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Mercury in Aries in the BirthChart

Mercury in Aries tends to influence determined, agile, and competitive thinking. The natives tend to have a greater appreciation for an argument, as argument is probably not lacking.

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Mercury in AriesThe position of Mercury in Aries tends to influence determined, agile and competitive reasoning. People with this positioning tend to have a greater appreciation for an argument, as an argument is probably not lacking. Since these people usually think quickly, waging verbal battles with people with this positioning and overcoming them can be pretty challenging. Their agile minds also result in their coming up with many original ideas. The problem is that it can also make them think they are intellectually superior, more intelligent and wiser than others.


Mercury-Aryan impulsivity...


This position of Mercury can cause people with such positioning in their horoscopes to make hasty decisions, as they generally do not like to wait. Anything that takes time can make them more impatient. As they tend to have a very personal point of view about everything, they are not too fond of submitting to lengthy or frustrating processes to resolve things: the thing is to act and make snap decisions, as they feel they know exactly what should be done!


However, their impulsiveness means that they only sometimes complete the ideas they initiate unless another sign or aspect on their chart can somewhat mitigate this tendency of theirs.


As knowledge is achieved quickly, in a wave of rapid assimilation as if a whole situation is built in the mind right away, it may be necessary for them to slow down a little their anxiety about the acquisition of this new knowledge or states of consciousness, as there may be impatience whenever the circumstances are not related to the speed or the use of all their avidness.

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