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The Earth Element

Earth - Yin

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The Earth element in astrology stands for substance and practicality, being the hallmark of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. It is considered a cold, dry element and represents stability and solidity, giving substances their strength and form. In humans, it represents the physical body. The Earth element symbol is a triangle pointing downwards with a line through it. The descending triangle represents that the Earth is wet and seeks to descend, but its dry component blocks its full descent.

It has to do with security and materialism, like the act of putting your hand in the earth to extract our sustenance. It is where we put down roots, literally, in search of our stability. In this way, people with a certain predominance of the Earth element are more objective and work hard to obtain resources that will bring the desired security. Change is not their cup of tea, as they value order and seek to follow established standards, without taking too many risks. Materialism can close the doors to spirituality a little, so they are turned to what they can touch and prove. The creativity plan can be compromised due to a highly objective posture, with no room for far-fetched ideas.

People with a lot of earth in their birth chart also tend to be more introspective, passive and endowed with strong empathy, in addition to being calmer, slower and colder. They tend to be more resilient, with a lot of willpower. The element also gives more solidity, stability, persistence, and a concrete nature that can attract anxiety, pessimism or extreme realism. This element is also synonymous with sensuality, earthly pleasures and material or sentimental security, with its main characteristics: producing, maintaining, forming, building, establishing, containing and limiting. Earth signs make use of their elemental characteristic in different ways: Taurus produces, invests, enjoys, and appropriates; Virgo elaborates, perfects, details and scrutinizes things; Capricorn manages, structures, plans and governs.

Getting serious about someone more earthly is not very good, and can cause earthquakes. Its natives are capable of incredible outbursts of rage if their rage is repressed for too long. They are generally more tolerant, calm, indulgent and patient people, but pushing them to their limits can cause unpleasant reactions. Stubbornness and inertia are other aspects, making it more difficult for such people to change their minds.

Taurus can be lazy, stingy, unyielding and possessive; Virgo tends to be very critical, systematic and sometimes monotonous; Capricorn can be pessimistic, grouchy, stubborn and rigid. One must also be aware of the risk of becoming addicted to work and duties, and neglecting rest time, because where there is a lot of earth, there may be a constant and unconscious need to produce and establish oneself. Dealing with sudden changes is also not easy for this element, as the earth only moves through powerful forces of nature - or light forces, although constant, like the wind.

Formerly they were called people with Melancholic Mood.


For the earth element, making gains is of paramount importance, after all, a barren or unproductive land for a long time is neither interesting nor useful to anyone. Taureans prefer to obtain their gains in the normal way, preferably with less effort: "If we can plant or the fruit is at hand, let's use it. Why push and change what works?" . For Virgos, the ideal is to achieve something with commitment and dedication: "it is our service and our daily actions that generate good and productive results".  Capricorns conquer things with the force of time, as they need to climb their path to get where they want: "You only generate results with work, discipline, resilience and persistence".

Generally, futilities are in the background or third plan for the earth element. Words are not enough to call attention, show work yes. They are too pragmatic and practical to be impressed by words, promises and possibilities alone. They want to see things on a concrete level and admire those who are committed to making things happen. Time management is also different for this element. Everything tends to be done more calmly, patiently, grounded, slowly, step by step, aiming at security, stability, possible gains and the durability of what is achieved. This can be represented by the fertile land patiently germinating its seeds, by the rock formations, by the timeless constructions and by the incredible formation of the precious stones. The main interest is in security, stability, consistency of things, production, enrichment and status quo.

Without land, we don't build

When there is little amount of the earth element in the astral map, the person may end up losing focus and not reaching their goals. It becomes more difficult to be diligent and pragmatic in your day-to-day life, you lack the will to work and fulfill obligations, which gets worse with a possible feeling that no one is supporting your goals. The Earth has to do with planting to harvest, building, realizing, putting down roots, always in favor of security. With the lack of this energetic contribution, personal direction is not very practical and fanciful ideas start to pop up.

