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Sun in House 3 of the BirthChart

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People with the Sun in house 3 in their birth chart value more any activity that enables the exchange of knowledge and information. They tend to feel more energized when they can share what they have learned, are on the move, or are studying subjects that interest them.

They transit in different ways, having the ability to adapt their language to each universe where they are. Furthermore, as they value movement and have a keener curiosity, they end up making many contacts and developing diversified skills.

Due to the large number of courses they can enroll in (and on the most varied topics), they end up creating a good network of contacts. They are usually more jovial, pleasant, quick and witty and in general, they are more interesting people, as they have a subject for all tastes, have a lighter essence and can enjoy a good chat.

Whoever has Sun in house 3 is connected to the environment in which they live, generally, they do not like monotony and routine very much. They like to innovate, travel and meet people of different types. They can have a greater connection with relatives and siblings, as long as the Sun is not afflicted.

Learning and communication gain more light, be it spoken, written, dramatized, enacted, in reading, and so on. Not satisfied with exploring the universe of the language they master, they may be interested in other languages and dialects, being always up to date, enjoying getting informed, exploring, and keeping their minds active, seeming like eternal students eager for knowledge.

When the Sun in this position is under stress, the tendency is to disperse, and the excess of simultaneous activities ends up resulting in an accumulation of shallow and useless knowledge, which contributes nothing to intellectual growth. And as the mind can always be at a full pace, tasks are often halved, as they end up losing focus, getting anxious and decreasing objectivity, and becoming tiring. In addition to these more tense points, this energy can turn into gossip, lack of discretion, lying, defamation, or other compromising attitudes.

Another aspect of the misuse of this positioning is the pretentious speech, typical of people who do not deepen their knowledge of anything and who, being a smooth talker, sell the idea that they are experts in certain subjects that they do not dominate. This lack of commitment to the truth can lead to confusion and discontent. They must always seek objectivity, directing their energies towards concrete goals, avoiding dispersion and lack of focus. Commitment to the other and to what is said must be observed, avoiding embarrassing situations.

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