House 11 and its meaning in Astrology

House 11 - The Collective

In the 11th house, we experience the possibility of integrating ourselves into something larger than just our fame and social image. It is the area of life where our social achievements (House 10) are relativized before ourselves and humanity.

The 11th House, therefore, signifies our future projects, and in a way, our legacies regarding the future.

Just as the 5th house represents the liberation of energy accumulated in the 4th house, the 11th house represents the liberation of power and creativity accumulated in the 10th house, and brings experience through friendships and collectivity.

Thus, this sector refers to our special contacts, capable of helping us in our processes. Thus, they are more than friends. The 5th house refers to friends from the everyday life, from parties, from vacations at the beach. But the 11th house, we will have solid friendships built on complicity, trust, and commitment.

It is the gateway to experiencing our hopes, desires and plans for the future, as well as maintaining important social contacts. This sector is related to our deepest projects, which often depend on lines of funding, development agencies, funds from ministries of science and research institutes, among others. For this reason, it is different from the matters of the 5th house. In this house, creativity is developed in a lighter way, it implies short term projects, short range cultural fomentation.

The 11th house implies big projects, which often involve a large number of people, with medium and long term effects. In many cases, the sponsors are those who trust the project and therefore defend it. The 11th house is related to bureaucracies that involve the release of funds and may involve several departments that need to be involved and convinced, and in fact, embrace the project.

It is the place where we will deal with the gains and benefits acquired through work, the reward for our career efforts and everything that was done with the goal of evolving and becoming a better person, the money destined to be used after we finish our duties and responsibilities.

The meaning is related in the sense that fame, the resume developed in the 10th house, can provide in the 11th house, perspectives of bigger projects that can be supported by the fact of delivering results obtained in the 10th house. We see that in astrology, the sectors are not separated, but interconnected by logical principles.

Traditionally it is also known as the "House of the Good Spirit". By this is meant a certain "luck", that we find someone who believes in us.

It deals with our network of acquaintances and contacts that accumulate throughout life. It is the way the creative forces, the nature of nature, the manifest (or the universal intelligence that many religions call God) speaks to us, through insights and glimpses that, when realized, give more purpose to our existence.

They also dialogue with us through signs or signals used in science. Thus, the 11th house is these signs. They are also the languages created for the dialogue with the "nature of nature", such as mathematics, geometry, medicine, botany, chemistry, physics, among many others.

Thus, the 11th house refers to the intellectual collaborations and the resources raised for the realization of great projects. In this sector, in the past, we have the marchands, the tutors, the nobles, the benefactors, the pistolons, the godfathers, the defenders, among others.

We also have the queens, women and landlords who got involved with people without much money, and when they had a relationship, they ended up getting financially involved, funding works of art and all sorts of projects.

While the 5th house refers to flirtations and small affairs, the 11th house refers to long-term affairs, but that often did not culminate in marriage for social issues, prejudice or legal impediments, and even long-lasting passionate affairs.

Such perception will move us towards more humanitarian actions and choices that contemplate the well-being of the entire planet. It is in this worldly experience that we have the possibility to integrate ourselves with collective ideologies and currents of thought. It is where we experience a yearning to go beyond individual identity, to see ourselves as part of a collective greater than our own individual limits. Often, we are idealizing.

It is our social (it also comes into the scope of pensions and retirement) and intellectual security. By analyzing the planets positioned in or aspecting this sector of the chart, we can understand what our approach is like with friends, groups, and organizations, as well as our relationship to our concepts of hope.

Everything will depend on how we manage our potentials as a whole. Always remembering that we should always study the luminaries and the people, and never the 11th house in isolation.

The need for a greater complicity is very important for the deepening and development of great projects.

It is a pleasant sector of the chart, but if there are afflicted planets positioned in it, such energies can renege on lasting friendships, create painful experiences within groups, or generate a lack of hope.

It is commonly referred to as the "House of Friends," for it is through them that we begin to find the strength of groups, where we can see the power of the collective at work through collaboration and cooperation. The 11th House, therefore, refers to the synergy of working together for knowledge.

In the scope of the 11th house are also clubs, organizations, social movements, collective activism, unions, and professional associations. The focus here is on the activities that are undertaken within these groups, how we make a difference when within the collective, and how we grow and "upgrade the version" of our human essence.

In some way, our group action helps us to better define ourselves as individuals.

The star Uranus and also Jupiter are the ones that most resemble the nature of this house.

