House 3 and its meaning in Astrology

House 3 - Communication and Learning

The 3rd House represents the first awareness and the first process of distinction between ourselves and the world around us. It is related to the development of cognition (our neo-cortex) that creates in us the sense of individuation, the perception that the external world has its own life and is not directly related to our existence.

It indicates the intellectual mechanisms that move us to follow in a certain direction, on account of a rational look and endowed with a model of its own logic. Here, we are able to understand how people are different from us and what are the characteristics that separate us, such as language and the way we communicate, for example. Thus, dialectics (the ability to think and dialogue logically in order to generate new ideas), rhetoric (the art of self-expression), and grammar (the art of knowing how to read, write, and translate) can be studied in this sector.

After the great release of energy at our birth (House 1) and our more immersive contact on the material plane (House 2) with the mother's breast and digested food, the time comes for us to perceive the outside world, to interact with what is around us. In general, it begins to be experienced in a more explicit way around 3 years of age, at the beginning of neo-cortical maturation.

Therefore, the third house is considered the door to knowledge, the distinction of things, the sense of community, and the way of exchange between parties, representing all matters related to communication.

It is the house that represents the environment in which we live and the intellectually cognitive environment of our childhood, representing our childhood education at the elementary school level. The sign that has a natural affinity with the 3rd house is Gemini, and the planet is Mercury.

It is often referred to as "the best of the worst houses" or "the worst of the best houses". Being a falling house, it is not particularly powerful, but at least it does not have some stigmas and negative themes as other houses of the same type, such as illness (House 6) and prison, madness (House 12). It can in fact show characteristics of relationships at school, intellectual performance, and bullying by neighbors, classmates, close relatives, and even siblings.

The 3rd house talks about our rational side, whether we are more or less smart in dealing with certain issues in life, especially the more practical ones. The theme of intelligence, when related to this house, has to do with our capacity for analysis and basic (and practical) understanding of things, how we use our intelligence to be able to act in our personal world, and towards those who are in it, around us.

We can also consider our ability to discern choices brought, to discriminate, to separate, to choose between one or the other, to have to opt for a single imposed answer, to split and make explicit, said, written and explained to all.

Basically, it shows how we deal with our immediate learning, how our basic education is/was, as well as how we interact with those who are inserted in our closest and local environment: brothers, neighbors, uncles, acquaintances, cousins and colleagues, being affected by the thoughts, opinions, gossip, writings, nicknames and other interferences coming from these close surroundings.

It can also give us some clues about how we understand the world around us, how we judge it, process it logically. It can reveal a lot about the way we process and transmit information, write and name things, how we react to the knowledge that comes to us, and how we explore the world around us. Thus, creative, jumping, chained, eliminative, discriminative, integrative, synthetic or dispersed, provocative, reflective, intuitive, and scientific thinking, as models, can be observed in their nuances and palettes.

Recognizing the benefits of the third house in an astrological chart allows us to see opportunities to improve ourselves. Having a tensed 3rd house can mean losing the will or ability to acquire new skills, less curiosity and less willingness to learn new words, study, or even dispersion, where thoughts conflict with emotions, disperse the focus of opportunities, or can direct us to develop logical tools for the expression of our potentials.

This house, like any other, is very influenced by the element of the sign in which it is in its cusp. When it is in a Water sign, for example, it is strongly related to a more emotional aspect, making rational thinking mixed with intuitive thinking, more poetic, artistic, and often using figures of speech to express itself.

With a sign of the fire element, thoughts are more proactive, creative, expressive, rhetorical, theatrical, and intense in the way they defend their points of view. Practicality and realism, as well as gifts for exact matters, that which needs to be seen and reviewed several times, with all possible care, can occur when in an Earth sign, and a more social side, with journalistic interests, fast and superficial contact communication, unpretentious communication, and influence, when beginning in an Air sign.

It is known that some actions need to be well thought out and deepened, but others should be almost automatic. The 3rd house is connected with both modes, but more with the quick and automatic way of thinking. Thus the automatisms of frequently used terms and words can be seen and understood in this sector. Implicit and semi-automatic knowledge is a House 3 theme.

