Chiron in Astrology

The wounded healer

Chiron is an asteroid located between Uranus and Saturn. From its discovery (1977) until now, many speculations have been raised in the astrological scope regarding its influences. Chiron’s positioning reveals where we possibly have wounds, which hurts most in each of us. With that, this influence guides us through a journey of suffering and liberation during life, always changing our perception of things in a constant re-examination that inspires acceptance and evolution.

Astrologically, Chiron symbolizes a type of “wound” in the Sign and House where it is positioned in the birth chart. It opens up talents and abilities for the person to help others, but it shows a certain difficulty in healing their own wounds.

Chiron in the birth chart - wounds and cures

Chiron can be considered your Achilles' heel, where weakness is exposed and where a cure is needed. Chiron is also the doctor. At the same time that it shows us where there is fragility and pain, it reveals the cure in the sense that, when you know it, you can heal yourself, you seek your own medicine. The ability to resolve your pain is better when you become involved, from awareness, with other people who have the same pain and take care of it.

Chiron's influence can indicate problems, wounds that are always open in a certain personal area. These injuries can literally be physical or psychological, but the fact is that the person may have a harder time healing them. However, Chiron also brings skills so that the person is able to solve problems in the lives of others, but have a little more difficulty solving the ones in their own life. Resilience comes precisely when you help someone else to overcome the same pain. As you help others, you can find a way to heal your issues.

For example, the individual can be a great teacher, very good at helping and teaching their students, but who cannot be aware of its importance or help themselves with their own teachings. That is, Chiron helps us to see and care for the needs of others, but creates a barrier for us to care for the open wounds it indicates. Giving help means clearing the way to heal our wounds. Some say that Chiron actually makes us heal others to achieve our own healing.

The myth of Chiron

The idea of “healing” that Chiron carries in its basic meaning is based on mythology. Chiron would be a Centaur who was under the tutelage of Apollo. The Greek God taught him to be half-man, half-horse, things he could only learn in several lifetimes. So Chiron became a teacher, doctor, musician, philosopher... Anyway, a true sage.

One day, Chiron spotted another Centaur wounded by a poisoned arrow. When trying to help him, he ended up cutting himself and the poison ended up in his veins. The irony is that Chiron used all the knowledge he gained from Apollo to heal the other Centaur, but he could not heal himself. To make matters worse, Apollo had granted Chiron immortality, meaning the poor Centaur would suffer for eternity from the wound that would never heal and the poison that gnawed at his bowels.

To escape this endless suffering, Chiron made a pact for the freedom of Prometheus, who had stolen fire from humanity and was therefore bound. He would trade his immortality to see Prometheus free again. So he finally died and became the constellation Centaur.

For all that, the position of Chiron in the birth chart indicates the field where the person has some kind of ability, talent, but cannot use them for themselves, only to help others. The tip here is to always try to act in your area of influence with positive energies, using your skills in favor of those in need. After all, it is giving that we receive. In this way, we can achieve the healing we also need.

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