In fact, the person seeks to move away from very objective, responsible, serious and centered individuals to pursue goals that are increasingly difficult to achieve (or easy, depending on the point of view). Even health can be compromised by the lack of will to carry out daily routines, such as exercising, following a balanced diet or respecting the limits of the physical body.

They may lose objectivity, not knowing exactly what they want to achieve. Daily obligations become almost unbearable, so it is not uncommon for them to run away from responsibilities or change jobs constantly, due to boredom or pressure. They may specialize in professions they will never pursue or take courses that have no practical application to their goals. Lack of commitment to their goals can lead to financial problems, so they end up borrowing money and accumulating debt.

To recover the energy of the earth element, the person has to overcome inertia, fulfill their daily routine and value responsibility and the foundation of things. She needs the willingness to reactivate her focus and fulfill her goals. It is very helpful to seek out the company of Earth people to see how their lives are structured and based on security. Spending time enjoying nature is also great; this way you can reconnect with the earth and grow your roots back. By balancing the energy of this element, the person can finally get back to working hard towards realistic goals, achieving more stability.

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Be careful not to get buried!

Those who have a predominance of the Earth element can become excessively materialistic. The person becomes selfish or overprotective of their precious resources, worrying only about conquering, getting more and more, not wanting to waste time with risky ideas or projects. Thus, he values ​​and always pursues what is palpable, what can be "achieved" through his efforts in the present.

The tangible, by the way, ends up having central importance in his life. They become very economical, looking after their finances and knowing their monthly budget. To compensate for a possible unrealistic feeling of instability, they seek security by following a daily routine with a lot of discipline. They may even follow some doctrine or system that brings that sense of stability and structure.

Wanting to touch and feel, so this quest for pleasure and comfort increases. In love and relationships, however, excess energy makes a person very down-to-earth. No idealizing the loved one or having extremely romantic ideas. They prioritize loyalty and a stable relationship, wanting to take care of their partner and doesn't like surprises or sudden changes. You can enjoy staying at home enjoying the comforts of home, which bothers you if your partner prefers a bit of excitement. Jealousy also increases, due to his mistaken notion of "possession".
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Signs ruled by EARTH


Taurus undertakes a constant search for the pleasures provided by the material and earthly spectrum, its beauties, fruits, the potential of matter and the management of its resources, being fully aware of the sensuality provided by the five physical senses. The important thing is the gains and advantages that the land and nature provide, and the comfort generated. Much of what keeps Taurus’s energy going are the little pleasures like touch, affection, sex, good food, and whatever comforts resources can buy.


Virgo controls the earth element through agriculture, usable items, improvements, the act of sowing, harvesting and service, in addition to having a greater material-body awareness, aimed at maintaining health and hygiene, things necessary for a good life. and productive routine. The important thing is the pre-defined routes and the means of production are established and improved, thus generating security for itself and for the operations. Part of what keeps Virgo moving is the security generated by routine, habits, efficient work, cleanliness, and concern for health.


Capricorn uses all resources for durable, cohesive, solid and comprehensive constructions, in addition to having a greater awareness of time, age, and maturity of oneself and of all things in the world, in addition to wisdom that comes from experience. It is important for this sign to be safe where you step. What keeps Capricorn moving are ambitions, status management, productivity, recognition, employment, savings, institutions and stability. Reaching limits with stability, security and determination is its proposal.

Remembering: a great strength of the earth element in the birth chart can make the person appear more solid, down to earth, "earthly", that is, being more concerned with the practicality of things, giving relevance to material things, and performing their tasks more security and solidity. As with the element's mode of operation, the person can appear denser, doing things more slowly but steadily, in a more defined route. Production and permanence are always related to the earth’s element. Even if it takes time, a more earthly type knows they can get there if they persist. Whether walking through a forest, in the countryside or climbing a mountain, the journey may be more difficult, although it will certainly come with more persistence and resilience to get where you want to go.

  Always think of Earth as something concrete, detailed, practical, and safe, energy that influences our capacity for solid realization, in addition to a greater affinity with boundaries, with the material world, and the physical senses


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