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Venus in Aries in the BirthChart

People born under the influence of Venus in Aries tend to express their feelings forcefully. That is, they go all out after what they want, the object of their interest. This impulsiveness and determination causes them to become extremely competitive.

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Venus in AriesPeople born under Venus’ influence over Aries tend to be energetic when expressing their feelings. This means they will give their all to conquer the object of their desire. Such impulsiveness and determination make them highly competitive when they want someone’s attention and affection. Venus is responsible for relationships with others, be they social or romantic. It also rules over the basic principles of love and emotion.


Usually more friendly, people under this position are always present and tend to grab everyone’s attention in social gatherings. When Venus in Aries is favorable, the individual tends to be positive, cheerful and creative. If this aspect presents tension, the behavior of those under its influence might change. They can become more competitive and a little rough around the edges.


They end up sparing no effort to get what the heart desires. To balance these energies can be challenging, but Aries has enough willpower to get there.


I Want You!


Imagine what happens when you mix Venus, the ultimate symbol of beauty, affection and femininity, with Aries’ powerful desire and effective energy. Individuals with Venus in Aries tend not to be intimidated in that sense. They have the potential to take the initiative and go after someone they want with remarkable ease. They are not afraid to approach someone, even if they could get a no.


Regarding relationships, an intimate desire to learn how to express intense emotions (positive or negative) could arise. A reaction to memories of the soul is a possibility, an attempt to attenuate a past life dynamic where intimacy was obscured by unresolved or repressed anger. All that energy will usually make them more passionate about love and romance, but sometimes, they can be overly sensitive, turning their attitudes impulsive or unsteady.


Sometimes, they are selfish and demand more attention. However, Aries can harbor a desire for dynamic and lasting relationships. The intention here is to establish relationships that help the individual learn to develop courage and willpower, especially in their relationships.


Bright Side: Burning Passion, Assertive Desire Making the first move is typical of this positioning and immediately asserting their preferences. You are a natural competitor, which means rivalry brings you an advantage.


Dark Side: It could be a thin line between assertive and aggressive, becoming addicted to the hunt, losing your touch and intimidating people into doing what you want. Impulsiveness in Check!

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