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Moon in Pisces in the BirthChart

People with the Moon in Pisces may be known to think about life in a more dreamy and light way. The "real world" and everyday affairs may be less appealing and less appreciated with this placement.

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Moon in PiscesHaving the Moon in Pisces can mean a person is a bit more empathetic in their emotional posture, as they can more readily put themselves in the other person’s shoes and show compassion. They are easily touched by human suffering, although care must be taken so that this ability does not cause them to dive too deeply into other people’s problems and lose themselves in the suffering of others. Without due care, they tend to believe any sad story, though many learn during their lives to discern better when others are being sincere and when they are being manipulative. Even so, they continue to have a highly tuned emotional sensitivity.

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac; therefore, they carry a little bit of each one of them inside themselves. As a result, they have an energy that gives them a greater sense of what is on top as well as differentiated compassion. Such a positioning is known for making people think about life in a more dreamlike manner, where the real world and everyday matters seem to be a little less important, even though such an escapist emotional stance is offset with a notable gain in intuition.

The subtle emotional attunement

The Piscean capacity for empathy also makes them more emotionally passionate, and it also gives them a lighter and quite peculiar sense of humor. They tend to think that the world needs people who are more compassionate and aggregating as a whole. They are more perceptive and seem to be in touch with the diverse nuances and subtleties of human nature - and this is often revealed through their sense of humor, their ability to entertain. Those who are not too shy may have a penchant for performing arts.

They may want to express their feelings through music (both listening and creating), writing, poetry, drawing or some other art, something that can bring a great sense of contentment and happiness.

Although some absorb the problems of others or the climate of a place, most of them know instinctively when they need to recharge their batteries. And it is in these moments that they withdraw from the world (and the harshness of reality) to join forces, returning shortly thereafter. They tend not to be afraid of difficult jobs, with a predilection for helping those who are less fortunate, preferably also away from the spotlight,

I dream and imagine

The potential for imagination and creativity that this positioning provides can make the intuition of these people take on a more active nature, as they perceive and feel things that others do not notice. However, this same capacity can generate distraction and hindrance, especially when the need to focus arises. These fleeting moments can put people with their moon in Pisces in some complicated situations with other people who fail to understand their complex, abstract and dissolved emotions. However, if they do not have their space and time to dream, they are easily overwhelmed. They are people who sometimes need to be alone with themselves, taking time to reflect and to recover their energies to face the world, even if this comes about in a manner that is not always conventional or understandable.

Relationships with the Moon in Pisces

People with this moon position seem to know what things are like even before having the real experience. They tend to be sentimental and romantic in their relationships, but because they often have a desire to idealize their partner, they can sometimes get frustrated. In addition, they have a tendency to prolong relationships even though they no longer enjoy their partner, out of their fear of hurting them.

They need a partner to share their trips and are often helpful companions in this search for "something more", for a special joint experience. For this reason, their partner needs to be someone who is evolved or at least astute, a conscious person who understands their needs and helps in their emotional growth. Those who have this positioning in their chart tend to want to bond emotionally with energetic and fascinating people at the same time.

Whoever embarks on a relationship with someone who has their Moon in Pisces, usually knows a sweeter and more captivating side, one of great sensitivity, capable of empathy and of establishing an almost telepathic connection with those who are close to them.

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