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Your free birth chart in the palm of your hands

By entering Astrolink, you will not only have access to your complete and free birth chart, but also to many contents that will help you develop your self-knowledge. You will also know other astrological tools that will help you to better understand how planets can affect your mood and life.

Don't miss the opportunity to have a personal guide for every moment of your life!

Understand your birth chart

Get to know yourself and the people around you

After reading your birth chart, you will learn more about the blessings and challenges that the planets have brought into your life. Topics such as love, career, family, plans, among others, can have a strong influence on the interactions in your birth chart.

Aries Sign Aries “Pioneering spirit,
Courage, Autonomy, Arrogance”
Aries Rising Moon in Aries
Taurus Sign Taurus “Stability,
Practicality, Patience, Stubbornness”
Taurus Rising Moon in Taurus
Gemini Sign Gemini “Curiosity,
Intelligence, Adaptability, Restlessness”
Gemini Rising Moon in Gemini
Cancer Sign Cancer “Sensitivity,
Nostalgia, Protection, Manipulation”
Cancer Rising Moon in Cancer
Leo Sign Leo “Creativity,
Generosity, Optimism, Egocentrism”
Leo Rising Moon in Leo
Virgo Sign Virgo “Organizarion,
Requirement, Analyze, Criticism”
Virgo Rising Moon in Virgo
Libra Sign Libra “Organization,
Requirement, Analysis, Criticism”
Libra Rising Moon in Libra
Scorpio Sign Scorpio “Magnetism,
Investigation, Intensity, Possessiveness”
Scorpio Rising Moon in Scorpio
Sagittarius Sign Sagittarius “Philosophy,
Enthusiasm, Freedom, Exaggeration”
Sagittarius Rising Moon in Sagittarius
Capricorn Sign Capricorn “Caution,
Responsibility, Reason, Ambition”
Capricorn Rising Moon in Capricorn
Aquarius Sign Aquarius “Innovation,
Independence, Revolution, Radicalism”
Aquarius Rising Moon in Aquarius
Pisces Sign Pisces “Compassion,
Imagination, Intuition, Melancholy”
Pisces Rising Moon in Pisces

Astral Compatibility

Synastry between two people

Birth chart in the Astrolink app

By doing a synastry, you understand the effect of one person on another through astrological analysis. The purpose of the compatibility is to explore the nuances of the relationship and to point out points of attention that, if worked well, can improve the relationship between you!

If our relationships are not going well, life can be quite stressful. Our success and happiness are intimately linked to our ability to live well with each other, and for this it is very important to know how to identify and face the points of disharmony in the relationship.


How can astrology help you?

Discovering our weaknesses can be an important step in working on what necessary to grow as human beings.

The birth chart indicates a path to our evolution and also points out potentials that we can help to awaken within from ourselves!

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Astrolink FAQ

More common questions

Why don't I identify myself with my sign?

It may be that, in addition to your sun sign (which is what we commonly talk about), have many planets in signs with opposite energies. A Gemini person can be sensitive, a Cancerian can be rational.
You need to read your entire chart to understand the sum of all the parts!

Why should I enter my birth information?

The birth chart is a record of where the stars were at the exact moment in which you were born. We need to know the day, time and city to calculate the orbit of the planets and to be able to draw your birth chart accurately!

Can astrology tell me my future?

Nothing is decisive! Each of us has power over our own decisions, what we can do is understand what the interactions between planets and choose the most harmonious moments to make decisions, or prepare best for the most challenging moments!

How does the horoscope work?

The Astrolink horoscope is completely personalized, yours is unique and different! of other people of the same sign! We analyze the relationship between the sky at this time and your birth chart, indicating the daily influences in different areas of your life.
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