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Saturn in House 11 of the BirthChart

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With Saturn in this sector, in the first phase of life, one may find it difficult to adapt to society or to maintain friendships. Sometimes, as a child, they may prefer isolation to social interaction and believe that fun is a waste of time, preferring to perform tasks that they consider productive. They may find socializing to be a tiring activity.

In adult life, the fear of failure can increase as well as the need for approval, to be recognized by the group, by friends, and a certain fear of suffering rejection. Because of this, they can often just watch others and even participate in group activities, keep themselves alone, withdrawn in their world. They tend to be a more formal, cold, and serious person when relating to others. Sometimes they may not feel ready to achieve their goals and such fears can cause them to stagnate, causing them to not move forward and be resistant to change.

It suggests some difficulties in communicating transparently with their friends or even eventually seeing them move away due to structural issues, such as moving to another city or personal issues. The mundane eleventh house is also the sector of luck and hopes, therefore, Saturn can break some expectations in this regard, limiting the reach of certain dreams, projects, and eventual crises of faith, whether in themselves or the world. Projects may experience delays, harsh criticism, poor acceptance, or visible imperfections. Strive to predict what you will be charged upon completion of your tasks and thus make your work more resistant to experts and evaluators.

Over the years, the trend is to have older, more responsible friends. It is a positioning that can make one more faithful to their friendships, keeping long-term friends. However, they can take a radical step and leave a friend behind. Only time will make one gain confidence and be more spontaneous in their relationships, earning the respect of the group to which they belong.

With a heightened sense of justice, one may feel the need to help others, especially if the subject interests them. In the groups to which they belong, they like to know that there is a spirit of responsibility, organization, and seriousness and that it is possible to carry out noble purposes. Overcoming the fear of making mistakes and learning to share what they think is one of the main challenges. They must also learn to be firmer, more assertive, and to make all their goals clear right away. They must take responsibility for their projects and ideas, because only then can they put them into practice. This will require discipline and perseverance. The relationship with the other can improve a lot if they are more open to affection and joy, and it is necessary to learn to be more spontaneous.

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