For example, driving a car without thinking about the details of the act, in an almost mechanical way, and getting somewhere without even realizing how you got there. By the way, this house also talks about the characteristics of our means of transportation (what is our type of car, for example). It also deals with the equipment and practical means of communication that we use in our daily activities, especially those linked to communication such as computers, smartphones or other devices.

The places and spaces analyzed in House 3 are those in which we feel comfortably acclimated, that are very familiar and commonplace. This is basically what goes on in our daily and local environment under the cognitive realm.

If we understand the language, we have a map to get around, we know people's names, and the cognition to be able to get around, read signs, know where to go and how to get back, for example.

Its scope has simple themes like the bakery we visit every morning, the square we pass by on our way home from work, the neighbor and doorman we always greet and talk to about the sun and rain, etc.

It can also show our capacity to recycle knowledge, to learn new things, to be creative in solving communication and support issues quickly and improvisationally.

Depending on the stars and signs involved in the configuration of the 3rd house, we can be more or less expressive and communicative, interacting more or less easily in our community. It can show the subjects we feel comfortable studying, and those that are outside our spectrum of functioning.

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Communication is key

As the keeper of the transmission of knowledge, learning, and the exchange of information in general, the 3rd house governs primary and secondary education (though not higher education), short trips (such as those we make on school outings and work events) as well as repetitive, work-related, routine trips without major existential or cultural impact, walks in the neighborhood, and family ties between brothers and sisters. Also trips to visit relatives.

It describes the nature of our intellectual processes, the quality of our logical and linear thinking, how we adapt to and understand our surroundings, how we observe, deduce, read, speak, write, learn, organize, and communicate in practical ways. Thus, it hints at our learning style, indicating the best way to assimilate and communicate knowledge as well as our potential for such things.

The 3rd house brings a great emphasis on everything that revolves around language and literature. It also takes care of intelligence, dexterity, belief, ingenuity and cunning, for example.

It refers to education, particularly traditional education, the spoken, repeated terms and words of the environment we are in, and also has to do with our writing, learning and speech skills.

A well aspected and fluid 3rd house, with related stars and signs, can make it seem as if the person has a mind that is almost linked by psychic osmosis with the others, something that helps in the general understanding of things.

It also symbolizes awareness of ignorance, our rationality, skepticism, which is our way of learning about something we don't yet know. They can, of course, be channels for understanding our doubts, uncertainties, questionings, and logical impasses.

It demonstrates our ability to do something using our mental resources. It is the house that says: "Think, process and pass on".

Depending on the configuration of the 3rd house, that is, the sign, stars and aspects that occur there, these processes are carried out in different ways by each person. If you experience difficulties in communicating with other people, analyzing the scope of the third house can generate understanding and offer solutions.

When there is the presence of stars of a chaotic nature aspected by tense angles, there can be a tendency to have problems with communication, transportation, or travel, for example. A good configuration of stars there can help the native to have specific skills or knowledge, such as mechanics, sculpture, technical drawing, etc., and the thinking and training coming from this sector can be better utilized.

Extra Interpretations

For interpretations beyond the birth chart, as in horary and mundane astrology seeking answers to specific events, places, governments or situations, the 3rd house basically means the means of communication and transportation such as railroads, the ministry of transportation, the journalist class, teachers, the post office, the logistics companies and app drivers, motorcycle couriers, road and river traffic, cars, buses, subways, neighboring cities and nations, all means of disseminating news and information, the web, networks, fake news, electronic channels, mail, messages, mails, media, websites, telephones, newspapers, magazines, ephemeral publications, and periodicals.

Themes ruled by the House 3 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

The concrete and conscious mind Friends who feel like brothers Worldly knowledge, daily interactions Newspapers and magazines Local transport Intellect Short distance trips Neighborhood Contracts Daily displacement Learning Writing Speaking and listening News, daily media First school experiences Uncles and cousins Communication style Reading Companionship relationships How to learn and understand Mental processes Communication Reason and logic All forms of communication Colleagues Brothers Local community and neighborhood Language Reasoning School, library and elementary education Immediate environment The intellectual ego Skepticism Basic knowledge Nervous system

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