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VenusVenus in House 4 of the BirthChart

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This configuration tends to increase the taste for a home life, where one may have or desire a cozy home where they can receive friends and people they feel good and comfortable with. One of the main issues of house 4 is home and people’s attitudes in their home (or in places where they feel at home), as well as our past, our origins, our ancestry, and memories. Therefore, this positioning, especially when activated by some traffic, can trigger a series of memories.

Having good taste and being creative in matters related to the home can be a trend, and this drive can often be inherited from your own family, from your roots. There is a certain influence of a parent in the life of those who have this positioning, and this can compromise - or favor love relationships since parents can always be a basis for comparing the partners. Venus, in this sector, may indicate a beneficial relationship with the father figure (or a maternal figure, depending on the chart) as well as people who live with you in your home. The relationship with the family can be more harmonious and stable, with a different feeling of comfort. It also facilitates lifelong real estate transactions, such as buying and selling properties, especially if Venus is in harmonic contact with Saturn or Jupiter.

If other planets or aspects do not compromise this positioning, one is also likely to have had a good childhood and upbringing may have been associated with soft, artistic things or in cherishing one’s environment. They can also be great hosts, positively satisfying their guests. House 4 can inspire energies linked to the feeling of belonging, so it is important for people with this positioning that their guests feel at home.

Despite this, it is important to pay attention to and understand the inherited traditionalisms that, if not properly analyzed, can limit personal expansion.

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