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Sun in House 2 of the BirthChart

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The Sun in the house 2 can make natives appreciate the development of qualities that lead them to conquer material resources or that provide their personal independence. It is very common for people with this positioning to dive into businesses that have a good chance of prospering, activities that sniff out more easily as they tend to have a keen eye not only for opportunities that can make a profit but also for good quality materials (and with good prices).

They value simplicity and practicality, so they tend not to waste time with fancy and risky projects, knowing how to manage their resources and businesses, an attitude that leads them to maintain a positive bank account balance, and some investments that guarantee them security in difficult times.

As they usually associate personal value with purchasing power, and with what they manage to accumulate throughout their lives, they tend to care, grow and multiply resources and improve their standard of living. When the Sun is afflicted, they may spend more than they earn, to enjoy all the pleasures that a nice bank account can provide. Thus, they can take risks in business, waste too much or compensate for needs and insecurities with all kinds of excess and indulgence.

As they have a certain ability to produce and conduct business, they can spend excessively, taking unnecessary risks and often wanting to buy the recognition, admiration, and even the affection of others, which always ends up being a great illusion.

When it comes to the misuse of this energy, there is also a type that can be very greedy, stingy, and attached to everything they accumulate. These are people who develop an affective relationship with their objects and who end up preferring isolation to have to lend, donate or share their acquisition with other people, so one must always keep this energy well maintained so as not to stray down this path.

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