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Libra Rising in the BirthChart

Discover the deeper meanings behind your Libra Rising sign and gain insights into your personality, relationships, and life path.

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Libra RisingHaving Libra as the Rising sign can make natives more well liked, where other people can have an immediate good impression. They tend to have a pleasant demeanor and love to compare things, finding analogies and enjoying healthy discussions whereby the pros and cons of various situations are generally assessed rationally, without letting their feelings get in the way.

They are people with a more diplomatic and friendly stance, mostly due to a greater desire to be in balance and to act politely in their primary guidance. Gathering, reconciling and forging alliances are expected, as well as the maturity to deal with diverging interests and to expand their networking on a daily basis. They tend to like people who stand out from the crowd, e.g., idols, and may have an inner wish that all people could understand each other and live with respect and civility.

They have a more influential demeanor and always seek to please. Even so, they can toughen their stance because of something that bothers them, but not for long. They generally adapt easily to situations that others would take longer to get used to.

Appearances can be a very important point for those who have this Rising sign; as they like to please others and are sociable at first sight, they usually dress according to the occasion. Accordingly, they are able to draw compliments without much effort on their part. Sometimes the most they do is involve people with their charisma to get what they want.

Possible indecision when they need to take quick action can sometimes get in the way of things. They might have to learn how to convey more determination, particularly in relationships. Other positive characteristics are cooperation and creativity.

Together we are better

They are generally more accessible, with good social interaction, and are able to do things to please others, so it might be a little more difficult to pinpoint their intentions. By having this fancy footwork, they manage to reach goals through their flexibility and their resourcefulness in treating others. They will show themselves to be more sociable to the world, more capable of being among people. They may like to be popular or feel that they need to socialize with people to feel invigorated.

At times – and aided by their charm – they can subtly manipulate people and situations to maintain their untarnished image or get what they want. They may have a natural ability to resolve pending or difficult issues, joining people who also have such potential.

When in relationships, as they gain more security in the relationship, they become faithful companions. When they feel insecure, they may become withdrawn and try to control the situation more directly until things get more stable, getting back to their natural state afterwards. If the person with this Rising sign is under stress or is poorly developed, they may have little social skill and prefer to be isolated, aside from cultivating an excessive fixation for appearance and having more difficulty in knowing what they really want.

They tend to captivate other people effortlessly and, even if they aren’t that good-looking, they’re still attractive in some way. Moreover, sometimes they have difficulties in starting things on their own; they need someone significant in their life. They can also be very persuasive, although they nearly always use a soft-sale approach when they want something (or when they want to win someone over). They are usually attracted to competent and active partners; however, their relationships can be characterized by competitiveness until they learn not to blame their partners for specific problems.

Diplomacy and harmony

They usually want to make everything more pleasant, whether with a smile, a gentle approach, or a more laid-back image. A possible inclination to blame others for maintaining a friendly image may be their worst quality. However, they tend to be excellent mediators and generally know how to calm people’s spirits.

They usually have a hard time saying no. They can’t stand disorder and want everything to be well balanced and harmonious. They like to see all sides of an issue before making a quick decision. Since they generally enjoy the approval and support of others, they prefer to be in the company of others. Pleasing others can be so important that they wind up compromising their own principles just to make others like them, and this might even be semi-automatic behavior.

Rising sign ruler

The ruling planet of Libra Rising Sign is Venus. Assess the quality of Venus in your birth chart, since it is a relevant star in your astrological experience. With Venus as ruler, doing things for others is one of their special vocations. Venus indicates how someone deals with financial earnings, material possessions and romantic desires. It also shows the value they give to the things they love and how they show affection.

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