reached. Those with Saturn in Taurus tend to be determined. Along the way, their careers and rewards start to grow, as well as the strength to move forward in search of more accomplishments.


There’s financial motivation, but usually, this comes from a desire for comfort and security, making these individuals very good at saving money. Those with this position tend to have a slow and firm approach to different situations; therefore, they need to be careful not to miss opportunities due to taking too long to make decisions.


Managing Taurus’ characteristics


Taurus is a fixed sign. With Saturn using this sign as a filter, this context needs to be amplified, making these people more stubborn and obstinate than they usually would. In most charts, this positioning brings along an incredible amount of willpower. These individuals have more energy to keep going and maintain their objectives, even when many would have given up.


Another Taurus characteristic amplified by Saturn can be attachment. Taurus needs their things – goods, resources and people – to feel safe. With Saturn around, this need can make individuals a little more possessive. There’s also a tendency for being tight, maybe for fearing (or imagining) loss. They can become very stingy when saving money, needing the assurance of always having financial resources and purposefully avoiding spending.


Routine is also influenced. Sameness, uniformity and familiarity assure their well-being. Loss is something that can disturb their peace, and they feel a need to constantly prevent this from happening. However, it’s essential to be aware that everything passes; everything gets old, ends, or can disappear at any moment. It’s the natural order of the universe, and the native with this positioning needs to understand this if they want to be always in harmony and balance.


Treasured security


Taurus also interacts with our senses. Since Saturn brings restrictions, using these senses or learning from the experiences they process can have its limitations. For example, any trauma the native experiences through the senses (maybe hearing or seeing something disturbing or an abrupt touch) can set off a fear of exploring and discovering the new or the unknown.


For people with this positioning, it is harder to overcome such feelings. They can be more guarded, becoming more careful, not liking surprises or disturbances to their safe routine. The tenser Saturn is in the chart, the stronger the need for self-defense. Any physical or emotional experience is felt much more intensely with Saturn in Taurus.


Usually, pain from loss is stronger, attachment is greater, and longing is more intense. Security is felt when these people are surrounded by things they like and are familiar to them. However, although more intense physical sensations make them suffer, they are also a blessing for individuals with Saturn in Taurus. Because of that, they often establish a routine simply to maintain feelings they consider pleasant and good, which can generate rituals that consume their energy or focus.


Physical Limitations


Saturn in Taurus can bring a certain preoccupation or restriction regarding physical or self-esteem aspects. These people can be excessively preoccupied with physical issues, even if deep down there aren’t any real problems, just their imagination. They must be sensible and tolerant, accepting physical limitations and reflecting on less tangible things, such as spirituality. This way, the material world can help guide the way without being the end goal of existence. Ideally, they would reconcile mind and body to have a healthy, fulfilling life.

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