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The 12 Houses of Astrology | Astrolink

The Astrological Houses are 12 areas of experience that bring information about our life according to the zodiac signs and planets they relate to!
The Self, Physical Appearance and B

House 1 Regent: Mars

The Rising / House 1 set is one of the most important in the birth chart and astrology. The House gives us inf...

Values, Resources and Security

House 2 Regent: Venus

We get in touch with our resources, our own values and personal possessions, and we know the concepts of secur...

Perception, Learning and Fellowship

House 3 Regent: Mercury

Intellectuality and communication. After the release of energy at birth, it is time to perceive and interact w...

Roots and Private Life

House 4 Regent: Moon

Uncover the meaning of the 4th house in astrology, its association with home, family, and emotional foundation...

Pleasures, Fun and Creativity

House 5 Regent: Sun

5th house: Astrology house of creativity, romance, and self-expression. Discover how it influences your life a...

Routine, Service and Integrity

House 6 Regent: Mercury

The 6th house represents health, work, and daily routine. Learn how its position in your birth chart can impac...

The others, Partnerships and Cooper

House 7 Regent: Venus

The 7th house represents partnerships and relationships. Discover how its placement in your birth chart can in...

Shared Resources

House 8 Regent: Pluto

Discover the mysteries of the 8th house in astrology. Learn about its association with transformation, intimac...

Faith and Expansion of Consciousnes

House 9 Regent: Jupiter

Discover the meaning of the 9th house in astrology and how it influences your beliefs, spirituality, and long-...

Reputation and Public Life

House 10 Regent: Saturn

Learn about the 10th house in astrology, its association with career, public image, and authority, and how it...

Friends, Groups and Hope

House 11 Regent: Uranus

Explore the influence of the 11th house in astrology, its connection with friendships, social networks, and co...

Dissolution, Bestowal, Fears

House 12 Regent: Neptune

12th house: The house of spirituality, subconscious, and secrets. Explore how it affects your fears, dreams, a...

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