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Venus in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

People with Venus in Sagittarius generally tend to be socially friendly, lively, and outgoing. Candor and sincerity are themes that belong to its sentimental area.

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Venus in SagittariusPeople with Venus in Sagittarius tend to be sociable, friendly, excited and expansive. Honesty and sincerity are essential themes in their emotional life. They tend to like being honest and open with those they love or are involved with. In their social relationships, they usually base their behavior on more objective, socially accepted principles rooted in personal ethic. They enjoy freedom and try to offer that same freedom to others.


Usually, they feel safer living under a well-accepted and defined moral structure, cultivating a taste for art, especially in philosophical and more profound themes. Individuals with this positioning are generally attracted to classic beauty. They can look for relationships with the same ideology or philosophical principles since they can be nervous about getting involved with people who think very differently and can eventually limit or curtail their intellectual freedom. This means they can try to convince their partner to follow their beliefs, ideas or moral codes if they consider any philosophical disagreement negative.


This could happen if Venus in Sagittarius is under tension. They can also hurt people's feelings without meaning because of Sagittarius' honesty and sincerity. They're attracted to people open to new adventures and experiences, favoring joyful, optimistic and fun partners with whom they can share their dreams, aspirations and ideas. Freedom and justice are also themes of great value in a relationship.


However, these individuals consider it very important that their partners share a spiritual, intellectual or at least minimally compatible connection with them. It could be even more important than an emotional or physical connection. They also tend to explore social possibilities and love traveling, where they can enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

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