Aries - Sign of Cardinal Fire

The Sign of Aries in Astrology


Raw, active, expansive and explosive energy – the first step toward the existence of the universe and to become part of it – is evident in the construction of the Aries archetype. Ruled by Mars, Aries is the initial energy that overcomes inertia, the “Big Bang,” the spark of the explosion. The energy of the sign of Aries brings out assertiveness, desire, initiative and competition, wherever it is positioned. Aries leads the way with courage and impulsiveness, being a dynamo that overcomes the inertia of time, the fire of origins and the affirmation of Being, action in its potential.

Strength, courage, enthusiasm, independence, innovation and competition are powerful words within the Arian scope. It is a sign that uses phrases such as: “I’ll start,” “I am,” “I do,” “I got it,” “Come on.” However, so all this energy to be accomplished can be accompanied by domination, arrogance, impetuosity and, at times, aggressiveness. Mars (or Ares, the god of war), contributes to the combative and belligerent attitudes of Arian energy, especially when one’s competitive instinct is at its strongest.

Although that’s an amazing energy to undertake – to lead, to take the initiative – its dark side can turn all this potential into a problem: pioneering spirit transforms into stubbornness, innovation transforms into lack of focus, and arrogance overcomes common sense. The balance of the energy of the sign of Aries ensures initiative and accomplishment, overcoming passivity to transform it into ongoing action.

To you, Aries, I give my first and most important seed do you will have the honor of planting it. For every seed planted, others will multiply in your hands. Often, you will not have time to see the seed grow, for everything you plant creates more that must be planted. You will be the first to penetrate the soil of the human mind with My Idea. However, it is not your job to nourish the Idea nor to question it. Your life is action, and the only action I assign to you is to begin making men aware of My Creation. For this work, I grant you the virtue of Respect for Yourself. And Aries, silently, returned to his place.

Characteristics of Aries:

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Solar period: +/- from 21/03 to 20/04
Ruling planet: Mars
Natural of House 1
Principle: Active | Male | Yang
Keyword: Activity
Key phrase: I am, I start
Glyfo: Chifres do carneiro
Opposite sign: Libra
Anatomy: Head, face, eyes, brain.

People with sun in Aries

What Astrology says about Arian.

People with the Sun in Aries tend to focus a great deal on themselves, on their own achievements and desires, feeling inside themselves that they need to follow their own path in life. They usually do not like being told what to do.

As they evolve, they learn they are not the center of the world, but part of a larger organization. The responsibility of the natives of this sign is to accept the idea that they are part of a large group encompassing people other than them. Arian personalities who do not develop this kind of maturity can be demanding, selfish and dominating.

They thrive on challenges, they like to compete (and win). Although they enjoy company, they tend to be more independent and are not very afraid of being alone. Their life force can either be used to inspire others or it can be turned inward, reflecting only their own needs. They tend to be naturally enthusiastic, ready for various activities and are particularly good at animating and bringing life to any environment or event.

With their very lively essence, when urges of selfishness occasionally do occur the latter may be only the result of behavioral carelessness rather than intentional rudeness. Being combative is part of their essential modus operandi and Arians considered the purer type will readily express their frustrations without much thought, as they often do not know how to deal with the raw energy of fire, failing to filter it properly. It does not mean that they want to hurt anyone’s feelings; they just speak out, without fully developing their ideas.

Creative ideas and projects also seem to spring forth frequently. They tend to be the bravest, to possess a lot of energy, to be opinionated, uncomplicated, straightforward, enthusiastic, independent, impatient and stubborn, always willing to face new challenges. Even so, a person can have all these characteristics and still have a calm temperament. In fact, many people with the Sun in Aries can be more stationary, especially if other Zodiac chart positions support this condition.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

The Aries energy is focused on building an individuality, and when it colors your personal Sun it is more focused on you and your desires. Arians have potential talent for exercising leadership, executive and start-up roles which, if used well, are perfect for initiating anything. However, pursuing them may not be one of your best features.

Whoever has this, or other important positions in the sign of Aries, should always learn to better coordinate their efforts with others, conserve their energy and conclude what they started. It is more stubborn and passionate, but, unless their impatience or untimely behavior is controlled, their enthusiasm can end as quickly as it started.

Aries is the sign of the warrior, who – in a hurry to act – can forget the importance of preparing properly before rushing headlong into physical or verbal combat. Despite all of this, Arians tend to quickly forget any frustration or anger.

How to become a better Arian?

  • Be more patient;
  • Conserve your energy better, and always direct it constructively;
  • Control your temper;
  • Avoid haste, think more before doing or speaking;
  • Always finish things you have started;
  • Accept more help from others.

Homens de Áries

What to expect from Aries men?

Aries men have aspirations to lead and motivate. The only problem is that they may lose motivation sometimes. They tend to think that there are no limits to achieving what they desire, and want to dominate others, but life usually shows that it is not quite so.

If the Arian man leaves potential desires of omnipotence aside, he may have enough energy to be a winner in everything he undertakes, as well as a good partner and companion.

Disagreements and occasional disagreements and discussions can occur with the family, since the Aries man never wants to lose, and can be rude to someone to assert his will. But this is fast! It is not uncommon for Aries men to seek a lasting relationship at all costs, with a solid family and financial success.

Mulheres de Áries

What to expect from Aries women?

Sun in Aries women tend to be good humored, but they can occasionally convey an arrogant image at first glance. As the “challenge” issue is part of their nature, Arian women generally like to step into areas where men predominate, courageously conquering their place and carrying the flag of equality!

Arian women want to win, to always be the first – or to be among the first. Sports, hard work… nothing intimidates them. But all this focus comes at a price: Arian women tend to find it a little harder to relax, unwind, and let things go with the flow.

All this excess of confidence, independence and rush can make the Arian woman afraid to get involved in relationships where she can be dominated, controlled or limited. Of course, this does not close the door to love; quite the opposite, being free is important. She is not indifferent and wants to find a partner. However, such partner must be someone who has their own goals and gives her space to pursue her own goals as well.

For having a strong and independent essence, the Arian woman usually attracts a lot of friends and has an adventurous spirit, which is reflected both in leisure and at work, where she is not afraid to seek innovation.

She can be extremely competent in the career she chooses and has a tremendous capacity to succeed and make money, as well as the energy to spend everything she has earned.

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