House 2 and its meaning in Astrology

House 2 - Resources and Values

It is in House 2 that we will materialize, fix and shape what we started under the impulse that started in House 1. In this area of life, we come into contact with our resources, our values and our possessions, being the sector of the map where we deal with the concepts of valorization, security and stability that we will use throughout our lives. It represents everything that a person calls "Mine", being the materialization of our personal energy into something tangible.

It is the place where we are able to direct our energy towards something that we can touch, hold or use, a natural consequence of our manifestation in the world from the first mundane house. It is considered the gateway to our survival instinct, the food we eat to satisfy our energetic hunger, which strengthens our body and makes possible the thoughts and the way of reasoning, themes of the next house.

Themes ruled by the House 2 in Astrology
Attributes that must be taken into account in a Birth Chart analysis.

Pertences Nosso dinheiro Desenvoltura O possuir, usar e gerir Capacidade de gasto Patrimônio Fontes de renda e sustento Riqueza Necessidades de sobrevivência Finanças Valores Recursos pessoais (coisas ou pessoas) Ganhos e perdas financeiras Aquisições Bens materiais móveis Dívidas Talentos Posses Orçamentos Objetos de valor O que temos para dar aos outros Hábitos de consumo Questões financeiras Apego material Autoestima, valorização pessoal Como lidamos com o dinheiro Sentidos físicos Conforto material e Segurança física Valor pessoal

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