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Saturn in House 2 of the BirthChart

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With such positioning, one tends to be more economical and likes to feel secure concerning their finances and resources. Therefore, they tend to aim for a more structured life that allows for the dreamed-of material stability. And to obtain this security, nothing better than seeking a profession that provides stability and prosperity. So they can choose a job that is more profitable than one they identify with.

It indicates some financial constraints, especially if the sign it rules is misplaced. More seriousness is demanded in dealing with material goods and in self-esteem, avoiding waste and impulse purchases. It is natural that eventually there are situations that directly challenge their pocket or, at best, the restriction comes of its own volition, such as when we save money for a long time in the name of a goal to be achieved.

Their relationship with finance must be adult and, shall we say, ecological, knowing how to take advantage of their resources and make the most of them. Think twice before making an investment or moving your bank account: success is entirely up to you, not luck. The tendency is for you to act more cautiously and stay away from unnecessary, excessive, or futile things, preferring to spend on something that adds to your education and structure.

There is also a tendency to dislike risk, so investments in fixed income or other safe investments tend to be the first options. Long-term investments are also welcome. For those who have this positioning of Saturn, goods and resources are really synonymous with security and personal value. They may be excessively afraid of being poor and choosing purchases for the price.

Generally, people have difficulty valuing their work or self-esteem and may become a little more pessimistic about their ability to achieve goals. They may have to work hard to get what they want and may not like to ask for anything from others. They may have initial difficulties in dealing with money, but the tendency is for them to learn from their mistakes later.

Normally, natives are more responsible, careful, and persevering, being able to make a fortune little by little, without haste. They are more confident about their ambitions and gain more determination to achieve status and financial security. After all, it is necessary to build something solid for the future, so working in public companies can be a good path.

Among the challenges that must be overcome is maintaining a balance between material life and personal values and being less stingy. It is also important to take advantage of mistakes and believe more in your abilities and possibilities of achievement, also learning to value the practical things in life.

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