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Neptune in Pisces in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Pisces from 2012 to 2026. Every time Neptune is in Pisces, it´s like a King has come back to his realm after a long period (about 165 years to be exact). So the planet feels at home.

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Neptune in PiscesFrom 2012 to 2026... The original inspiration.


Every time Neptune transits through Pisces, it is as if a King has returned to his realm after a lengthy absence (about 165 years, to be exact). Thus, the planet now feels at home, amplifying all the most striking Piscean characteristics.


People born between 2012 and 2026 tend to have greater compassion, and their essence features more sensitivity and solidarity and less selfishness. It is a time when human beings aspire to more complex goals in search of a connection with the whole, personal and collective transcendence.


The emotion tends to be overflowing, which is reflected in such mass events as the 2012 Olympics held in London, which became known as "The Crying Games" in a famous article in the British newspaper "The Telegraph" because it was common to see spectators crying together at several of the sporting events.


This is the essence of the Piscean empathy permeating all beings sensitized in a wave. In addition, Neptune's creativity, inspiration and intuition influence behavior and culture, especially music and cinema, favoring the emergence of musicians and directors who use art as a vehicle to express what goes on inside us and in society as a whole. It is also a time when there will be an increase in the Human Being's capacity for transcendence and integration with something more significant and where drugs may be the subject of constant debate.


This is a time when showing one's feelings and being vulnerable is a liberating and widely practiced attitude. There is the search for something bigger and unique that is transcending. Pisces's abstract world permeates humanity, asking when their dreams will come true.


The problem is that this makes room for melancholy to set in when they do not. Illusion and immeasurable idealism, by the way, are opposing points of this position, as they can be accompanied by disillusionment. There is more sensitivity, but emotions are also on the surface. People get down as quickly as they get high. The barriers surrounding people's hearts seem to fall away, making it harder to control one's emotions.


Relationships can become a roller coaster, with people acting irrationally as feelings take over, even though uttering the simple phrase "I love you" has never been easier. And whoever thinks this is superficial is wrong! The feeling is natural and comes from the need to love and be loved.


People with Neptune in Pisces do not want to be alone; they want a world where everyone shares their lives and experiences. Neptune's last rational and independent period in Aquarius left the internet as a legacy. Neptune in Pisces took advantage of this legacy to expand social networks, connecting all people worldwide and dissolving barriers.

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