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Moon in House 2 of the BirthChart

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The Moon brings about major changes (and fluctuations) for the sector of the person's possessions and values. In your House 2, emotions are closely linked to your possessions and finances. A person with this positioning may feel a greater need for security, but can live on a financial seesaw, spending a lot in some periods and saving in others. When they are going through blue days, they can get over their frustrations by doing a lot of shopping. However, if a concern arises about debts, insecurity soon comes to the forefront and the only thing to do is put away your wallet and save again.

Their need for security involves material goods and relationships too. There is a tendency to want to keep or collect things, especially if they have an emotional connection. Your objects can bring psychological security and a connection with what you have gone through in your life, creating links with the past. In your relationships, your behavior can also be similar, as you need to have people around you, usually close friends or romantic partners. But sharing, be it money or friendships, tends not to be very pleasant.

There is also another important emotional factor in your relationships, which is the desire to be admired, to nurture self-esteem and to feel that praises are welcome to air your emotional side. However, expressing your feelings can be a little more complicated. Often, the person with the Moon in this sector of their chart may have difficulties in demonstrating what they feel, preferring to think twice before showing anything. In that sense, the career is an important area of life. The more visibility in your work, the better. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people with this positioning to earn part of their livelihood in positions that deal with the public.

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