Pisces - Sign of Mutable Water

The Sign of Pisces in Astrology


The last sector before the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, between 330 and 360 degrees of the zodiacal ecliptic system, refers to the Sign of Pisces.

Its image was originally just a fish ("Min" to the Harapas or "Mahi" among the Persians), representing the appearance of fish in the riverbeds in late winter and early spring. Thus, they became indicators of a resurrection or rebirth of nature, by ancient near eastern cultures. Later, Jews and Christians began to incorporate the symbolism involved in this rebirth.

The fish to this day is Christianity's image of resurrection. In the zodiacal spectrum, it is an Array of wet and cold qualities of late winter, relative to its season, and for this reason it ends up in the synthesis, generating the liquidification - or the water element.

Later, a second Fish was added to the image, in an allusion to the mother and her child linked as mammals in symbiosis.

This sector in studies done centuries ago, refers to deep, atavistic emotions coming from other mammalian species that sacrificed themselves for each other, as well as the fusion emotions and memories of humans with their mother. Thus, fragility, dependence, the desire to recover and remain in the internal reality of our brain, protection, sacrifice, unconditional support, and the soul mate so sought after outside as a means to calm us down.

It becomes clear, how these emotions can somehow conflict with the emotions of adolescence and those of the first adaptation to the social environment of family and school, for example.

In this way, the emphasis of this sign in natal charts can manifest deep emotions, close to the first days and weeks of our existence inside the mother's womb, and soon after, during breastfeeding. It refers to the emotional and therefore deep unconscious.

This is why an ethereal, unconditional love, the intense involvement with the mammals from which we descend as a species, is so vivid. Thus, the emotions felt can transcend what we experience, creating in us sometimes fear, sometimes ecstasy, or even intuitions that belong to natural evolution, among many other strange sensations that many times for lack of understanding we call spiritual.


Emotional duality of Pisces

The intense emotional contradiction experienced by people with strong emphases in this sector of Pisces is often the result of the memories brought about by the brain's evolutionary experiences, as well as the very regressed memories of early emotional experiences. Thus one experiences in the conscious the sensitivity to voices, intuitions, osmosis, human anguish, internal reflections, and strange connections with emotions other than one's own, sometimes even having reflections in one's own body.

In this sense it seems to function as a very sensitive antenna, and becomes susceptible to the external emotional environment.

This sign, when very ostentatious, can feel and absorb peace and war, good and evil, the instinctive and the divine. It refuses to plunge into violence and ethical darkness, but also does not know exclusively how to guide itself without being guided by the external that interferes in its structure. There is therefore a lot of dependence involved.

People with a Pisces emphasis end up catalyzing large amounts of memories and voices from different times, hence often the presence of nostalgia, which prevents them somewhat from looking to the future and the new, opening up to new creative stages of existence.

This transition can be difficult, because it takes a mature emotional to understand this process of dilution of the structures of consciousness. Because of this, the "I" can become confused, individuality can be somewhat compromised, and sometimes one can get lost in anguishing feelings between Heaven and Earth. An effort may be needed to deal with this duality to find inner peace, unconditional and universal love, without creating problems of abuse, excessive fusion processes, unhealthy dependencies, and role entanglements.

Pisces: Empathy x Lack of Reason

Among the stars, Neptune has shown itself to be very similar to this component, and if added to the luminous or personal stars in the birth chart, it can amplify even more the effects of Pisces, making it even more sensitive to human suffering, reacting with empathy to the feelings, problems, and torments of others.

It is as if Pisces absorbs the feelings, the emotional auras, the projective charges coming from others, and can anticipate the painful effects of words and actions. Usually this happens unconsciously.

With its emotional complexity, certain lack of rationality, and lack of attention to detail, it is on the opposite side of Virgo (in the zodiac, this sector is 180 degrees away), which thinks fast and carries order, precision, and an attention to detail that borders on the obsessive.

