1. Tarot

Minor Arcana in Tarot Cards

While the Major Arcana represent the superior guidelines - the divine providences that we can hardly escape, the Minor Arcana act within the field of our free will, our choices and attitudes, as well as the role and influence of other people in relation to our life.

They are made up of 14 cards divided into four suits. In this sense, it is important to highlight that 4 has great importance in our world. Our day, for example, is divided into 4 stages (dawn, noon, sunset and midnight), the moon in 4 main phases (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter), the year has 4 seasons (spring , summer, autumn and winter) and so on. The symbolism of the number 4 is ingrained in areas such as arts, religion, mythology, among others. times.

In Astrology and Tarot it is no different. We have 4 elements that relate to the suits of the deck: Earth = Diamonds, Air = Spades, Fire = Clubs and Water = Hearts.
These four elements represent the basis of the universe, while also symbolizing the stages of our evolution as human beings.