House 3 and its meaning in Astrology

House 3 - Communication and Learning

House 3 represents the first awareness and the first process of distinguishing between ourselves and the world around us. It indicates the intellectual mechanisms that move us to go in a certain direction. Here, we can understand how people are different from us and what characteristics separate us, such as language and the way we communicate, for example.

After the great release of energy at our birth (House 1) and our more immersive contact on the material plane (House 2), it is time to perceive the outside world, to interact with what is around us. Therefore, the third house is considered the door to knowledge, the distinction of things, the sense of community and communication between the parts, representing all matters relating to communication. It is a house that represents the environment where we live and our childhood environment, representing our early childhood education at the primary school level. The sign that has a natural affinity for the 3rd house is Gemini and the planet is Mercury.

Themes ruled by the House 3 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

Tios e primos Relacionamentos de companheirismo Sistema nervoso Transporte local Leitura Estilo de comunicação Vizinhança Razão e Lógica Fala e audição Comunidade e vizinhança local Linguagem Intelecto Comunicação Aprendizagem Notícias, mídia diária Escola, biblioteca e educação fundamental O ego intelectual Deslocamento diário Jornais e revistas Conhecimento mundano, interações diárias Escrita Modo de aprender e entender Todas as formas de comunicação Contratos Ambiente imediato Conhecimento básico Primeiras experiências na escola Irmãos Amigos que se sentem como irmãos A mente concreta e consciente Raciocínio Colegas Ceticismo Processos mentais Viagens de curta distância

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