The essence of the Piscean characterology

The Pisces astrological characterology carries an enormous power of imagination and an even greater sensitivity, which translate into great fantasies and intuition. Its orientation is internal, so that the perceptions of the world are created from the voices and interpretations of the inner world. For this reason, it can distort what is happening in the world outside its structure, thus generating a conflict between the two realities: the internal and the external becomes ostensive.

The consciousness, deep inside, wants to liberate itself in an infinite flow of love and compassion, of feelings that are often repressed or latent. This pressure often refers to the modus operandi of mammals in general, who suffer internally if they see other mammals in pain, without distinguishing whether the pain comes from the other or from themselves. Hence, helping the other to alleviate one's own pain.

There is therefore, as we said before, the presence of vivid and intense memories, coming from the evolutionary stages of the brain over millions of years.

Thus, we are talking about an energy charged with compassion, kindness, sympathy, intuition and sensitiveness. In humans, it is converted into fraternity, charity, the desire that humans and mammals get rid of their pain, so that one can also relieve oneself internally.

If this process is not well conscious and managed, there are states that can manifest and can bring melancholy, laziness, timidity, escapism, and victimism. The altruist becomes an eternal victim, the intuitive becomes a vague thinker, and the sensitive becomes melancholic.

When the Pisces characteristics are operating in a somewhat inharmonious, fragile, maladjusted way, or manifesting unconsciously in control of the psyche, they can cause natives to be impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive, victimistic, and very changeable.

They are usually very sensitive to the projected expectations and desires of others, so that one can heal them of their loneliness, anguish, uncertainty, tending to absorb like a sponge the information and environment around them. Thus, it is important that they surround themselves with uplifting and aggregating people and circumstances. Environment and companies, therefore, are essential and need to be well managed.

Trying to deal with these contradictions between merging and defending one's own individuality and achieving a calm and unblinded surrender, being tolerant, having common sense and transparent attitudes, becomes a constant field of activity.

It means being able to harmonize one's own contradictory feelings and learning to make contact with spiritual joy and share it with everyone around.

Pisces in the Birth Chart

Pisces in the Birth Chart

Even if you don't have Sun in Pisces or another planet in this sign, you should know that it is in everyone's birth chart. It may not be in planetary placement, but it is there in some House, which represents the area of life in which you manifest the Piscean characteristics.

To you, Pisces, I give the most difficult of all tasks: I ask you to gather all the sorrows of men and bring them back to Me. Your tears will be, in essence, My tears. What you will have to absorb are the effects of man's distortions of My Idea, but it is up to you to bring compassion to them. Your mission will be to support and encourage all your brothers, making them believe that they are capable. For this task, Pisces, I grant you the highest gift of all: you will be the only one of My twelve children who will know how to understand Me. And Pisces returned to his seat.

Characteristics of Pisces:

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Solar period: +/- from 20/02 to 20/03
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Natural of House 12
Principle: Reactive | Female - yin
Keyword: Understanding
Key phrase: I dissolve
Glyfo: Two intertwined fish
Opposite sign: Virgo
Anatomy: Feet, pineal gland, lymphatic system.

People with sun in Pisces

What Astrology says about Pisces.

Despite their more sensitive essence, most Pisceans can be considered survivors during chaos. Their adaptability is excellent, an advantage conferred by the changeable quality of Pisces. They easily identify with the feelings of others and willingly adapt to different people and circumstances. As a result, they may sometimes run the risk of being exploited or leaving their own needs aside.

The other side of the coin is that this ease of adaptation also helps Pisceans to gain a certain power over the people they know in depth, taking advantage of them if they so wish. The energy of Pisces coloring the personal Sun brings the desire to use everything that has been learned and assimilated previously to achieve something more, transmutation of Being and humanity in its entirety, thus dissolving the concept of ego. Although not all Pisceans spend their time with these lofty aspirations, the notion of completeness is often a strong factor in their personality.

