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Mars in House 11 of the BirthChart

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mars in house 11 birth chart

Friends, groups and acquaintances are a source of great energetic focus, where the person in question can feel responsible for initiating many discussions or questions among them, being a born challenger. And when discussing ideals in groups, it is possible that at different times the person in question says everything, without thinking straight. The ideal is for them to pay a little more attention to this behavior, considering that, if they have control over how they position themselves, they can be a good and assertive agent of collective transformation.

They are likely to enjoy being or claiming to be a leader among friends and groups, more likely to be involved in social issues or those related to progress, the future and technological innovations. Indeed, they find strength in dealing with innovative issues and being driven by trends, revolutions or miscellaneous renovations. It can also foster great enthusiasm for something, just because that something is new and different.

Mars has a hot, dry character. When positioned in this sector of one’s chart, it ends up indicating agitation and turbulence in one’s network of friendships, occasionally becoming fights or disputes. They will be able to see some of their shadow cast on their friends and/or vice versa, so it is advisable for them to demonstrate their feelings and points of view, but always realizing that they alone are responsible for their emotions.

Whoever has Mars in the House 11 can be particularly good at launching things, whether new social rules or humanitarian concerns; they usually possess strong desires and willpower, in addition to a hopeful vein and tremendous capacity for social leadership. Indeed, they tend to form several informal associations with equally energetic friends and entrepreneurs.

It is necessary for them to reflect a little more when participating in any actions in groups, tribes and organizations, as the motivation may be greater than the ability to cope and the stride may end up being greater than the leg can reach. As a person with this placement tends to have a little more dynamism in relation to conscience and social responsibility, they only need to know how to use all this energy in a pragmatic way to then be able to accomplish what is proposed.

Mars in this sector can occasionally lead to certain wear and tear to the limit, causing ruptures with some affective ties even if these are long-standing. At best, some shaking-up is welcome to make problems more visible and thus clean up what is necessary. Likewise, it can also be positive for people with this positioning to get rid of false and toxic friendships (although they should remember that they can also be the troubled and selfish side).

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