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Venus - Affective impulse, sense of values

The glyph known as the feminine symbol of Venus is constructed with the circle of spirit above the cross of matter. Valuing love and beauty is the most accurate description we can give of Venus, which in addition to influencing a natural sensuality and the power to attract our personality, represents the subtle aspirations of the spirit. It is the planet that symbolizes our most feminine and artistic side and places spiritual vibrations above matter.

Characteristics and dignities of Venus:


Venus has been known since ancient times by several names: in Greek, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. In Babylon, Ishtar. Its symbolism is always linked to a female figure. It is the most visible object in the sky after the Sun and Moon and is also called the “Gem of Heaven” because it is the brightest of the planets known to the ancients. Venus was thought to be divided into two distinct bodies, called Eosphorus (as a morning star) and Hesperus (as a night star), but Greek astronomers knew it to be one planet.

Astronomically, Venus can be considered Earth’s brother. Compared to Mercury, Venus is farther from our Sun and closer to Earth. Both have similar density, diameter, and chemical composition. Thus, Venus can also manifest as our complement. No wonder that the Earth’s version of the glyph is composed of the Cross over the Circle, a sort of almost inverted Venus.

In astrology, it symbolizes the urge to find comfort in the material world and to harmonize earthly realities through refined and shared ideals and values, that is why the cross of the matter is positioned below everything. The glyph of Venus emphasizes the importance of balancing the spiritual and the material if we are to find the real and most genuine satisfaction.

Venus moves about 1-2 degrees a day and takes 224 days to complete the cycle of the zodiac, spending about 1 month in each sign. House 2 and House 7 are associated with Venus, which rules the signs of Taurus and Libra and has Friday as its day of the week. It exalts itself in the Pisces sign and has its fall in the Virgo sign. It has an affinity with Saturn and Mercury and a certain difference with the Sun and Moon. Mars and Jupiter are neutral to Venus. It is a planet that suggests subtlety, harmony, and beauty wherever it touches. Thus, if in a given birth chart Venus is very strong and well-positioned, a person is likely to be less interested in conflicts of any kind and will appreciate softness more in many situations.

In astrology, for purposes of interpretation, Venus symbolizes women, whether they are friends, lovers, co-workers, or other women who are close to your age, women you meet in your lifetime, whether intimate or not. Thus, the way a person relates to women in their life can be analyzed through the positioning of Venus in the birth chart.

The main functions handled by the planet are sensuality, seduction, values, attraction, joy, pleasure, our affective capacity, and the emotions we feel when we socially relate or in love relationships. It is also about harmony and adequacy, balance and cooperation.

VênusVenus’ influences on your birth chart

Venus in the signs and houses of the Zodiac provides important information about how we express our feelings in interpersonal relationships, especially when it comes to love and pleasure. It also shows our attitude towards money, personal possessions, comfort and material, aesthetic and social values. It inspires our ability to make the decisions that will bring the most satisfaction, as well as demonstrating how we appreciate and nurture an interest in some specific type of art and beauty. Some questions about Venus are: Where does a person direct part of their creative talents? What kind of relationships do they often attract? Are there more good times in relationships or more problems? The Venus configuration can answer these and other questions.

As for money, Venus does not mean wealth or how we get earnings, but rather what we do or how we use money. Whether we live or cherish a more luxurious lifestyle or a more disciplined and modest lifestyle, or any other lifestyle. Whether we spend more on friends, gifts, relationships, or ourselves. On the other hand, the astrological house where Venus is positioned in the birth chart is the area of life where a person is more likely to express and want to attract affection in addition to obtaining small favors.

Venus shows our power to attract, but also what attracts us in others, the qualities we look for in our “ideal partner”, the kind of person we attract based on social values. It represents the force behind shaping our values, our sense of beauty, our personal tastes, the kinds of entertainment a person can have an affinity for, what we appreciate and enjoy in general. If we like to walk or stay at home, chat, make friends, eat, drink and enjoy, and so on.

The positive side of Venus guarantees ways to enjoy life more easily and smoothly, balancing the pleasures we take from it. It expresses the desire to cooperate, a natural recognition of our feminine side, more generosity, affection, and tenderness. It awakens the desire to form relationships that are balanced, harmonious, instills in the Being more love, charm, joy, diplomacy, consideration, tact, the desire to share, softness and calm. It brings out a more sophisticated taste, helping us to develop a high aesthetic level. In addition, it brings the ability to better express our sensual side, giving more charm and seduction.

Its disharmonious side on the other hand, can awaken desires to overeat, to live amidst luxurious and expensive things, indulgence, infidelity, lust, hedonism, jealousy, envy, and excessive vanity. Venus, also being a symbol of a person’s charisma, when too tensed in the chart, can make the native have a greater tendency toward addictions or be a more promiscuous person, the kind who focuses intensely on pleasure to the detriment of more balanced and responsible behavior.

The individual also tends to be more emotionally dependent, which makes it more difficult to accept the end of relationships. Having Venus afflicted can also make a person feel that important and prominent personalities might be in love with it, fueling daydreams. Another behavior is to flirt more than usual. The person becomes superficial, indecisive, sometimes vulgar, and tends to give an excessive value to their appearance, nurturing a forced sympathy with people outside their environment.

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The sweet touch of Venus

While the Moon is about our way of dealing with people who live in the same home and proximity, Venus is about the relationship and cooperation between people who are not of the same family or have different origins. It bridges our spirit with the material world, inspiring sensations and possibilities of pleasure captured through the senses. It is linked to the ability to appreciate and be enchanted by sounds, colors, touches, art, to adorn oneself, decorate, and color. The planet refines our expressions and gestures, bringing beauty to everything it touches. Like Mars, Venus awakens the desire for the material, but while Mars is our impetus to achieve what we want and move in that direction, Venus is our mode of attraction when we seek to get what we want through cooperation, seduction and collaboration, and interaction with other people.

The planet does well in most astrological houses it is placed in, although House 9 has a little more difficulty as it tends not to feel comfortable with Jupiter’s laws there. The best houses for Venus are houses 2, 4, and 7. But in general, in any house that Venus straightens up, the sector will become more pleasant, making natives enjoy and feel more pleasure in doing things related to that house’s themes. For example, if Venus is in House 10, the person will have more pleasure in working, achieving their goals, falling in love with their career, and being well-liked. In House 4, they can nurture a taste for doing household chores, even cooking for friends, welcoming them into their home, and enjoying immersing themselves in family and genealogical history. The planet also has the potential to “beautify” the parts of the body related to the sign in which it is positioned. For example, with Venus in Gemini or in House 3, the natives’ shoulders and hands can be beautiful and attractive parts.

At the birth chart of man (or of people with very pronounced masculine energy in their personality), usually Venus tells what they are looking for in a relationship and/or the type of woman they are attracted to. In the woman’s (or in those who have a lot of emphasis on feminine energy), it usually suggests what they are like in love and what their “romantic strategies” and seduction are, the qualities they use to attract people for relationship purposes.

The influence of Venus Venus on the Signs

The influence of Venus Venus on Astrological Houses

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