They have difficulty in dealing with people and situations that do not reach their ideals. That is not to say that they do not see things clearly; the problem is that they generally do not want to accept things as they really are. Seeking perfection greater than the real world can provide, they often resort to religion or other spiritual, philosophical or merely escapist doctrines to at least simulate this notion of an ideal place. Their escapist desire can be used in a constructive manner through creativity. Many forms of art and music have a strong appeal to Pisceans, who seem to instinctively know their own abilities and limitations.

The two opposing forces that operate within Pisceans can cause some indecision. In that case, either the individual becomes spiritualized, or ego and materialism capture the soul and the individual is lost in the illusion of the world. This represents the final choice of Pisces, which is to be strong amid one's own sensitivity, or to become the victim of their vulnerability or their most basic instincts. Controlling these forces in a positive way can be rather difficult, requiring experience and constant maintenance around this objective.

Pisces is the sign of surrender, personal sacrifice and submission, and these aspects can foster a strong sense of inferiority and victimization, often making them feel unworthy. In that sense, they can resign to an attitude of serving or suffering. As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces must exercise discrimination or absorb negative energies like a sponge.

In relationships, they tend to be more sentimental. Sometimes they expect too much from others and end up being hurt if the person does not provide what they expected. They have a strong tendency to place the loved one on a pedestal, so sometimes they end up being disappointed when they discover that the person has defects, like any other.

When the energy of Pisces is operating in a somewhat imbalanced manner, it can make the natives impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive, victimizing and very changeable. Normally, they are highly sensitive to energy and vibrations and tend to absorb the information and environment around them like a sponge. Thus, it is important for them to surround themselves with edifying and gregarious people and circumstances.

The inner world of a Pisces is extremely rich, and they often have vivid or almost prophetic dreams. They can also be very creative. Their abundant imagination provides them with both fantastic journeys in themselves as well as moments of distraction and daydreams. They perceive and feel things that go unnoticed by other people. They generally do not have strong willpower, nor are they very dynamic in their outlook on life, and although they may seem highly determined on the outside, inside they may be full of doubts. Such insecurity can cause them to need reassurance from others constantly. One of their greatest needs is to understand their emotional ups and downs. Since they tend to doubt their own conclusions, they must always strive and believe in themselves more.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

Since they do not like to hurt others or face any kind of confrontation, they can get involved in delicate emotional situations. They have difficulty saying no, so they are often stuck in relationships or situations believing that they can somehow change things so that everything ends up well. They have a powerful desire to care for others, and may even be healers, nurses and caregivers in general. Such gifts, when channeled correctly and combined with a strong sense of purpose, can do fantastic things. Because they have this heightened sensitivity, they need to feel a spiritual or psychic connection to the world around them. Learning to recognize their sensitivity and protect themselves when needed is incredibly important for Pisces. They must always be careful not to tolerate the intolerable and to have a clear vision of the limit of things. It is easy for them to allow bad situations to continue for a long time because they tend to have great difficulty in saying no.

Some Pisceans like to play the martyr, while others need to play the savior. They tend to think with their hearts instead of their head, so they can be easily used by others. Many of them fall into any kind of sad story and end up hurting themselves, so they need to be more realistic and down to earth. They can be very reserved, but they make friends easily and are very loyal to them. They do not enjoy arguments or fights and generally defend their friends in more subtle ways.

Unfortunately, however, knowing their limitations can make them create an inferiority complex. Some like drama and play other roles because it gives them the opportunity to be someone different, allowing them to temporarily forget any acquired inferiority complex. Because of their hypersensitivity, they can be instantly saddened by the little negative things that are said to them.

They can be great listeners, friendly, compassionate, idealistic, intuitive and pleasant. They are also emotional, creative, reserved, versatile and do not think twice when it comes to helping people, as they like to help the less fortunate, even if they have to make sacrifices. In fact, they feel an unconscious need to help others and feel good about doing good deeds. Using their compassion towards others prevents them from becoming melancholy and introspective.

Helping without asking for anything in return is the shortest way to achieve some form of enlightenment.

How to become a better Pisces?

  • Idealize people and situations less;
  • Be less distracted;
  • Do not procrastinate chores;
  • Learn that sometimes it is necessary to say no;
  • Do not play the victim.

