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Mercury in House 2 of the BirthChart

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With such a positioning, throughout their lives these people may feel more attracted to entrepreneurial ideas, usually linked to ways of earning money or increasing possessions, aiming at security and stability. They can always be communicating about their resources, whether they are material or about their own abilities and talents.

However, if their attention in this sense gets too scattered, all this energy of "financial-constructive" potential can be used in the wrong manner or in a very volatile way. The secret is for them to learn how to plan, make one investment at a time and continually analyze pros and cons. There may also be a tendency to speak in a more paced manner, but with a certain beauty and sobriety. Obtaining income from activities related to communication and language can be feasible; these people usually have more business acumen.

Organizational capacity can also increase positively, something that adds more strength to their objectives of seeking financial stability and increasing their earning potential. The more stable and secure the thoughts of those with this positioning are, the more relaxed they will be and the more chances they will have to be successful in the issues governed by this house.

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