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Moon in Scorpio in the BirthChart

The Moon in Scorpio is usually not content with appearances and are always delving beneath the surface of things to discover hidden motives or other hidden things.

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Moon in ScorpioScorpio is a sign connected to the occult and has an affinity with the cycles of life. If you have a Scorpio moon in your birth chart, it can increase your obstinacy and generate great intuition, usually used for your own benefit in your personal strategies and goals. They are people that are more difficult to be shocked or jolted by anything, as they always seem to be prepared to absorb impacts.

This is a positioning where the moon is in retrograde and can manifest itself in several ways. Even so, in all of them, it involves a powerful and differentiated emotional intensity. It is a moon of extremes: they either feel something in an almost obsessive manner, or they virtually treat the emotional stimulus in a practically neutral manner. They are generally not content to remain on the surface of things and their own emotions; they investigate instinctively to get down to the root of things. This ability to see what is not obvious can be intimidating for some, while appealing to others.

Essay on intensity

The relationship between comfort and safety of people with their Moon in Scorpio is not entirely linked to the material aspects of life, but rather to the realm of the world of emotions, the feeling of being in control, as well as the maintenance of their desires. They seem to unconsciously attract a certain agitation to their inner world through intense emotional experiences, in a natural and almost automatic manner, as if that would on occasion feed their comfort zone. Whenever they are in a calmer phase, there may be a need to test their own limits, something that will make them embark on situations that bring on strong emotions. The best way to deal with such a need is to try to understand this flow and, if it is validated, to accept it peacefully, but to understand that life will not always be filled with intensity. Greater potential for success in your emotional life comes when you learn to have more control and discipline over your emotional desires.

Controlling intimacy

In a relationship, people with their moon in Scorpio may have a preference for a more intense emotional connection with their partner, almost like a soul connection, between the most intimate point of themselves and the other. They love and hate with the same intensity. If they feel that this link is half broken or the relationship is meaningless, this does not come into play, as they tend to feel incomplete. They find it difficult to trust people blindly, since they are always suspicious of their thoughts and plans, so they usually open up with their feelings to just a few people. Those who use their powers of persuasion or investigation to nurture honest and positively controlled intimate relationships are the happiest, as they are friends or lovers who are interesting, protective, aggregating and gratifying.

They tend to be a little more possessive with friends and people close to them, quite afraid of being betrayed, as they more readily see the human soul and its flaws and are fully aware of its potential. As a result, there may be a tendency to manipulate when suspicions arise, something that can be exhausting for their partners. Basically, they just want the partner to be able to provide some proof of their trust and loyalty, because they think that with this, they feel safe and can be 100% committed to defend and be defended by their partner.

Your emotional focus can revolve around sensual things, sex and dark and secret subjects, courtesy of the sign of Scorpio. They may also be in the habit of keeping mistakes that have been made by others in the past, making it more difficult to achieve a state of forgiveness (although this is not always apparent). Because of this, resentments, guilt and a desire for revenge at times may arise, but they need to be overcome. They must learn to put these things aside or their health may be affected, so whoever has this complex positioning of the moon must always learn to purify and deal with their own feelings instead of repressing them.

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