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The 12 Signs of Astrology

Get to know each of the twelve astrological signs in depth.
Aries Cardinal

Aries Regent: Mars

Aries energy brings out the desires and initiative of the individual (or the situation) and gives the necessar...

Taurus Fixed

Taurus Regent: Venus

Taurus is the first sign of the earth element and symbolizes nature and matter, the primordial form of life. R...

Gemini Mutable

Gemini Regent: Mercury

Gemini is the first sign of the element Air and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It awakens intellectuality, op...

Cancer Cardinal

Cancer Regent: Moon

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and represents the nourishment of life. It is the first sign of the Water...

Leo Fixed

Leo Regent: Sun

Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun, is the second level of the Fire element and symbol of human consciousness. If th...

Virgo Mutable

Virgo Regent: Mercury

Virgo is the second sign of the Earth element and has Mercury as its ruler. It is the energy that reflects and...

Libra Cardinal

Libra Regent: Venus

Second sign of the Air element and ruled by Venus, Libra transcends the weight of a divided Universe, it is th...

Scorpio Fixed

Scorpio Regent: Mars

Second level of the Water element and ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpio symbolizes the conflict between spirit...

Sagittarius Mutable

Sagittarius Regent: Jupiter

Third sign of the Fire element and ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the fire that connects Heaven and Earth, m...

Capricorn Cardinal

Capricorn Regent: Saturn

Third sign of the Earth element and ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the symbol of order, discipline, obedience a...

Aquarius Fixed

Aquarius Regent: Saturn

Third sign of the Air element, Aquarius symbolizes human intelligence in its most evolved stage. It is intuiti...

Pisces Mutable

Pisces Regent: Jupiter

Third sign of the water element and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces symbolizes emotional duality. It is in its...

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