Sun in Astrology

The Sun - Impulse of power, vitality, ego

The Sun depicted as a sphere is one of the oldest known symbols, symbolizing life in many cultures. In the study of Astrology, it represents the ego and conscious will, as well as the vital physical energies. It is our essence, through which other levels of consciousness can interact. The position of the Sun in our birth chart describes how we radiate energies in relation to what happens in our lives. Its effect is mainly paternal and traditionally male. The Sun is the heart of the zodiac, the sign and house where the Sun resides at sunrise indicate the central theme of our spirit, where we really shine, and where many of our characteristics come from.

Characteristics and dignities of Sun:

  • Quality: Warm and Dry
  • Keyword: Essence
  • Topic: Boost of power, vitality, ego
  • Domicile: Leo Leo
  • Exaltation: Aries Aries
  • Fall: Libra Libra
  • Exile: Aquarius Aquarius


The symbol of the Sun is a circle with only one point in the center, the core that symbolizes the individual manifestation of our spirits. It represents our inner self, our soul, our essence, the part of us that feels the need to show itself to the world. This expression can happen through work, social activities, and contact with other people, depending on the sign it is positioned.

It has an influence on our self-assertion and self-esteem, our brilliance, and personal power. It is our essence, the part of us that is practically unchanging and deeply felt. It interacts with our will, purpose, capacity for achievement, and decision-making. The sign that colors this energy classifies its mode of activity.

The Sun is the primary source of energy for our planetary system, the “King Star” that grants us vitality, the centralizer that will guide all the other positionings in the birth chart. In this case, it stands out from the Moon (which symbolizes our emotions, reactions, and habits) and Saturn (rules, limits, social environment, paternal side). It is the Sun that exposes our conscious, sober side and activates a part of the creativity that each person carries. It is what makes the first delineation of our design, generating the most basic outlines and traces of our existence. All other planets will only complement with more lines and more colors, thus ending the artistic creation that is our complete Being, the living work that the universe manifests as its image and likeness.

The defense mechanism that we develop during our educational and psychological development process is also influenced by the Sun, which shows how each person reacts to the events and pressures of the environment around them. This mechanism gives each individual a very personal identity and a sense of ego that makes each person very different from the other, reacting in different ways to external events and stimuli defending their position.

In astrology, it is more representative of adulthood, from 20 to 40 years of age, also symbolizing the boss, father, uncle, older brother, husband, and other older men for analysis purposes. The Sun is the active and masculine principle (yang), the archetype of the hero, the “God-King”. Therefore, when used in some astrological interpretations, it represents presidents, kings, princes, political leaders, superior officers, and administrators.

In this case, if we manifest our essence statically or at a low frequency, the Sun can manifest as insecurity, arrogance, lack of consideration for others and apply a dramatic streak to the personality. However, if we act in a balanced way in relation to the influence of our Sun, we will move towards self-control, courage, and consideration.

The Sun is also one of the guides for our purpose in life, but to exercise this sense of Ego in an ideal way, we must also care for other people in asserting ourselves, thus achieving true self-confidence and courage.

The star moves about 1 degree daily through the zodiac and takes a year to go around completely, spending about 1 month in each sign. It has no retrograde movement, is associated with House 5, and also rules the sign of Leo. Its day of the week is Sunday (or “Sunday”). Other astrological houses where the Sun has more affinity are House 1, House 9, and House 10. Houses 4 and 7, in turn, can be considered the weakest positions for its positioning. The same for House 12, as it is a shooting house where the stars play a finishing role, for potential later rebirth. The Sun is said to be weakened when in Libra and exalted in Aries. Its friendliest planets are Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon, and those potentially antagonistic to its way of acting are Venus and Saturn. Mercury becomes neutral in this relationship.

The astrological house where the sun is positioned on the chart becomes one of the focuses of great importance in a person's life, where this is the area of life where people can more easily express their true persona. For example, if the Sun is in House 7 then this shows that the ego is centered on that person’s partner, partnerships, or relationships. If it is in House 1, the ego and self-assertion can be stronger, making it easier for the person to become self-centered. By illuminating the house where it is, it also allows us to understand more clearly the matters that house rules.

The sign that rules the house it occupies also complements the characteristics of its Sun sign. In other words, if Taurus rules the house that the Sun occupies in your chart, you may have some characteristics of this sign.

The positioning of the Sun is also very good for houses considered “evil” as it has the potential to “burn” the evil themes of that house. A birth chart that has a weak Sun can cause house themes (and their rulers) may suffer a little, but the same goes for the opposite. A strong Sun will make these same places brighter and more relevant.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

SolThe famous “what is your sign?“ is just the position of the sun in your birth chart

As the Sun is the only star that maintains a constant position, that is, every year it passes through the same signs at the same time, a lot of people end up thinking that the sun sign is the most important factor in astrology. Of course, its influence is great, however, we need to remember that our birth chart still has the Rising sign (the cusp of house 1), the Moon and eight other important planets, i.e. you can suffer several other influences that will mix with those of the Sun to form your personality and life situations.

The positive side of the Sun’s influence on Astrology brings energy, vitality, and inner authority that generates self-confidence and assertion. It provides personal value, integrity, and a sense of identity and independence, paving the way for the realization of our ambitions.

Its negative energy brings behaviors such as pride, vanity, and superiority complex. People can feel more important than they are, becoming arrogant, conceited, selfish, and exhibitionistic. They tend to need attention, recognition and linking “success” to wrong things. This negative side of the Sun can still leave the individual somewhat disoriented or without energy, which leads to a lack of ambition. The person is more likely to feel humiliated, defeated, cancels out, and gives up on things. It can also arouse submission and shyness, where the person does not deal well with superior or leadership positions, or any other role where they have subordinates. As the higher self-awakens, the positive qualities begin to radiate out to everyone, unfiltered, like the sun’s rays in a cloudless sky.

Combustion and closeness

The Sun also has the potential to “burn out” some of the qualities of the planet that is short-circuiting it. This is called combustion and for such an effect to occur and be considered, the conjunction of some planet with the Sun must be a few degrees away. At greater distances, the Sun can even illuminate the qualities of the planets involved (somewhere around 6 to 10/15 degrees). If the conjunction takes place beyond this distance, it will likely have no visible interactive effect. The exception to this rule is Mercury, as it is always the closest planet to the Sun. The conjunction will need to be at least up to 1 degree for any harmful effects of combustion to be analyzed between the Sun and Mercury.

In fact, this is a complex subject within the study of astrology, as it has very subjective opinions depending on the astrologer discussing the topic. Some astrological currents say that combustion can completely destroy the force of the planet, while others say that the effects of combustion have a very small, often even insignificant force, not being a big problem for natives who have such a situation on their birth chart.

The influence of Sun Sun on the Signs

The influence of Sun Sun on Astrological Houses

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