Friends, dreams and hopes

The 11th house is also a stage that eventually provides a glimpse of varied opportunities and possibilities, all according to our priorities in life. Through our friends and group activities, for example, we give more substance and meaning to our lives and society. It represents all the non-profit organizations as well as associations, older brothers and sisters, and more relevant contacts with attitudes similar to our own, who approve of our personality without judgment and with whom we will talk spontaneously and liberally about everything.

In this sense, this sector refers to our clients, friends, admirers, those who refer new clients and who refer us to important and equally motivating people.

It is also the place of our desires and the will we have to visit them often. It is about our hopes, dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve.

Thus, our possible fantasies as well as what might come true, but to the great future belongs, can be studied in this sector.

The power of creation coming from the insights of the collective unconscious, as well as those generated directly by the group are also relevant in the scope of analysis of the 11th house. It is a fact that by coming together, we can create much more.

By joining with our partners, we not only accomplish a lot, but we can enjoy the fruits of work done in a more equalized way.

It also talks about the kind of friend we are, prompting questions like "what do we do for others?", "how do we see our friends and how do they see us?".

In the 11th house we are also able to analyze what our philanthropic side is like, our ability to help others in a selfless way, how our humanity manifests.

The presence of Jupiter in the 11th house in an astrological chart (birth chart) can be particularly pleasant, since this is the place of "joy and contentment" according to traditional astrology. Therefore, it is a sector that ends up enhancing and facilitating in our existence.

The Collective in evidence

Na Casa 11 procuramos ser criativos, mas agora num contexto coletivo e não individual (como acontece na casa oposta, a Casa 5). A ênfase é no grupo, não na pessoa.

Com base no coletivo, a Casa 11 mostra:

In the 11th House we try to be creative, but now in a collective context, and not individual (as in the opposite house, the 5th). The emphasis is on the group, not the person.

Based on the collective, the 11th House shows:

- How we function as part of a larger whole (groups, associations, corporations, unions, conglomerates, etc.).
- The kind of friends and the kind of groups we are involved with.
- How we connect with the "collective mind": our ability to grasp the great concepts and archetypes of humanity.

In this area of life, we see ourselves as individual creative beings, but integrated into a larger whole (the group, humanity). It has to do with the stage when we are able to communicate on a global level. It is the essence of globalization.

This is why it often refers to integrating ourselves into organizations, free groups that do non-profit work together, festival organizations, knowledge fairs, organizations aimed at scientific dissemination, and cultural spin-offs.

This house represents any form of "collective creativity". It can be a revolutionary group dedicated to overthrowing an obsolete system, or just people celebrating and reaping the fruits and successes obtained through the experiences of the 10th house. In other words, House 11 experiences can range from "let's have fun together" to "let's create a better world together".

It can also be related to political groups, parties, social and administrative congregations, labor unions, cultural museums, advocacy centers, planetariums, aquariums, zoos, and minority advocacy organizations.

The 11th House is a house of communion and common sense of fraternity. It represents humanity as a creative entity, making the power of the group flow through each of us.

A promising future

The 11th House shows how we react to social success, or lack of success. It governs our ability to reshape and transform society.

The House is associated with the future. In the third house, you have friends who are brothers, sisters, or neighbors. In the seventh house, you have close friends and partners. And in the 11th house, friends are those who relate to your public image. For example, at work you are "so-and-so, the engineer" and your friends are the people who work with you. We can think of the possibility that the 11th house is also related to what we have not experienced and to what is called the new future.

This house is also associated with dreams, plans, ideologies, groups, contacts, clubs, political parties, unions, social groups, humanitarian and altruistic activities. It has to do with the well-meaning, with great hopes and our aspirations.

Extra Interpretations

For interpretations beyond the birth chart, as in horary astrology and mudana seeking answers to specific events, places, governments, or situations, the 11th house basically means the parliament, congress, municipal and national councils, and similar entities. It also refers to the parties, the conchavos, the amendments, the reforms, the political gossips, and the ministry of science and technology.

Themes ruled by the House 11 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

The collective mind Money earned Social consciousness Global awareness Community Collective undertakings Fraternities Classmates Wishes and hopes Shared creativity Social participation Groups, tribes, gangs, NGOs and organizations Stepchildren and children of others Unions Culture Love received Our role in the groups Friends Group activities and social activism Humanitarian activities Social clubs Friendships Surprises Circumstances out of control Social networks Alliances Tendencies Currents in the atmosphere Revolutions, revolts, rebellions Internet Plans and projects Collective entertainment Social justice Political parties and parliaments Teams Citizenship Humanitarianism

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