House 11 and its meaning in Astrology

House 11 - The Collective

At House 11 we live the possibility of integrating ourselves into something broader than just our fame and social image. It is the area of life where our social achievements (House 10) become relative to ourselves and humanity. Just as House 5 represents the release of energy accumulated in House 4, House 11 represents the release of power and creativity accumulated in House 10 and brings experience through friendships and the collective. It is the gateway to experiencing our hopes, desires and plans for the future, as well as maintaining important social contacts.

It is the place where we will deal with the gains and benefits gained through work, the reward of our career efforts and everything that has been done in order to evolve and become a better person, the money destined to be used after we finish our obligations and responsibilities.

Themes ruled by the House 11 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

Consciência global Amigos Grupos, tribos, gangues, ONGs e organizações Justiça social Amor recebido Internet Planos e projetos Desejos e esperanças Clubes sociais Humanitarismo Comunidade Cidadania Alianças Empreendimentos coletivos Colegas de classe Cultura Atividades de grupo e ativismo social Atividades humanitárias Times Redes sociais Partidos políticos e parlamentos Consciência social Correntes na atmosfera Criatividade compartilhada Circunstâncias fora de controle Enteados e filhos dos outros Amizades Participação social Revoluções, revoltas, rebeliões Surpresas Nosso papel nos grupos Sindicatos Entretenimento coletivo A mente coletiva Fraternidades Dinheiro ganho Tendências

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