Homens de Peixes

What to expect from Pisces men?

As people born under the mutable sign of Pisces are a well of complex emotions, they are usually romantic, introverted and naive, always sacrificing and giving much of themselves. Since they always want to help others, they are usually capable of making enormous sacrifices and enduring hardship and turmoil without complaining. The intensity of their feelings is enormous, so they need other people who share the same need for something that is different from the normal, that departs from the material and from the ordinary. As they are always trying to discover themselves, they often immerse themselves in their own dreams and thoughts, being enigmatic and showing the duality of their sign, symbolized by the twin fishes. The internal conflict they live in is not shared with anyone, as they tend to be reserved and introspective. Many do not easily trust others.

Usually the Pisces man is attentive, pleasant and extremely sensitive, getting along with almost everyone. Many people who relate to a Piscean man do not understand his behavior. After spending a wonderful weekend with you together, he just may not give you any more news. It seems that he is no longer interested, but that is part of his reserved nature - and of his windy head as well.

He needs someone who gives the impression of stability, who encourages his emotional growth and sense of responsibility. His partner needs to have tremendous personal development and at the same time be energetic and fascinating. If you leave everything to the Pisces male, he tires very easily, his attention changes focus and there goes another promising relationship. His carefree nature makes it easy for him to get distracted, which is incomprehensible to more practical people.

However, he tends to be a captivating, charming and friendly person, who will offer free psychoanalysis sessions, demonstrate rare sensitivity and sweetness that are almost impossible to resist. He has an almost magical talent for turning dreams into reality, shaking the world of anyone who relates to him. As he is not self-centered, he constantly thinks of his loved one and establishes an almost telepathic connection with him, creating a good sense of intimacy.

His patience seems to have no limits, but when he is finished with you, he also explodes all at once, making it difficult to calm him down or attempt a reconciliation. His stubbornness also tends to be great, and he does not enjoy anyone arguing against him. As regards money, male Pisceans are not expert financial managers. They generally prefer anything that is not material, as they are not greedy or very competitive, but obviously this is a statement that depends on other positions in their birth chart. However, if they are influenced in the right manner, they can be successful in what they do. Their duality can also contribute to making them more concrete and efficient.

Mulheres de Peixes

What to expect from Pisces women?

The Pisces woman symbolizes the love of summer, the hope that spring brings and the beauty of autumn. However, winter does not suit her, as she prefers not to see the harsh reality of things. She manages to overcome many obstacles in life, to face difficulties, problems and hurts, but all of this takes a heavy toll on her. As she is a dreamer, she can become frustrated when she realizes that her dreams have not come true. If she has a stable relationship, her partner may have to help her with life's difficulties and be there when she needs it. Another little helpful tip can be about money, as she is often impulsive when it comes to buying, usually spending without much control.

When Piscean women like a relationship, they tend to get too involved, fusing with their partner and even taking on several of his traits. However, they need to preserve their individuality, as losing it is not good for them. Piscean women tend to be faithful, loyal and treat their partners with great generosity. She prefers someone who is safe, and she will support her partner in the worst moments of his life, even when he loses his job or is in debt. However, a man married to a Piscean woman should never show weakness or insecurity, or she will jump ship.

Naive in nature, she tends to idealize the loved one and fails to see his defects and flaws. Because of this, she may be mistaken as to his character, though generally she forgives his flaws. The truth is that she does everything she can to not get involved in problems, as she does not like to face complicated situations. She may even be furious for a few moments, but she invariably prefers to bury the problem rather than face it, as she values tranquility.

Her dreamy, ethereal side can make her look like a fickle person. She is always delighted with everything and is easily impressed. Those who try to understand her feelings will have enormous difficulty, as they will only capture illusions. Piscean women tend to like children and animals, being incredibly intuitive and almost telepathic, as they are capable of almost guessing what other people think and feeling what they feel. They do not care much if they are required to follow the rules, but by the same token they do not force anyone to follow them.

The other stars when positioned in Pisces

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